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Hello everyone,

recently, a bunch of American WG employees (mostly community organizers, clanwars organizers and such) answered some of the community questions on Reddit. I picked out a few interesting ones, but most of the concern the US server.

Q: Is there any talk of dumping
A: (Laera) We’re well aware of our recent connection issues and are currently researching our options.

Q: Any explanation as to what exactly the problem is (peering?), with who, or why?
A: (Laera) I understand your frustration and I totally agree that we need to be more transparent about the issue. Sadly, I don’t have any details to share at this time. While I am a new Community Manager here at Wargaming, I can tell you that I’ve sat in on some higher level meetings on this issue and is being taken very seriously.

Q: Will we ever get to see water displacement when not spotted, just like we can see a tree fall or building crumble… to see if tanks are wading in the water like in Live Oaks or Peral River?
A: I know there are plans to revisit building/environment physics in a future patch. Stay tuned!

Q: Can you give us any sneak peeks at the supposed new German tank destroyer line?
A: (Laera) Sadly, I have no new sneak peeks to give out at this time. :(

Q: Will there be missions in the future that reward more extravagant prizes, like gold or garage spaces?
A: (Major Rampage) The Missions system has a great deal of depth, and you will be seeing more complex mission in the future. We have UI for missions coming in a future update which will allow you to track your progress. With the UI complex mission will become viable and you will be seeing larger prizes for those.

Q: Do you guys communicate with the other servers and share ideas or something?
A: (Laera) We bounce ideas off each other all the time! If one region has shown great success in running a certain event or contest, other regions may often adopt it.
A2: (Major Rampage): We do work with the other servers. I collaborate with my counterparts on the other servers in regards to global events.

Q: Are there any plans to open up the cw map with more regions and more landings so that more than 30 clans can participate?
A: We are working on many ideas to improve clan wars and I think most of our goals line up pretty close with what the community wants to see as well.

Q: What ever happened to the Super Pershing?
A: (Hypnotik) When it is reintroduced after re-balancing, you’ll have the option to keep it or sell it for its gold value. This will be after 8.7, but I don’t have an official date for you yet unfortunately.

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  1. I just wanted to know if they’ll rid the world of their take T110E4 and replace with with the very real T58… I spent quite a bit of time giving them as many details on it as possible and even a suggestive way to balance it. I got the Chieftain to answer sorta on a live feed an event or two ago, but at the time, even he wasn’t sure. =/

    • If this is implemented, they should also rename the T110E3 to the T110E4, as the E4 in Hunnicutt’s book said it was fully casemated, not some half ass 180° turret rotation.

  2. All these answers, but no actual real content to them.

    At least Serb is funny when he answers questions that they have no info for.

    • Many were upset about the campaign. It was just a gift to the suspect clans basically and their politics rigged the event blocking out many other clans. There is no way to succeed in CWs and these campaigns as a newer upstart clan.

      They need to assign values to said clans based on overall player ratings and block them from certain territories. While making said territories more valuable for the starter clans.

      But they won’t because this game is all about the pub stomp.

      • Upstart clans like Crabron, that kinda took third place overall after being formed only 3 weeks before the campaign started?

        Sounds like some 45%er is mad he isn’t getting an M60

        • They aren’t really “upstart” and comprised of people who are established in the ring of tanks politics.

        • Haha look at the big clan guy who got carried via no lifers and politics talking about “45%ers”.

  3. Well, I never bought the super pershing in the first place, it was way too expensive to get, at $99 of gold purchase. I hope this time around it’ll be less than expensive so I can get it when it’s released again. :Crosses fingers:

    • How 99 USD? I bought mine for 21€ if i remember correctly and it was in the gift shop and if not for that event, it cost around 30€ (10€(2500gold)+20€(5500gold) packages); albeit after this changes I would expect them to lower price even further, since it is already a miracle to perform exceptionaly in it and that is just for accuracy changes, so now even some lonely KVS can hit your weakspots at range; it will be quite interesting to play after armor angle changes, when another dozen of tanks will not even have to aim for those large weakspots… ; anyway, back to the topic; I am quite sure it was not possible to pay even 50USD for it; 99 USD is pure madness for it; perhaps you are thinking of some different vehicle, but all can be bought by max 50€ gold package, speaking about those offered in in-game shop. Only if some rare gift tank with a lot of automatic fire extinguishers, large repair kits and others desirable junk may cost so much in a gift shop

      • There was a bundle consists T34, T26E4 Super Pershing and T14 with some junk on NA sever. Cant remember if it was $99:)

  4. Haha. First off they do a Q and A on reddit but not their own official forums. And then they do without a doubt the worst AMA ever. WGNA is probably the worst community reps I’ve seen in gaming. And to do it on reddit is insulting. Fuck major rampage as so many people give advice and constructive critisim yet we never see any of it employed, and that “new” bitch is just as full of fucking fail as all the others. Both are useless twats.

    I’m sure their 15th anniversary event will be an epic pile of shit as well.

      • I don’t follow the EU sector, but if it’s even worse than WGNA, then you have my sympathy EU tankers. Because WGNA is fucking worthless trash at best. They do fuck-all nothing for the community. Never give us info. Never listen to suggestions. They just go in, punch in their time card, read reddit, punch out, and go home. Worthless pricks.

        • To be fair, they have orders from the Politburo in Minsk, no doubt. Perhaps you can say that that isn’t an excuse, but the root of the problem is WG Minsk’s antiquated and possibly regionally/historically influenced culture of secrecy and paranoia.

          On the other hand, if there is actually reasoning behind their behaviour, it would be that they seem to think ‘surprises’ and never publicly admitting mistakes outweigh the benefits of being open to the community, which I personally consider very unlikely. I mean, would publishing and updating the whole roadmap, with the inevitable delays, changes and deletions really be worse for their business than the negative feelings that come from closed behaviour? If WG was more open, players would be a lot more sympathetic, and might even shell out for more gold.

          It’s ironic the WG is one of the poster children for a progressive paradigm like F2P, being relatively play-to-win, but they have such a backwards approach to their players.

        • You think WG EU/NA staff are lazy? Check WOT China run by (not by WG directly).
          At least WG EU/NA hold Q&As. There’s never been Q&As held by WOT China. Worst of all, constant AFKers and bots (however much they’re reported) never gets punished. Now that’s called LAZY.

  5. Q: Do you guys communicate with the other servers and share ideas or something?
    A: (Laera) We bounce ideas off each other all the time! If one region has shown great success in running a certain event or contest, other regions may often adopt it.
    A2: (Major Rampage): We do work with the other servers. I collaborate with my counterparts on the other servers in regards to global events.

    <<<< Yeah I've seen this happen once or twice on SEA. We took the NA Tank Company idea of running several WG ones at once (instead of just one WG filled of WG guys) and they took our Last Man Standing idea. No idea if they ran with ours in the end, but we certainly did with theirs.