LTP will be the gift tank


Long story short, it has been confirmed that the LTP will be a gift tank for Wargaming 15th anniversary. It will be given to ALL players on 12th of August.

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  1. So we can only dream about gift tank of similar quality to the Tetrarch.

  2. wil it be automatically given (like Tet), or do we have to login? for some reason I think that we had to login for the T1E6, but I’m not sure about it.

    (yes, we got the E6 in January, but I’m getting old and my memory isn’t what it used to be. probably related to having too much alcoholic beverages during my time in university)

      • If thousands of players cry because they lose 0,30€ by not receiving 1 day prem after 50-70games…well I can at least mourn about those 3€ then.

      • T-127 have some nice armor all around, LPT not so much (30mm glacis, 15mm sides)

    • If this is of any consolation to you: T-127 is better than LTP in every aspect and also has limited MM (it doesn’t enter tier 5 battles which it should, being tier 3 light). LTP probably doesn’t have this limited MM … and even if it did, it would be simply inferior to T-127.

      T-127 not only has better RoF, but also more accurate gun (even though it’s supposed to be the same gun …) with better (= shorter) aiming time, it also has better armor, better crew layout which is actually useful for training Soviet light tank crews of lower tiers (LTP can only train the branch with 2 members, MS-1, T-60 and T-70 while T-127 can accommodate all of these plus the T-26/T-46/BT-2/BT-7 lines on top). T-127 also has significantly better power to weight ratio and beats this LTP piece of shit in various other relevant details (such as having better viewrange, gun elevantion or lower chance of engine fire on direct hit).

      The only aspect where LTP wins (?) over T-127 is better radio signal range and track traverse speed …

  3. Cute little tank, will definatly keep it but doubt it will be played much as there are many great T3s in the garage and if i can choose between this or the T-127 i guess the T-127 wins.

  4. Oh, we are so surprised, yaaaaawwwww…

    Will sell in one second, but good to get free slot, cause I have 0 free slots ATM

  5. Any history of this tank as googling only comes up with WoT? Or is this just another fantasy tank?

  6. A shittier T70? Oh, how cute. Sure, the T70 is p. badass in its own right, but i think this might be an instasell.

  7. Why would you sell a unique tank?
    Account with unique tanks is actually worth something.

      • I have sold already many unique tanks. I have T-70, which is in all ways better and was mass produced (important factor for me). Also I do not have slots and from tanks below tier V I have only two – T-70 and Matilda, both due to historical reasons. I am not going to have more such low tier seal clubbing tanks, and if I wanted, it wouldn’t be some unknown LTP, but historical LT-38, which is in game as Pz38t (btw totally OP tank if you ask me)

    • I did regret selling my Tetrarch (to the point that I’ve used the “get one premium tank back one time offer” to get it back), but the T1E6 was so totally meh, that I’ve sold it instantly. Free garage slot was and is worth more for me. This LTP? It really looks meh to me. Similar to the T-127, which I’ve sold after just few battles (got it from a bonus code).

      • Can you give me some details about how you did this. The Tet is the only tank I ever regret selling and would love to get it back if possible. If you can’t fit it into a comment contact me via PM on the EU forums. The name is J338u5.

          • I remember reading somewhere that a garage slot and a sum of credits are required too. Do you know how much credits are we talking about?

            • when you write a ticket to recover a lost premium tank, you have to pay its price in credits according to the conversion rate. tetrarch has a listed price of 750 gold, so you’d have to pay 300k for it.

              You can use the ticket to recover more expensive premium tanks, but they’d charge you a lot – 4.8 million for a T34, 5 million for a Lowe

  8. When will get the usual 300 gold and a tier 8 premium discount?(im short 100 gold for the jagtiger88 on a 15% discount)

  9. until now I was soooo sure the LTP would be SerB-troll-fiction. like instead of a tank called LTP we’d receive an ingame message saying “LTP – Learn To Play!” :)

  10. Seems nice little tank. I don’t understand complaining about it. View range could be a little better and the gun is boring choice, but otherwise I like it.

    Btw. do you know is there some decent invite codes around or coming soon?

  11. To be honest, I’m a little less enthusiastic about it now that I’ve seen the firerate and accuracy are worse than the exact same gun on the t-127. Particularly the accuracy, 0.46 is just horrid.

    But hey, I might be pleasantly surprised. Apparently the T-14 has become more usable since 8.6, and it has the same garbage accuracy, so who knows~

    Still. Expected better in a tank that, gun aside, looks like it’ll handle more like a sniper than a brawler.

    • i started using the T14 again because the HEAT nerf and the increase in money making potential. now it’s a decent credit maker :)

  12. Pretty boring tank for an occasion it’s given for. Looks like shittier version of T-127. Free slot is nice tough.

  13. I thought that the whole birthday thing was this friday, the 2-nd of August. It was posted on twitter?

  14. WTH… i thought they said on reddit that their anniversary event was the 2nd? Now it’s back up to the 15th again or whatever?

  15. I can’t believe how many people complain about a FREE tank.
    OMG it’s crap, omg it’s bad, it’s ugly, it’s just tier 3 or whatever.

