31.7.2013 – part 2

Something I forgot to add earlier: Listy’s interesting article about Japanese tankers at Khalkin Gol (Nomonhan)

- the rumors about KV-1S with 122mm gun being made a T7 premium are false (categorical answer)
- Q: “Why is the MM bad? If you don’t answer, I will go on a meeting with you and will ask a LOT of questions!” A: “Oh, we’re so afraid now. Thank you for amusing us.”

- WoWp: other nations than Soviets will get ground assault planes, one of them will be the Junkers Ju-87 Stuka with 37mm guns, small bombers (such as Su-2, Pe-2) are not planned for now
- ingame mission and event interface: “when it’s done it’s done”
- the thickest frontal armor the developer encountered from projects was one French project with 400mm frontal armor, it won’t appear in the game (SerB states that the sides of this project are very weakly armored)
- crew portrait customizer (selectable different hair, eyes, mouth etc.) is not planned
- SerB states that if Japan wasn’t nuked, O-I tanks might have appeared in real life
- developers won’t publish official tank winrate stats
- the internal module layout has no influence on the damage they take from fire (SS: for example, if ammo rack is situated close to the engine, it doesn’t have a bigger chance of getting damaged than other modules)
- it’s possible that when the new chat system gets implemented, you’ll be able to chat with people, who are playing WoWp from your WoT client (account unification)
- SerB states that Jagdpanzer E-75 is a complete fake, not based on reality unlike the E-50M (SS: not really, see earlier articles)
- E-100 doesn’t have the alternative Maus turret for a game reason: to reduce the amount of grinding you’d need to unlock it, the same applies for Maus and its alternative turrets
- Henschel E-100 turret is a complete fake (SS: yes, it is, probably one of the most popular fakes out there)
- the fact 128mm Maus and E-100 guns don’t have muzzle brakes is historical
- WG lawyers are dealing with various WOT clones (specifically the mail.ru Ground War Tanks version)
- SerB states that basically the tank gun (the module) is a solid object (can be hit) with no clipping enabled
- the new chat will use standard Jabber protocols, so it’s possible it will be possible to chat thru another Jabber client in the future
- Object 167M (improved T-62A) will not be implemented
- gold will be ever returned only if the tank in question is changed drastically
- the T-34-1, T-34-2 and T-34-3 projects were Chinese self-made projects to make a tank analogical to T-54 within Chinese possibilities. Later, when the Soviets helped China with the production of T-54 copies, these projects were obsolete and were discontinued
- despite the fact that the ingame IS-7 is nerfed a lot compared to the real life IS-7, there is no tank that could replace it
- the beach edge (where the water washes over the sand, not the water itself) in World of Tanks has the same terrain passability as the beach itself

And, some interesting info from Overlord:

- the update 0.8.8 and 0.9.0 will be “monstrous”
- 0.8.8 will be mostly “technical patch” (SS: as in, not content, but features)
- Overlord things that “the contents of 8.8 will be gradually revealed starting mid August and right until the end of the month.”
- regading artillery: “Arty won’t be the same as before 8.6. That’s for sure. We are monitoring the situation right now. Everything is possible. Including rebalance.”
- regarding the arty being the top tiers in battles: “MMing fix is likely to arrive for 8.8″
- there going to be a minor update for live servers quite soon (SS: see 0.8.7 test 3)
- bigger maps are now not being worked on
- Overlord on E-25: “It was a tough decision whether the tank was going to be tier 6 or 7. Balancing guys voted for the latter.”
- Japanese tanks will come in 2014
- Q: “What is the next big thing after physics?” A: “In-game quests, cybersport, reshuffled CWs historical battles, garage battles”
- 8.8 will bring Superpershing changes
- On 8.8 Soviet line: “8.8 is going to be functional/feature update. There going to be 5 Soviet tanks to research afaik, tier 6-10″

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  1. Can’t wait to get rid of my Superpershing…. Already have an IS-6 and SU-122-44 for credits and the M60 for a crew trainer. Huzzaaaah.

