31 thoughts on “8.7 EU server new arty stats

      • see the amount in play column. There are only a few higher-tier vehicles, i.e. only good players play them now. Hence the good stats of higher-tiers and (below-)average at lower tiers…

  1. Winrate. Anybody who’s played WoT knows that’s a pointless statistic. You can be the best guy on the team and the battle could still be lost no thanks to your teammates. Winrate tells us nothing.

    • There are 2 kinds of WoT players.

      Those who believe they can’t influence the outcome of a battle, ever….



      • It is a DECENT indicator but it does not tell the full story. For instance, players who never play in platoons (such as me) can have a relatively lower win rate than those who platoon a lot. Therefore, WN7 seems to be a more accurate skill indicator

        • I agree with you Goner. I rarely platoon, so accordingly, my winrate suffers. I do get many matches where I deal the most damage in the team, sometimes by a large margin and the team still loses.

          • Being the top damage dealer of the team doesn’t necessarily mean that you personally would have deserved a victory. Often you see toptier heavies staying in the back sniping, letting the smaller tanks soak the damage. Only to get outnumbered and lose in the end. They might then be top damage dealers and still have contributed more to the loss than their “lesser” teammates.

      • Platoon is a booster, a multiplier. And often 2 or bad players play together and make their stats even worse while then 2-3 top players platoon and boost each other. And matching the amount of platoons of the teams leads in the end to a higher impact of not-skill-related MM.

  2. What I noted the first day of 8.7 on the NA server is that the MT-25 looks like a useful tank, although that is cold comfort to the Dash-Two loyalists.

    I also had the impression that the British SPGs are not bad emergency TDs.

    • Wow, I’m a bit surprised that less than 15 players on the server have the top british arties, that makes them more unique than any tank in the game atm I reckon.

      And if the players interested in spending a lot of free Xp or time to get them manage less than 55% wins… I guess they are UP enough.

      • Unique , 1 of singular, the only one!
        You can not be more unique you can not be extremely unique. It is unique or it is not unique.

  3. Anything below ~10k games is a fairly weak statistical showcase, btw. The first guys who get there are the good ones, so a WR skewed this early after release means nothing, it will always be skewed a bit up (and conversely, low tiers are a bit below, because bad players are stuck on them)

  4. Average damage statistic please.

    Winrate is pointless with SPG’s because if Loyd is on one side, it will be balanced by another Loyd on the other side.

    • Or a G.Panzer VI, or a T57.

      Except, it’s possible to have two lowtier arty on one team to balance one hightier arty on the other team, so you very well could have one Loyd and an SU-18 balanced against a Bison. Thus, the winrate does matter.


  5. These stats need to show average damage done, and hit percentages and maybe kill counts – win rates don’t mean a damn thing for arty since they’re typically carried to a win or loss.

  6. I would guess they have such good stats cause most of the players (including me) stopped playing arty, while they are now balanced (we all loved them to be special in this criteria in former times). So some Players started playing arty again with the patch and as a result we see that arty is pretty good balanced.
    You might ask: “nearly 56% and balanced? wtf is wrong with u?!11″ – Well I tell you: After the last patch nearly noone played arty – so everyone (step by step) disregarded former rules (like to look that you stand artysafe, keep moving etc.) and now they aren’t accostumed to artys anymore. So it’s easier for artys to make damage. If the players get aware that there are from time to time some artys in the battles, they will change their playstyle to the ols one – I think.

    • i agree with this. The players in lower tiers (less then 5) and I have seen it in higher tiers as high as 7, ignore the SPGs if the SPGs is on the other team and just run around shooting other tanks. Because the reload times and aim times, were/are, such that they dont care. Now they might have to pay more attention as to which SPGs are on the field. In lower tiers they just dont care at all. There is some caring going on in higher tiers but not very much.


  7. Really speaking about artys, even if they have “bad” stats compared to other tanks, they can still be hell of alot annoying and flawed. The reason for that is that they dont play like normal tanks, they shouldnt have stats close to other tanks. They are NOT main damage dealers.

    This is what people need to understand. Just because they are not OP according to stats, doesnt mean they are not a problem on the battlefield. 8.5 artys werent OP according to stats, but they still ruined the fucking games.

    Also those stats on the picture is flawed, it must shot tank WR compared to players WR, to determine if those vehicles have overall better WR than players, or other way around. In other words a fucking bullshit chart WG use, or who ever clown use.