Veider Q&A


Hello everyone,

Veider (one of the main WoT developers) appeared on a stream recently with a bunch of Russian players and answered some questions. Here’s a short summary from the link above

- T-50 did recieve better MM spread in 0.8.7
- T-50-2 was an imbalanced moped
- T57 Heavy and Foch 155 will be nerfed, but not too soon

- the devs decided to nerf KV-1S, but are choosing how to do that
- Maus and IS-7 are doing fine statistically, Tiger (H) will get a buff
- Superpershing will not recieve a maneuverability and mobility buff
- AMX50B might be buffed
- Dickermax is fine, it won’t receieve bigger amount of ammo
- TDs will not be nerfed when it comes to damage

- the Soviet branch patch (8.8) will look like this:

T6 – A-43
T7 – A-44
T8 – Object 416
T9 – see below
T10 – Object 430

Explanation: Veider actually apparently said that tier 9 will be Object 140 (SS: as I predicted earlier), but it won’t – SerB denied that and said tier 9 will be some rear-turret variant of Object 430. As a result, 0.8.8 SOviet branch will most likely come without its top tiers. Object 430U might come as a heavy tank as the top of its own branch

- There will be two prems: Chinese heavy 112 (still imbalanced, it’s being balanced currently) and Chinese medium T-34-3
- The T-44-122 will be a Soviet medium tank of tier 7 or 8, might come for supertesters in 0.8.8
- announced Japanese medium tank won’t come in 0.8.8
- second German TD line will start with Marder III on tier 3 or 4, Sturer Emil will have the 128mm gun, its top tiers will have casette autoloaders
- E-10 TD won’t be implemented due to the devs not wanting to implement the lowering suspension mechanism
- T-35 is already modelled, waiting for the multiturret mechanism
- second branch of French TD’s is found, but it has been postponed, it has low priority for now
- Chinese TD’s and arty branches are not yet found completely, works on them have not begun yet
- prem arty will be of no higher tier than 5-6
- it’s possible there will be official WG mod portal
- there will be no more “free” T34-style premium tanks
- Havok physics: bending antennas, animations of house destruction and explosions, it’s pretty but it doesn’t affect gameplay, players will be able to enable it, if they have GTX-470 level or better graphics cards
- it’s not 100 percent sure the Japanese will come this year
- EU tree will come after the Japanese
- big maps and teams (30vs30) are being worked on, but they face some serious issues
- devs are actively working on new gameplay modes

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  1. The real question that needs answering is this; did Veidar name himself after a character in the BBC Radio 4 comedy: Elvenquest?

  2. so the super pershing is having its armor nerfed of which could already be penned by most tier 8 heavies and TDs

    and its not getting a speed or agility buff? the tank will even worse than it is now even if it does get a small gun buff

  3. wow.. lots of information.. I don’t know if I can believe in all of them :P

  4. Havok physics:

    Interesting, I suspected Havok using purely CPU dependent physics, but these effect will totally be calculated by the GPU.
    “Havok’s solution divides the physics simulation into effect and gameplay physics, with effect physics being offloaded (if possible) to the GPU as Shader Model 3.0 instructions and gameplay physics being processed on the CPU as normal. The important distinction between the two is that effect physics do not affect gameplay (dust or small debris from an explosion, for example); the vast majority of physics operations are still performed in software.” Source wikipedia

  5. I hope this does not mean I cant enable (without losing too many FPS that is) Havok on AMD hardware. Strange though, Havok is not usually like that . Does it not require CPU speed?

    • Havok is actually the name of the software based physics company AMD bought. PhysX is the Nvidia gpu physics. Havok used to run on the cpu only, but I would not be surprised if it now has OpenCL parts for partial hardware acceleration via the GPU. IF they are written in OpenCL, AMD, Nvidia, and even Intel GPUs would be able to make use of them without the game devs needing to do a hardware physics port for each one separately.