        • The fact that you were willing to reply to my post shows you do give a rat’s ass about it :) *cough* butthurt people everywhere *cough*

          But yeah. If according to the old FTR posts that mobility won’t be improved for the Super Pershing, and only a slight pen buff would be implemented – Taking advantage of the refund would probably be the best option – 8.6 accuracy changes really hurt the tank, and frontal armor nerf will even make killing the thing easier.

    • Out of curiosity, can you get better exp with m60 (it has been said it works like a prem tank for crew compatibility purposes but doesn’t have any special exp or credit earning modifier) than with s-pershing?

      • I don’t think it gives any more bonuses than a regular tank – what matters is that it’s already elite and thus you can turn on the accelerated crew training option.

    • Glad to see you’ve got the M60!

      Hope you’re looking forward to getting the other two! Good one WG!

      If only………..

      • There would be more campaigns in the future anyway :) Don’t worry, you’ll still get the chance to get one.

        But yeah – I’m actually really looking forward for both the Faillowe and the Russian medium – the russian for looking really awesome and the lowe to complement the german tanks in my garage :D

  2. Monstrositat patches: wonder what 8.8 could bring so awesome to be called like that (exluding meds, of course).

      • German buff for Tiger family, Panthers loses engine yet gets better soft stats, ‘merican tanks get their turret front armor nerfed?

          • The_Chieftain went and measured it, it’s apparently thinner than literally every source has reported. Muh historical accuracy.

            • how did he go and measure, it was only a prototype. that is absurd, and psh my ass they want to nerf every tank but russian tanks. how come russian tanks are never nerfed. but when american tanks have something better than russians they have to nerf it

            • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T29_Heavy_Tank

              They can measure the turret front armor easily, a couple of T29 prototype still exists.

              “There are a couple surviving T29s on post at Fort Benning, Georgia. One is located in front of the National Armor & Cavalry Museum.”
              “There is also a surviving T29 without the rangefinder at the Detroit Arsenal in Warren, Michigan.”

          • Seriously? I think it will be like 1cm or so.
            Nobody shoots ‘merican heavies Txx series front turret anyways…

            • But that flat ridge above the gund is so delicious D:

              I seem to easily pen it with ~190 pen or so.

  3. - Japanese tanks will come in 2014

    Good good. That gives me room to push things around.

  4. Two authors confirms that STUG E-75 was planned, one is the same source as their E-50M, go figure…

    • “E-100 doesn’t have the alternative Maus turret for a game reason: to reduce the amount of grinding you’d need to unlock it, the same applies for Maus and its alternative turrets” Ha!

        • No, E-100 actually uses Maus II turm, E-100 turret while similar looking had poorer armor, think 80mm sides…

      • Agree!

        And I also don’t think that Mausturm is worse than Current E-100 turm.
        But there is a funny thing on Mausturm…
        The front of Mausturm is rounded, with 240 mm armor. IS-3 has round 220 mm front armor.

        Why can I penetrate Mausturm easier than IS-3 front?

        Same gun used both times – E-100 150 mm gun w/o gold.

        I smell something bias for Germans disadvantege.

        • I smell idiocy.

          1. Look at how rounded is the front of Mausturm and then compare it to IS-3 turret.

          2. As for the guns, they are not for shooting on long distances, you need to be actually up close. Also, the 15cm gun of E-100 has monstrous alpha damage. It’s a trade, you get awesome alpha, mediocre penetration and slow rate of fire – balance.

          Stop whining about underpowered German tanks and learn how to drive them.

  5. I just want the Roaming feature so that I can get as far away from these Americans as possible.

    • …and end up with Siemas?

      Doesn’t matter which server you are on, they’re all the same. There are good players and bad ones. Here on the ASIA server, we too have our fare share of scrublords. But then again, we have purples as well.

      • Purples, whilst better than the ominuous R-tard Class figters, can still at times act like assholes.

        • I have yet to meet a purple that wasn’t an asshole, sadly.

          Had match with one, a platoon of them ,actually, who did relatively well (placed in the upper half of damage and exp, post battle. Not top, though) who beat a team mostly consisting of 53-56% player, all of them with decent experiance. They won then promptly stated that they all should un-install, as they couldn’t handle 3 Pz IV’s with 105mm HEAT. At tier 5…..

