8.7 – Test 3 (hotfix)

Hello everyone,

even though the 8.7 is already out on EU and RU servers, there have been apparently some issues with it (possibly linked to sharp FPS drops for some players). This is why the developers decided to open the third version of the 8.7 test, with following changes:

8.7 Test 3

- some special effects are reworked and optimized
- fixed some objects, that didn’t get destroyed properly in collisions
- some environment models have been fixed and finished
- the notification bug, when your own tank was detracked by a HE shell, has been fixed
- removed the possibility to retrain crews to the T-50-2 tank, that has been removed from the game
- finished the work on the voiceover

The update will be a sort of minipatch/hotfix (17Mb)

There will also be a test of the unified premium account.

41 thoughts on “8.7 – Test 3 (hotfix)

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  2. “- removed the possibility to retrain crews to the T-50-2 tank, that has been removed from the game”

    huh? i can’t even retrain crews to tanks not in my garage, certainly not to a tank not in the game…

    • You should be able to retrain crews to tanks you have already researched. The changes that limitted retraining to tanks in your garage have been revoked several patches ago.

      I think.

      • yeah i thought so too. But when i tried now to retrain crew to t-50-2 in the live 8.7, it wasnt there… checked other researched tanks that werent in my garage, and it wasnt possible. So it was either reverted by 8.7 or maybe even 8.6.

        • maybe thats because you can’t get a t-50-2 anymore?

          OTOH, the retraining certainly looks like its broken: I have the Churchill GC unlocked but not in my garage, and while I can recruit a new crew for it, I can’t retrain any of the brits in my barracks for it.

  3. Hmmm…Actually no. They will be testing the unified account feature:

    В третьем общем тесте будет тестироваться система единого премиум аккаунта, подробнее о котором вы можете узнать здесь.

      • mmm… actually it is only account that is been tested…
        just above the lines translated by you is “Важно: все пункты, перечисленные ниже, уже включены в вышедшее обновление 8.7.”
        literally: “attention: all changes below are already included in 8.7″

        that lines are what changed between 8.7ct2 & 8.7ct3, not 8.7 & 8.7ct3

    • You’re not from EU or NA I presume ? They issued hotfix for RU server only after shafting the other two servers with the price of 83 mm HE shells while players on RU server made a hefty profit on them and had plenty of time to sell them off before the hotfix was applied there.

    • Thank goodness that a player cannot have bots running across all three games on the same account. We can only hope that WG nail the bot problem before WoWs comes out can you imagine how fucked up a bot battleship or aircraft carrier would be.

      • playing more than 1 game got nothing to do with bots running

        also with this i think people will play wot do 2x battles then run bot for wowp cause they dont have time left


        play wot and wowp same time and dont use bot

        people who would use bot, use anyways.
        people who wouldn’t use bot, won’t use bot.

  4. I wish they’d fix issues with randon crashes gaming at 5760×1080 res or above.

  5. Why don’t they fix the fucking MM instead ? It is still creating tams where one team has top tier vehicle of higher tier than the other (for example one team has tier 5 vehicles and lower while the other has one tier 6 TD, tier 5 and lower tier vehicles).

    • Been that way for a while. I think the guy doing that is either a drunk (like the MM) or ducking his job to go do whatever Russians do on their free time.

      • This sort of thing always happened, but it was *RARE*. Now it’s every other game where one team has 2 more top tier tanks than the other. What the hell went on there? I had one yesterday where my Chi-Ha was the ONLY Tier 3 tank in an otherwise exclusively Tier 5 battle. (I finished first anyhow)

  6. Each day thos bastards at Wargaming are doing things worst. Don’t buy gold: they don’t worth it.

  7. This is exactly what happens when they do not test things properly or have all the available tools (testing grounds forum section, NA never got Testing Grounds V1 until after test 2 was released….). Then there is the whole issue of rushing out this patch.

    I foresee this being the buggiest patch to date, I also foresee it being one of the least useful and least paid attention to.