      IF they didn’t chose to go this route, I’d be surprised as the game already makes use of Python scripts, and there are Python based OpenCL implementations. Would be a huge missed opportunity.

  6. “Tiger (H) will get a buff”

    Yes please, I have miserable 65 prc win ratio in this beauty :)

    • Shhhh don’t spoil our buff, we must thanks all the zombies for lowering the overall winrate ;P

      • -T57 Heavy and Foch 155 will be nerfed, but not too soon
        aaaah fuck off WG… as always, the tanks im about to get will get nerved (i have t54E1/ AC Mle 48 atm)… -_-

        • Good riddance, those tanks where op fucking shit. I hope the T57 get’s an amazing 120 second reloading speed and 3.4 aiming time, should be about it and they lower the overall speed of it to 30Km/h

            • love how noobs cry for foch being op cause they are too idiot to learn aim… yes it can bounce if you are noob but come on 45 sec reload and only 3 in the mag… from side a t-50 can kill it… so t-50 can kill a tier 10 tank o.O its op nerf it… (yes its sarcasm), well any tank can be op in good hands against noobs… yesterday i called gold noob cause i killed a t95 with my t95 he cant pen me i pen him 3 times and killed… no need gold to pen the same tank wich i have. i have a better hack for this… O.o … o.O …. its called AIM and BRAIN. foch is op? yea brit td deal always 1000+ dmg and has 20-25 sec reload?(not sure) noobs will cry for it after foch…


            • Problem is, its frontal weakspots are hard to hit (lower glacis) or have decent bounce potential (Hammerhead cupola) combined with a 300+ EA frontal armor, with normalization gold rounds dont go through, The foch is mobile enough to negate any thing but a light tank from flanking it, its reload is 40 sec which is managable, thats why its OP.
              Oh and the T57 reloads and dumps its clip too fast, and has similar armor of a m103.

            • How *terrible* of the French to actually design a heavy TD with mucho serious frontal protection, and have the gall to base it on what was meant to be a remarkably fast heavy tank.

    • Craaaaaaap….HOW?
      I make avg 1330dmg per battle, 1.2kills and again i have 43%… TigerH is great tank, but i cant win game…


    • Looking at your stats you don’t even own a Tiger and you overall winrate is 66%

  7. …players will be able to enable it, if they have GTX-470 level or better graphics cards…
    So my card is GTX 260, and I won’t be albe to enable it, or it is recommended to have such card for the game to run smooth? Please asnwer this question. I would really appreciate it.

    • You should be able to enable it unless devs invented some mechaism of determining wheter your card is better than 470 which would be plain stupid.

      • It’s because of hardware capabilities, tool. And hardware detection isn’t something that needs inventing… Lawl.

        • Ok, then tell me what easily detectable hardware capabilities the 470 has over let’s say 460? The whole point is he probably tried to say that 470 or better will guarantee smooth gameplay but it sounded like you will not be able to turn physics on if you don’t have at least 470…

      • I Think it will be in cooperation with nVidia and you will need the Graphic cards to enable PhysX effects like in Borderlands 2 (PhysX = optical physic effects made by Nvidia)

  8. >the devs decided to nerf KV-1S, but are choosing how to do that


  9. KV-1S will get a nerf…I’m pretty sure that they will nerf something stupid,like ammo capacity,viewrange etc. instead of removing that f*ckin OP 122mm sh*t.

      • I play KV-1S, but 122 gun is so ridiculous. Fact that you can do more damage than 8 tier tanks, penetration it is not problem either it is very easy to penetrate weakspots. It is really OP.

      • I will never be that noob to play with the KV-1S. Even if I researched that tree,I wouldn’t keep it.

    • KV-1S are only op in low tier, what they need to nerf is the gun depression which is unhistorical. I mean the turret is smaller then the IS turret yet it has -8, doesn’t make fucking sense.

        • That would be dumb as hell, that would make it a KV2..