  6. “- SerB states that if Japan wasn’t nuked, O-I tanks might have appeared in real life”

    That’s a *very* big ‘might’ by what I know of it… The Japanese had all kinds of crazy ideas for defending the Home Islands, but realistically their ability to even try to put them into practice was well-nigh nonexistent as the industry was pretty much running on vapors. All the more so as recently the USAAF had been persuaded to do something actually useful like mining the harbors; from what I’ve read the prospect of reverting to gunpowder (ie. “black powder”) for small arms at least was being quite seriously considered, which ought to say something.

    • Then there is the sad fact that the fire bombings were far more effective then fat man and little boy

      • They didn’t have the same raw “shock and awe” effect though. The nukes were dramatic and intimidating enough to pull the rug from under the more fanatical militarists who espoused resistance to the last man, woman and child.

        • Well, I tend to believe that destruction of entire manchurian army by soviets and thread of soviet ocupation was far more intimidating for japan militarists than bombing bunch of civilians by US.

          • Ok I’ll bite. How?

            The Soviets had no way of invading the Japanese islands. So they were isolated in Manchuria. Meanwhile the US had invaded both Okinawa and Iwo Jima, both considered to be part of the Japanese island chain by the Japanese themselves.

            So in effect the Soviets were on the other side of the sea with no capability to attack, while the US were on Japanese soil.

            And thanks for the advertising SS ;)

            • US supplied penty of landing craft via lend-lease to the soviets. Soviet Pacific Fleet had enough amphibious capabilities.

            • After December 1945 provisions were made for turning over huge numbers of US small craft to the USSR.

              However, a brief hunt about shows a grand total of 30 LCT ships supplied to the Soviets through lend lease. In comparison the allies deployed over 4000 LCT’s and LCI’s during D-day.

              Even then while they may have the craft, you still have to get them to Japan, and the Sea of Japan was utterly impregnable to the Russians as their naval forces where a joke. Then you need the transport ships to get the troops across, and then keep them supplied. Mean while the Japanese will be jumping up and down on the flotilla with both feet.

              As a final nail in the coffin of this idea, the Soviet experience of amphibious operations was small scale.

              Like Operation Sealion, the briefest look at the logistics and it all falls apart like wet tissue paper .

            • You have to keep in consideration that the USSR had a tendency to consider acceptable what was a Pyrrhic victory for anyone else, admitting that the USA were willing to provide the transports the lack of experience in amphibious warfare would have been a secondary factor.

            • Get real. To mount a serious invasion of Japan the Soviets would have needed to not only more or less pull out of their ass the practical know-how of the whole topic and the necessary shipping to support it, but *also* first drag the retarded amounts of fuel and supplies and whatnot to their Far Eastern ports to begin with… over approximately ONE railroad.

              Kind of willing to bet Stalin was perfectly happy to leave that sort of “rich man’s warfare” to the Democracies, all the more so as the USSR had by any measure spent *quite* enough blood and treasure on the war.

          • You realise these were the guys who quite seriously intented to mobilise the whole civilian population to fight to the death against Operation Olympic with bamboo spears and black-powder nail bombs if need be? I sincerely doubt it made fuck-all difference to them whether the prospective invaders would be sporting red or white stars.

            The thing with the nukes was that they fundamentally discredited that whole “die fighting honourably” concept; the US had roundly demonstrated ability to, in principle, lay waste to the whole nation from the air with apparently little effort (the Japanese naturally had no way of knowing new nukes wouldn’t be ready for months). That kind of shook many of the hardliners and more importantly weakened their resolve and position enough that Hirohito and the other sane people in the outfit could push them aside and start seriously looking for peace – though the Emperor *still* had to dodge one coup attempt, and IIRC the Kempeitai nipped another in the bud.

            • The thing about the nukes was that they categorically proved that Japan couldn’t make it expensive enough for the US to destroy them that the US would give up.

