New ASAP/KTTC is out

Source: WG portal

Not much new in there apart from the 8.8 info:

- description of the British arties
- no HESH shells for British arties
- T-50-2/MT-25 switch (nothing new)
- more such replacements might come in the future, but not anytime soon
- E-25 will come in 8.7, 112 won’t (needs more balance)
- Belogorsk renamed to Severogorsk, mixed map with some “town” terrain
- Belogorsk tactics (nicely described by the way)

8.8: new medium Soviet branch confirmed, it consists of 5 tanks, Object 430 is tier 10

35 thoughts on “New ASAP/KTTC is out

  1. what are the characteristic of the British arty branch?

    …Well, nobody plays arty anymore so who cares…

      • i would say it became useless. Pro players with all t10 dont play anymore and noobs that have to level up cant play arty good enough.
        It was even before challanging to hit a med or light at full speed and circling around if your shell needs 5-6s to target. Now it is almost impossible. You need half the battle to reload and aim a target wih a t92 for example…despite its accuracy. No fun left.
        But as wot is full of noobs, they needed to help them. Nerfing arty is easier as to learn the tank noobs to play against arty.
        Nest step? Nerf TDs as the whining starts here.
        Best? Nerf everything and buff the noobs tank automatically to compensate the missing IQ of the player – and lose all players that play wot since 2 years investing much money.

        • “It was even before challanging to hit a med or light at full speed and circling around if your shell needs 5-6s to target. Now it is almost impossible.”

          Paper, Scissors, Stone principle… Arties shouldn’t have stood a chance against lights/fast meds anyway.

        • Actually, in my clan there is still one guy who started playing SPGs post-nerf and thinks that theyre amazing. On the other hand: he thinks that just about any tank is amazing in the first week, then he sells the crap tank again, even if it was a premium tank. So basically he is regarded as a huge moron.

  2. obj 430? sounds nice. It would be cool if it had 160mm armor and 122mm gun like it was planned.

  3. Some of what he said was the opposite of the 8.7 patchnotes, particularly the stuff about the British SPG tiering. Some of those changes must have been very last minute

    • agreed. 8.7 for me meant 112 tank. now i cant wait for 8.8 patch. Hope they introduce it then.

  4. strange that they still dont manage to do the SP refund or at least say when the buff/nerf is done

    • lol

      So many SP drivers eager to sell the tank. If the tank is so bad, why did all of you run out to buy it so fast? Just play the damn thing until you read official patch notes saying its been changed (or let it rot in your garage)

      I am really gonna laugh if once they’ve figured out the rebalance its actually better and everyone sells it because of the original proposed changes.

  5. British arty in a nutshell – decent mobility, really good gun sweep for the higher tiers, short-barreled howitzers – very limited range (in most cases).

      • Certainly that. We have:

        One that can get a steel wall
        One that goes 3x faster backwards
        One that’s just a light tank with a fairly large howitzer