          I’m expecting a nerf in mobility, so you cant put the 122mm to work like you can now

          • My personal choice for KV-1s “nerf” would be:

            - reduce it’s gun depression to more plausible 5 – 4 degrees for 122 mm gun. Was KV with IS turret such superior design that allowed to depress gun lower than a regular IS? This is the most obvious part.
            - then make the stock turret capable of mounting 85 mm guns, D-5T and F-30 are nearly the same so unify them somehow to make grind easier (you get 120 mm pen 85 mm gun from KV-1) and introduce new, CAPABLE 85 mm gun on KV-1s, possibly D-5BM, known from T-38-85.
            - now we have 144 mm penetration on tier 6 heavy/medium hybrid – not bad. Next step is increasing weight of second turret so mobility suffers terribly from using it – like 42 kph stock turret, 35 kph top one. Turret traverse also gets worse. So you have to choose, either mobile heavy with MT gun or slow and cumbersome nuclear gun carrier.
            - then we need to take care of 122 mm gun itself. Two main ways – either increase reload time from 13 to 16 seconds (medium tank caught 1 on 1 should be capable for trading 4 – 4,5 shots for every 122 mm shot) or reduce penetration to 150ish level (will not affect IS and KV-3 as they use “different” gun) with current ROF – so it will be no more almost-sure-pen on tier 6.
            -increase HP with stock turret to 790 (?), top turret to 830

            After that, company battles would be:
            KV-1s with 85 mm kills mediums but loses to heavys especially Churchills/T-150. KV-1s with 122 mm has high alpha but nothing else (semi-bouncy turret). Massed Churchills can be easily outmanouvered. Massed T-150s killed by hellcats/ mediums on open maps or AT 8 on city ones. Massed ARLs have good alpha and decent mobility but are horribly vulnerable to HE (artys or KV-2). M6′s have high DPM but they lack armor to be effective pushers. So you have to experiment with different tank setups. Sounds great to me.

        • not that much, because, especially in company battles (but I have seen that issue in randoms too, quite frequently, that is), the group of KV-1S tanks could efectively negate the reload disadvantage by synchronising or timing their shooting… with that, they are wiping anything in matter of seconds… it takes two (sometimes three if they are unlucky) penetrating shots to kill any tier 6 tank, which they with 175 mm pen have almost no trouble to do (the AT series is proved to be quite resistant to that, because of it’s frontal armor, not counting weakspots)… so IMHO the reload speed won’t make that much of a difference

          P.S. I don’t have KV-1S, i know, and it isn’t the only tank that is a bit off with balance…

  10. man i sense big fail with 112….what the fk is so unbalanced? didnt you people said IS-6 better side, spaced armor vs 112 thin sides, low module health bla bla bla. Anyway the real thing is WG noticed that 112 totaly curb stomps IS-6, so that’s why they are probably fking it up.

    My bet is if they leave it’s T10 front as it is, they will probably remove it’s HEAT shells, increase the gun aim time and accuracy to almost arty level, remove it’s preferential MM too, and make it”s mobility like Lowe.

    Or maybe it’s T10 WZ111 model 5A all over again. And we all know what fate that tank had. They couldnt balance it. Because again it was curb stomping a russian tank. IS-7! it was obsolete when compared to model 5A. from pretty much every stat.

    • 5A was fine. It just looked almost the same as WZ 111 4-5 or whatever the tier 9 name was.
      If you want a tank that is better than the IS-7, I will point you in the direction of the T110E5.

      • Better than the IS-7? In your dreams maybe.

        Both are frontline fighters. In that role the IS-7 beats the E5 with it’s paper armor.
        E5 is the better supporter due to it’s gun. But who needs a heavy supporter? There are way better tanks to support.

        E5 was a monster after release, now it’s just average.

        • Lol …pretty much every Heavy tank is better than the is 7. Heck ill even take a maus over it on city maps .