            • That, too. Though the Japanese militarists in general made far too much an article of faith out of “a nation of shopkeepers” neither knowing how to make war nor being willing to suffer casualties – it’s only too typical of that lot that empirical evidence to the contrary was more or less roundly ignored.

              Then again, it’s not like they had much besides their delusions to keep them warm so to speak. And these WERE the kind of people whose basic solution to overwhelming unpleasant truths tended to start at flat denial and end at suicide… I understand after the war psychologists and anthropologists had a field day trying to figure out just what the fuck *was* these guys’ major malfunction.

        • So was the Imperial Palace burning in the Tokyo Firestorm caused by the firebombing

          • By accident. Wind conditions changed, so the fire spread towards the Imperial Palace contrary to expectations of the US.

  7. Has anyone informations if the T-34-3 and/or 112 tank will make an appearance in 8.8?

  8. No replacement for the IS-7? The Object-279 would like to have a word with you…

    No bigger maps? No point in calling it “World of Tanks” .. might as well call it “World of Tank Models playing on Rifle-ranges” >:(

          • U obviously never played Soldiers: Heroes of WW2 and the Men of War Series…

            Furthermore they were one of the first games with functional hardcore tanking (Tanks without a Lifebar), SerBtard means that would suck or not being functional… this games have proven better plus the damage model of WT is the same (without Lifebars) and its superfun and functional!

            • Soldiers and MoW haven’t even *seen* strategy. They can be pretty hilarious at times though.

            • I did. Awesome games, but nothing that can be turned into MMO. The game mechanics are simply too realistic and thus too complicated and unforgiving for most. Besides, you also have infantry, etc. – an RTS, WT is not an RTS.

              WT tanks won’t be as real as you all think they will be. You can’t simply create a hardcore game and then offer it to masses as a nice game for relaxation. Not even the “full real” battles will be absolutely real. And for idiots thinking that it will be Germanz pwn all (because German tanks were totally flawless and OP in RL), dream on.

              And before everyone starts to point out EVE, I’d like to remind you that EVE is a sandbox game built on absolutely different principles.

            • Pretty cool, once modders fixed the worst brainfarts (“cavalry and infantry small arms are *totally* different tech!”). AI tends to be dodgy at best though.

            • Even if you accept the conjecture that the WT damage model works well for planes (it really throws off the risk and reward for air combat maneuvers), that doesn’t change that realistic tanking is pretty much looking at binoculars until you see the enemy tank first, then you shoot him and win. I’d rather fight tanks than take a vision test.

            • I really loved the pre patch battles in HoI 3. 30k soldiers on each side, loses on each side less than ten… The tech differences weren’t that bad compared to the stupid casualties.

            • My perennial favourites are the AI brainfarts – notably the persistent habit of the Maginot Line fortress divisions to spontaneously decide to head for a vacation in the French Riviera and the computer’s inability to grasp the combat modifiers, leading to Panzer divisions stubbornly trying amphibious assaults across the Danish Belts or the Strait of Messina with predictable consequences…

              And the aircraft stacking penalties also tend to produce hilarious results.

              By the by, IIRC the default method of capturing enemy tanks in Soldiers and MoW was to KO them with a turret hit, then send a guy with a repair kit to fix the thing back to mint condition and more likely than not drive it away (or fight with it for the rest of the scenario) with only that one guy inside…
              So, yeah.
              They’re not exactly what I could call epitomes of realistic tank modeling with a straight face.

    • The Object 279 is that thing with fuel tanks in the tracks, pretty much, right? And a metric fuckshitton of armour on the UFP? Yeah.

      • It does not have fuel in the tracks. It was fuel storage for long marches, before the battle it will be emptied like any additional storage tanks on any tank in the world.

  9. Hey SilenStalker! Cybersport is still a wrong expression. The correct english expression is E-sport! :)

      • It’s just a wrong expression, that’s all. No one calls it cybersports if you ever go to a SC2 or a Dota2 event.

  10. “It was a tough decision whether the tank was going to be tier 6 or 7. Balancing guys voted for the latter.”

    What do you guys think of the Wot Balancing guys?…

    • the problem is existence of Fat Max on 6lvl.
      two 6lvl premium TDs – thats the problem.

