- SerB states that the “Stalinec” inscription was removed based on the demand from EU server
- Object 430U can’t replace the IS-7 as tier 10 heavy (SS: no idea what was the point of asking such a thing)
- there is another candidates for tier 10 heavy, which has roughly the same characteristics as AMX50B, minus the autoloader – it’s the second heavy French branch T10, SerB states it has an okay frontal armor, but paper-thin sides

- SerB states that a casette (SS: as in a “clip” of) 150mm shells weights 150-200kg, but noone drags that around by hand (SS: as in, there were mechanisms for that, such as cranks)
- in game terms, there will be no difference between the casette loading of German top tier TD’s, and (for example) French drum autoloaders
- in next 6 months, French Char 2C superheavy won’t be added
- according to SerB, it’s not realistic to put any KV-series tank on tier 10
- there was a case when SerB was sorry that he has to put a tank out as premium and not as a part of a branch – this was the case of Löwe, as SerB states this tank has upgrade potential
- TOG 1 will most likely not appear as a premium vehicle
- premium tanks with more guns (as in, you can choose a gun) will not be implemented

37 thoughts on “31.7.2013

  1. I am glad that the topic of 2c has surfaced. I look forward to this tank as much as to the Japanese landships.

    • I welcome all new french tanks… especially ones that can finally take a hit… I want my 2c to brawl with things, instead of relying on an autoloader to kick ass.

  2. Lowe (or VK 7201) should have been there as regular tier VIII instead of VK4502 P, followed by maus prototype and Maus.
    Either VK4502 is not good for anything above tier VII in historical stats.

  3. Was thinking of cutting my WoT break short for the German TD’s.

    But something tells me autoloaders will fail horribly for them.
    Only way autoloaders work is with mobility, not one of the German strongpoints.

    • I have never, ever been a fan of autloaders on TDs because they sacrifice a few things to fire in bursts: aim time and accuracy being the chief among them.
      Two things which are rather nice on a TD.

      Plus, when you need to reload in a huge, probably not very fast, unarmored vehicle…..
      Just a nice, fast firing128mm or 150mm gun, no need to be fancy.

      • Agreed, just give a us a Tier X Jagdtiger.
        E-75′s hull and a long 15cm gun.

        Hell even a Jagdtiger with the 1200hp engine and better armor plating would be good.

        • Id approve that! Also a choice for a 128mm L66 gun, with 590 damage and 300 pen :D.

          • Guys, do you have in mind the Foch 155? Now imagine a E-100 hull with a 128mm L100 gun with autoloader on a turret!
            Awesome damage per drum
            Awesome penetration
            Awesome accuracy
            What else?

  4. They should have made the Lowe the German tier 9 heavy instead of the crappy VK AusB. They should nerf the AusB and make it a tier 8 Premium, give people the choice to either swap their Lowe for it or get their Gold back.

  5. 2.2.2013:

    - the controversial “Stalinec” tank decal won’t be removed from the game.


    - SerB states that the “Stalinec” inscription was removed based on the demand from EU server


      • I know but it is like: “we won’t do that ever! (x months later) we did it!” Oh wait, its wg…

        • That happened a few days ago as well, first they were not going to nerf the T57 and Foch 155.
          Guess what.

        • Its little like with that sport nerf. At first they state KV-1S is ok, we wont nerf it go to hell for months, and then last week “well you know we will nerf KV-1s”

      • Would be kinda sad (and probably bad for business) if they never had changes of heart.

  6. Oh SerB, so why didnt you push it as a regular? You wouldve made lots of us Lowe owners eternally happy with a whole branch of those monsters.

  7. I dont get this, they speaking about nerfing the autloaders, such as T57 and Foch 155, and then introduce a TD with autloader? This is just bullshit according to me. More autloader TDs equal more whine on the forums, and more nerfs to ALL TDs in the long run, just like the artys. I dont really get this.

    Also, Serb, he says it isnt realistic to have a KV type tank in tier 10, but it is to have thr fucking kv1s in tier 6 making over 400 damage with a decent damage roll? This is absurd. Get the fucking tanks right from the first place instead of waiting 2 years to suddenly nerf everything.

  8. Why not the TOG-I?

    It makes perfect sense, we know what gun it has, we know what turret it has and roughly how fast and armoured the TOG’s are, (very slow and no armour)

    There is literally no reason it can’t be put in quickly and easily. The TOG-II is a huge success vehicle for them, why not then?

  9. I wonder how german autoloader TDs will behave…foch155 has epic frontal armor and speed, cammo is also great…so i am wondering what pros will german have since it will have shitty armor and shitty mobility, and everything that has e100 in it is countering with the word cammo…only thing that could save it is the gun, but somehow i really doubt it will be any better than foch,,,long reload will still be long, aimtime would might be slightly better, and accuracy, but it still will be worse than 155

  10. - premium tanks with more guns (as in, you can choose a gun) will not be implemented

    I agree with that decision completely, but boy do I wish otherwise.