          • E5 beats the IS-7 in almost every way and is still one of the most used tanks in CW, I’m not sure what people are smoking when they talk about the IS-7 being good.

        • If you think IS7 is better than E5 you have it TOTALLY wrong. I think t110e5 armor is not that much worse than is7. But please lets stop talking about the gun differences they are off the charts and the agility from the t110e5 is also better.

  11. I don’t even play arti, but the community response is so predictable – the moment they got nerfed the anti-destroyer whine seems to have started. Are there many of them (comparable to the arti whiners of before), or is it just a few (compared to anti-arti)?

    Also, I’m being told that I’m using Adblock, even though I’m browsing with unmodded Opera. What gives?

    • TDs are fine. The people that are mostly whining are old arty players trying to get their arty buffed to keep the big bad TDs locked into inferiority again. Or just bads in general. Now, the Foch 155 is OP and needs tweaking, but the rest are fine.

      • TDs are not fine. Since arty got fucked up, there is almost no arty in high tier games to take care of the big mean TDs, so ofc they are OVERPERFORMING.

        Ppl raged NERF ARTY! and they got nerfed. Result: as expected – TDs are overperforming.

        Next logical step: nerf overperforming TDs.

        I dont see a problem. Ppl always whine.

      • TD r fine until u get into T10 game where your team has 1 T10 TD and other team has 5-6 of them… Games like this r always lost….

        • The same problem was with 3-5 arties / side, and they nerfed them to oblivion, instead of limiting their number / side.
          Same thing will happed to TDs.

          Also, ppl claiming that Foch 155 is just doing fine….lets be serious. It rapes everything in battle.

  12. “- T57 Heavy and Foch 155 will be nerfed, but not too soon”
    Hurray! And IS-7 with no weakspots (lower plate is in every tank) is fine? Great as always :)

  13. Because forum is down, I am unable to post the translated version of Chinese arty. Stay tuned tommorow!

    • Why the hell does WG need to take down the forums every time they add a patch anyway? What’s the purpose? I don’t really get it.

    • Unreal. They announced it a year or two ago and now say, “Nope, not gonna do it.” Grrrr.

  14. So if KV-1S gets it’s 122mm removed and moved to tier 5, what would replace it at tier 6?

        • It would be way better than T-150 with the same gun IMO. The 107mm gun has superior DPM, lower dispersion on the move, along with the higher ROF which would make KV-1S a typical medium tank in tier 8 battles.(like the Chinese T-34-1, but one tier lower)

        • rather 100mm (i)D10T gun, which was even tested on that tank (on the KV-100, which was based on KV-85, which is the ingame KV-1S with top turet and 85mm gun ;) )

    • It is possible that KV-1S will be the stock configuration, while KV-100 with S-34 100 mm gun – top; so it wiil be simply a replacement of D-2-5 with S-34.

  15. Foch 155 and T57 nerfed, but why? Just because idiot players whine on the forums? Really if any tanks are to be nerfed it is sure damn most of the heavy ones because they are overpeforming according to noobmeter, specialy the tier 8 ones.

    • They said they had data these two tanks specifically are massively overperforming, and anyone w/o an agenda can detect this when these two tanks are played right in game. Deal with it.

      • Good players flock to good tanks because they are fun, therefore there will always be a margin of error in judging whats OP or not, since skilled players will play good tanks more often than bad

        • It’s exactly the other way around …
          I Wish people with less than 1000 damage per game in their batchats over 200 games should be banned :P

  16. - Maus and IS-7 are doing fine statistically, Tiger (H) will get a buff
    Man, only Tiger (H)? No JT? I lost my faith
    - second German TD line will start with Marder III on tier 3 or 4, Sturer Emil will have the 128mm gun, its top tiers will have casette autoloaders
    And it will another painful grind from tier 3……as german TD driver, I dislike it….
    - devs are actively working on new gameplay modes
    new gameplay modes with apes playing it? Cool story bro. enough retards even on standard battle…

    • Yes, I had to turn off assault and encounter as sonn as it was possible. A few days ago was in platoon and got Lakeville encounter.