      • And now we have two T7 premium TDs. Can’t see where is the difference.

        • No there is still only 1 premium Tier 7 TD for the germans. Its having 2 at the same tier in the same country that is the problem.

    • I would say they made the right call. E-25′s soft stats mean it would be overpowering as Tier VI.

  11. - gold will be ever returned only if the tank in question is changed drastically

    Super Pershing gets a slightly remodeled front. (Probably a 5minute job in 3DsMax) owners get refund.
    Lowe get a fucking size increase of the whole model. Owners get the middle finger.

    FUK YOU!!!

  12. - Overlord on E-25: “It was a tough decision whether the tank was going to be tier 6 or 7. Balancing guys voted for the latter.”

    I can even hear the russian supertesters : “ahahaha lets fuck the MM of his german TD!!!”

    Will never buy that POS for 6700gold. Maybe for 1500. MAYBE!!

      • Just so you guys know, the E-25 is absolutely ridiculous. Top tier it sees is tier 8, which is pretty rare, it gets top tiered very often. It has the best camo rating in the game. It’s shorter than a jpIV. It comfortably sits at 40kmh on flat ground and small slopes. Down a hill, it tops out just under 70kmh. And it still weighs 26 tons, so you can run down Hellcat’s into the ground. On top of all that, the 75 L70 gun fires absurdly fast. Don’t even have BIA on its crew and the reload is below 3 seconds.

        If this had been a tier 6 with preferential matchmaking, it would have been straight-up broken. It’s barely balanced as is at tier 7. The only negative is the ammo capacity. 60 rounds seems like a lot, but sustained fire can bleed through that ammo in 3 minutes. With how fast it aims in and how accurate, dumping rounds is effortless. Dangerous combination.

  13. No Su-2 or Pe-2 for WOWP? Yup, you can call it DEAD right now. Such a narrow scope is rather suited to some miniclip game, and not a proper F2P MMO.

    • For now smart ass, for now.
      Currently in the works are the British and the Yaks.

  14. Soviet tanks from the 80s then I guess? Since many tanks except german are from post ww2 and early cold war erra. All with autloaders, 50-60 km/h top speed, reactive armor, 120mm guns making 400-500 damage and 260mm penentration. Way to go…

  15. They maybe intriduce the ISU-”175″ tier 8 premium TD, with 175mm autloader gun, 850 damage and 286mm pen with AP, 1200 damage with premium ammo and 580mm pen.

  16. ” WG lawyers are dealing with various WOT clones (specifically the mail.ru Ground War Tanks version)”

    Why is this hysterical reactions? When Command and conquer RTS came out a lot of C&C clones came out. Russians don’t like competiton? Then in this logic every FPS should be banned becouse of Doom2….

    • Those are direct RIP’s, stealing in-game assets directly from WoT. Like maps, tanks and textures.

      • Aha, I see. I imagine SerB goes to the court: “People are ripping my game!” Judge answers: “How terrible.” :D:D:D

  17. please don’t spam your blog with World of Warplanes, this game suck so much i dont want to read it. Maybe tag it as separate topics?

    I still love your blog.

    • I for one love it and love to see some news about it. And the old idea. Don’t like it, don’t read it.

      • I agree. I don’t know if SS decides to play WoWp but at least translations from the Russian WoWp forums would be appreciated.

  18. They pushed back the Soviet mediums for 0.8.8. And then maybe they will introduce two branches in one patch for 0.9.0, soviet meds and german TD’s.

  19. “major” german balancing? Funny since german tanks have the worst stats compared to other tanks.

    • Yeah, I totally agree. Because E-100′s top gun is not even near having the best alpha damage. And the Leopard doesn’t have one of the highest, if not the highest, ROF of all the tanks using L7, the Hetzer is the worst T4 TD. Do I need to continue?

        • E-100 have highest alpha of heavies (old T30 was kabooming nice).
          Leo1 is prettiest of all.
          Maus is most armored.
          E-50M – its very good.

          • This doesnt mean they are superior or even close in terms of balance to other type of tanks.