    Seriously people, you were expecting to get a Abrams tank or what?

  16. World of Warplanes might give some gold in August.

    “Gamescom Warm-Up – Get ready for gamescom by leveling up your favourite planes quicker and earning more coin in the process! This is truly a golden opportunity, Pilots!”

    • I smell xenophobia. On the other hand, why a crappy german tank and not a crappy russian tank? Hell why not a crappy french tank or a crappy US tank. WHY!>@?
      Damn conspiracies.

    • Well, if Wargaming were a German company they might give out a German tank.

      • Completely right! The thing I hate the most at this game is that’s a Russian made…

          • I think you wont make it neither as a military historian nor as a game designer.

            • Tiger 2′s biggest enemy was the m4(biggest like in numbers)
              the only real why the us would insure a tank battle victory was buy air support dont make me mention the soviets (theres no 15vs150 game mod), france ok peaple dont know this but THY HAD THE BAST TANKS IN 1939 and 1940(B1 vs pz 2 :/ ), British tanks wher good but weak in numbers(battersea where good and some tanks just pop the balts when they were shot and not penetraited) and the chines well lets not go ther
              And germany had 2 monster tank guns in ww2 the all mighty 8.8 and 7.5 L/70(by the whey cloud shot 2 m4s with 1 shot and one blow up the other would have 2 holes on each side)

            • All depends on crew actually.
              Of course, 1v1 german tanks would be OP, but in real battle – come on, tactics are more important.
              M4s were like insects – many of little ones :D
              But lets not forget other front – hordes of T-34-85, also SU-152 with IS.
              152mm HE could make KT UFP simply fall off :D Not to mention what does to turret.

            • The_Challenger made this rather succint observation in one of this articles: “So long as the Allies could *bring more tanks to the battle*, and even more importantly could *bring tanks to more battles*, the question of who had better tanks had little impact on the conduct of the campaign.”
              He was specifically discussing the ETO there, but the same applies to the Soviets. Stalin’s quip about the quality of quantity was a wholly shrewd observation of reality.

              And both the Democracies and the Soviets were rather good at churning out huge numbers of perfectly good tanks that could also get where needed without too serious “march attrition”, something which the later and heavier German designs very notably tended to fail at. And despite the unsurprising advantage the considerably bigger German tanks had in sheer gun and armour Shermans for one seem to actually have dealt with them pretty well *so long they could maneuver for effect*.

            • >Tiger 2′s biggest enemy was the m4
              Wrong, it was its own overloaded drivetrain, Tiger II arrived broken to the battlefield!

            • Don’t forget its own engine – the mileage was something terrible, making the whole thing a mite questionable investement for a military morbidly short on fuel.

          • Nah, I think the Germans wouldn’t make World of Tanks based on history. They want nothing to do with the time period World of Tanks covers.

            German-produced World of Tanks would probably be entirely made up tanks.

    • There’s already a German premium LT in the store, three if you include the 38H and Ausf J.

  17. Premium tanks are a great way to train crew. With that said, I welcome this newest addition. I just hope they can add more British, French and Chinese light tanks as premiums soon so I can train their crews.

  18. >nerf T-50 and vaporize T-50-2
    >give everyone a free mediocre light tank with the same shitty 45mm gun as the other Russian light premiums but withOUT the special MM

    SerB as intended

  19. Updating the WoT Wiki, what was your source for this being the anniversary tank?

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  21. “After a brief downtime on August 2nd (specific times will be announced later), all players will be receiving the Soviet LTP tier III light tank. The vehicle will come with a free garage slot in which to house it.”
    learn to read, Please.

  22. LTP will be given tomorrow!!! (Not 12nd August)!!! For official info everytime look on the OFFICIAL ( WEBSITE!!!

  23. Well, it´s a gift tank, so I will not complain about it – those who don´t like it or do not play low tiers just can instasell it and have at least a free garage place…
    My thoughts:
    All in all it does not look too bad, even compared to the T-127 (which is a great little tank IMHO).
    Speed is nice, armor is at least okay, traverse is very nice and will make it much more agile as the T-127.
    Those whining about the gun and the accuracy: Yes, it´s a whopping 0,03 m (!) worse than in the T-127 and it fires 1.25 shots less per minute (!) – nothing a decent crew could not adjust.
    With that ammo capacity you can spam shells like crazy. :-)
    I am really looking forward to try this little bastard!

  24. Its really crazy, that some people are really ungrateful for what a online free game does.. I mean yes I have premium and many premium tanks, by my own choice.. We sit here and listen and read about these little crybabies of the game.. But they fail to realize people like me and many others that pay to play it, are the ones paying for their free gifts. So instead of crying about a free gift , get some damn skills and meet the real players on the battle field! NOOBS

    • its a free tank that eveyone will take the pocket change for selling it…….6 months later!!!! i realy miss that tank now i know how rare it is and will be i wish i would go back in time and slap my self!

      • Everyone wishes that they can go back in time do that because I’m now wanting it back.