      Most of my team went into the valley (base is in city). While enemy was caping base and killed 3 of us trying to defend. Some valley idiots came back to defend our spawn (!), while others rush to cap enemy spawn… Enemy undisturbed won by capping.

      Then I realised how wise was my decision to turn off these mods.

  17. So 8.8 will have more russian junk in it? I thought serb said it wouldn’t be ready for 8.8 and things were going to change? Fucking WG never gets their stories straight, unlike SS. :)

  18. I am so freaking done with other players crying and whining about the T57 Heavy being OP, Foch 155 being OP. T57 Heavy is paper. In almost every game I play with it, I get killed. Same for Foch, you simply track the damned thing and flank it. -_-

    I don’t understand this WG policy, or why the fuck do they even nerf/buff tanks! This getting nerfed, that getting nerfed. Every tank in the game has been nerfed at least once by now. Nerfing or buffing shouldn’t happen if they get the damned stats of the tank right BEFORE they release it. God damn it.

    • Track him? Then he pushes ’5′ two times, immediately turning after you and pumps his 3 shell mag right into your ass. Since on tier10 most of the guns have 8-10 sec reload time good luck to track him again, and stay alive against an autoloaded super mobile TD.

      Man… atleast don’t lie to yourself.

    • When a tank is OVERPERFORMING, it needs a nerf.

      And pls dont tell me that Foch155 and T57 are not overperforming just becouse you suck in them…

      • in a perfect WOT world whit no gold ammo nerf is not needed but now ah well — PLAY MORE ON GOLD

  19. Object 430U might come as a heavy tank as the top of its own branch

    I want a confirmation on this before I start to grind Object 430! I want to have a T-64 prototype in garage but if I can choose I’d take the U!

    • Most likely from T-34 (tier 5), as A-43 is the other name of T-34 M(odernized)

  20. Does that mean with 8.8 there will be both T8 Chinese premium tanks introduced?

  21. “- the devs decided to nerf KV-1S, but are choosing how to do that”

    Yes, and I know how:
    The IS has 6° gun depression, the KV1-S with same turret and same gun has 8°!

    Why not start with correcting this “historical inaccuracy”?

    • Nerf its RoF, make it 1.5 – 2 / min, simple as that ( similar to T44 med with 122 gun witch has about 3rpm ).

      • T-44-122 had RoF that shitty for technical reasons that do not trouble the KV-1S.

  22. “second German TD line will start with Marder III on tier 3 or 4, Sturer Emil will have the 128mm gun, its top tiers will have casette autoloaders”

    top tierS? So WT Tiger and (maybe) WT Panther will have autoloader too?

  23. 1. will T-34-3 come in 0.8.8? and will 0.8.8 come till WG birthday specials? better question: will T-34-3 come till WG birthday specials?

    2. ” E-10 TD won’t be implemented due to the devs not wanting to implement the lowering suspension mechanism” – WHY?

    3. ” there will be no more “free” T34-style premium tanks ” – that mean we dont get the LTP for WG birthday? in that case a big YES!

    4. ” Superpershing will not recieve a maneuverability and mobility buff ” – will it get a penetration buff and armor nerf or only a buff?

    • No, T34 was a free premium tank that you needed to grind first (in a nutshell), not the one that is given to everyone – as the LTP will (presumably) be.

    • So old BMX will be “tank of the month” then… So it will be target of whineboys again, closing The Circle of Balance.

  24. “The T-44-122 will be a Soviet medium tank of tier 7 or 8, might come for supertesters in 0.8.8″

    Will this be also a premium ( like the T-122-85 ) or will it be a regular, researchable tank ?
    I dont see it anywhere in the new med tree.

    Thanks for answers.

    • T-44-122 will be a premium tank most likely . I think it’s kind of stupid to have 2 prem tanks with 122 on tier 8 but this will never work on tier 7 ( too OP) .

  25. - the devs decided to nerf KV-1S, but are choosing how to do that

    Sound of heaven to my ears!

    • They will also decide when the nerf is coming , so wait for it to happen then celebrate .

  26. - T57 Heavy and Foch 155 will be nerfed, but not too soon

    about fking time!

  27. They buff tanks that don’t need any buff (I have 61& WR, played almost exclusively in solo, with Tiger H and I’m just your average 1100 eff noob) and they keep ignoring tanks that are becoming unplayable patch after patch (S. Pershing was first graced by gold ammo flying everywhere, then by pin point accuracy even for the biggest gun), when will they stop drinking too much vodka in Minsk?

  28. - big maps and teams (30vs30) are being worked on, but they face some serious issues

    Like… not buying or upgrading the servers and allowing more of the game to be client sided to ease some of the server loads? Planetside 2 has massive battle counts, and MMORPG’s have been doing monsterous logins per server for years.

  29. So tl:dr is they are gonna nerf OP tanks and buff the underperformers….this shouldn’t be big news but already done ages ago

  30. Love how a lot of people are taking this as set in stone. You do realize that Veider has been wrong/over-ruled by Serb a lot right.

  31. Many people speak about overperformning tanks but all stats shows that heavys have overall better WR and are the most used tanks on the battlefield. There are other tanks in game that are more OP than t57 and foch 155 according to stats. Look at noobmeter and look at tier 8 heavys, if we use stats as a tool for nerfing, those fucking tanks should be nerfed, because they are all “green”.

    T57 and Foch 155 might seem OP, but in reality looking at WR, heavys still have higher overall WR than the players playing those tanks.

    If WG wanna balance things, look at the fucking data which is provided, and there you see heavy tanks, over and over again performing better than all other type of vehicles. But I guess WOT has a bias towards heavys, which is sad.

  32. Why the fuck do they introduce autloader TDs when they planning on nerfing some autloader tanks, and possible even TDs? Will it be just like the artys, nerf them as fuck then introduce UK ones, just for the sake of having those in game?

    Too bad KGB listen more to useless forum whiners that think this game is only about heavys, and therfore all other tanks must be nerfed so these useless keyboard licking casuals can derp around in their OP tanks.

    • Afaik T34 used to be a regular tier IX heavy tank, when they introduced M103 they removed it and turned it into a tier VIII premium tank but owners of the regular tier IX T34 received the premium one for free.

  33. “- second branch of French TD’s is found, but it has been postponed, it has low priority for now”

    Cannon D’assault 120 come to me! :D

  34. IS-7 are doing fine statistically? It has lowest winratio a bit after t110e5 was released. Ever since T10 TD and meds were introduced it has the lowest WR.

  35. French light-med line needs buffed (not the batchat).
    Just LOOK at the difference of the T71 and the AMX 13 75. And AMX 13 90 should have t8 MM 170 pen is useless on t9 and t10 MM only, and its useless if the batchats and leopards race up front to scout everything so you are useless and still you bring 8 tierpoints. IS6 for example has prem MM because of the low pen, AMX 13 90 has this but reversed not t8 but only t10 and t9 games. And the Lorraine 40T is the worst performing T9 med.

  36. The IS7 might have low WR, but it has a trollish armor which is pure bullshit, considering even tier 10 TDs can bounce on the lower plate. I guess bad players play the IS7. I dont know how the IS7 would be buffed, but its really OP in games as far as I know, due to the bullshit strong armor and no weakspots in the front what so ever.

    And no, its not only about the WR, the artys didnt have any particularly good WR, still they were annoying as hell, just like some other low WR, yet annoying and game disturbing tanks.

    Also, who says heavy tanks must be buffed, just so they should do better statisticaly? Looking at stats, heavy tanks are those that overperforms in higher tiers. This can be seen in the kv1s case, it might get nerfed, because it shouldnt overperform just because its a heavy tanks that paople like. Heavy tanks are not main damage dealers from the frist place, and they never were.

    • IIRC Tier 7-8 heavies already can pen the “facets” of the IS-7 pike just fine *so long as the nose doesn’t face them directly*. The pike-noses are funny that way.

      • It still doesnt matter, what matter is that people use stats to indicate wether tanks are OP or not, and looking at those stats, alot of heavys are in fact OP, why are not these taken into consideration when speaking about “nerfs”. Kv1s is only one tank at tier 6, there are others which can be discussed.

        In other words, WG dont look at stats when nerfing/buffing tanks, which the community are fooled into believing, just so they can play their immaginary “balanced” game.

          • And who are you refering to? Tinfoil people are those who believe T57 and Foch 155 are OP because they:

            A: Disslike beeing owned by them due to poor gameplay
            B: Think stats on sites like noobmeter is the ultimate thruth.

            How ever, looking at other tanks on noobmeter, one will soon realise that there are alot other tanks which also fills the criteria for OP ness, these arnt TDs, they are heavys.

            Tinfoil people are also those that knows their beloved heavys are OP in all aspects, but rather blame other kind of tanks just because the general trend is to blame those. Before it was artys, now its TDs and also autloader tanks.

            • “In other words, WG dont look at stats when nerfing/buffing tanks, which the community are fooled into believing, just so they can play their immaginary “balanced” game” amounts to pure ERMAHGERD CNSPRICY tinhattery in my books, thanks. Also am I remembering wrong or don’t the Noobmeter numbers *only* include people whose names have been searched for at least once?

            • Noobmeter has tank stats also, not only people whos name has been searched. Vdaddict or that other site has similar numbers for tanks, and you see the same pattern there. A bunch of heavy tanks beeing OP, not only TDs, in terms of WR.

              How is it a conspiracy to say that WG dont look at stats when balancing tanks? This is pure fucking fact. It has been numerous of statements from WG devs that when ever a change is made, it is to make it “balanced”, despite those tanks werent OP according to stats. They may call it historical balance or other bullshit explenations.

              Just like the arty, never were OP according to stats, but the massive whine from the community made them change it. Just like the fucking T57 and Foch 155, they said they werent going to be nerfed, it was just a false rumor. Later on devs said those tanks might get nerfed. Same as with the Kv1s. Just look at threads at the forums, most whine are about TDs, and autloaders.

              I see a fucking pattern here, everybody knew TDs were the next vehicles to be whined about, now when artys are nerfed. It is a generall tendency to whine about all tanks that arnt heavy, medium or light, as WOT community has a bias towards these type of tanks. Just look at vehicles played, the highest amout are heavys, and therfore the community expect those to be best, and all other tanks that performs good (despite not beein OP according to stats) must be nerfed.

              And of course, autloaders, these are also special in that way that they punish idiots standing infront of tanks while reloading.

  37. Also when speaking about Foch 155, why not take the tier 9 Foch into consideration as well? The armor at tier 9 is even more “OP”, as well as the mobily. The gun how ever isnt.

  38. Speaking about OP TDs,

    Look at this:

    Tier 8 TDs, majority of them are fucking RED, that means they are all underperforming according to stats. So next time you idiot whiners open your mouth, educate yoursefls. Foch 155 might be one fucking TD that performs obove all TDs in terms of stats, and that isnt enough to nerf a whole fucking class of vehicles.

  39. Dont nerft KV-1S !!!!! Those who cant beat it are NOOBS!! Every tank has it weakness, learn them and play!!!

    • sure… get out of ur pretty rubbish kv1s and look around. learn to play without ur op tank

      • If the KV-1s is OP, then what does that make the KV-1? Super-OP? Because it’s a lot more noob-friendly (stronger armour, faster loading and more accurate gun)