            • The meds have pretty much the single most stupidly good combo of accuracy, aimtime and Rof plus hardstats in the whole game, bar perhaps a turretless TD or two.

              Stop whining you baby.

            • Im talking about stats, as in how they perform compared to other tanks, not fucking in game stats, which doesnt really mean that much.

            • You mean global winrate/WN eatings, etc. ? That’s because idiots like you think “Germenz OP” and do stupid things in them. The worst WR I have on German tank is 55% (I haven’t played many of them though) and it is also the one with the least eff – cca 1300. People who know how to play have no problems with them…

            • More bad players play – less is global WR.
              Check RU server T-62A – tank is good, but WR is low.
              Obvious reason is obvious.

  20. More lies
    Big patch? = Lie
    Wg is bankrupted can only hire mid graphic designers
    No money to PAY access img-BANK

  21. “- the thickest frontal armor the developer encountered from projects was one French project with 400mm frontal armor, it won’t appear in the game (SerB states that the sides of this project are very weakly armored)”

    Anyone knows what was this projects name? (google result was a 400 mm french railway artillery)

  22. I never said I rely on stats to determine tanks are OP or not, but the general rule of thumb is that those tanks having higher WR than its players are in fact OP. Thats why people think TDs are OP, because the foch 155 which is used in all examples, have higher WR than its players, also a pretty high overall WR.

    Individual players can have different WRs, but the overall WR is whats matters. In other words, just because you have 60% WR in one tank doesnt mean its OP, as well as some people have 40% WR, doesnt mean the tank is UP. Thats why you look at overall stats.

    90% of the whine threads on the official forums is about the OPness of the foch 155 because of its WR, not because of the actual performance in games. When players cant argue that the foch 155 is OP in real situations, they turn to “stats”. Stats are the holy grail for players who whine.

    I have 57% in my ferdie, does it mean it is OP? Not really since the majority of players have lower WR in tank than they have overall. And that tank is played alot so thats kinda solid data, if we rely on stats that is.

    • Foch is OP because:
      1. Front armors are so damn good. Sometimes even gold bounces.
      2. Dat autolader – kills you in 10s (depends on HP you have).
      3. Speed of medium tank. Myeah.

      Close enough? WR stats makes sense only to devs because they see if skilled tanker drives it.

      • Its OP because it performs good in some situations and punish idiots that engage TDs frontally?

        Then I guess mediums are also OP because they can circle TDs to death, and have close enough damage and penentration to what heavys have?

        We can go on and on about this….

        • As a medium – you won’t be able to circle flank the Foch – you’ll be: 1) dead before ever reaching him due to the autoloader clip or 2) running after a TD that is just as fast as you It can unload it’s absurd DPM in a few seconds, then run safely away back behind it’s comrade because of it’s armor and speed…

          • You’re assuming unrealistic amounts of actual hits and lack of LOLWTFBBQ ricochets for those three shells…

            Anyways, that doesn’t seem to differ much from the JagdPanther you know. The thing is nigh impenetrable frontally to most meds it meets, rather quick, and pivots so fast circling it can be very problematic indeed unless you manage to shoot the tracks or do the side-hug thing. The gun isn’t as bloody scary ofc, but quite enough for the tier and doesn’t need to literally count its shots before reloading for the better part of a minute.

          • I was speaking about general situations, and not about the foch 155, which is one TD out of many. What I meant was that mediums must be OP since they can flank TDs in general, or they have turret so they can egage them from different angles, and track them etc. Far from all TDs have the mobilty of the foch. It was an example to show that certan tank types have advantages and disadvantages in situations.

            If we only concentrate on the foch 155, I can might as well say “its OP because I cant pen it frontally with my jagdpz e100, while he can kill me frontally in 10 seconds”. How ever in reality I know this, and I try to not face the foch 155 frontally, or even engage in areas it might be, other than if it is reloading or have 1-2 shells left in its drum.

      • It’s easy to call it stupid to engage it frontally, but consider that it turns faster then most light tanks so isn’t it that easy to engage it from the direction of your choise.

        • Im aware that you end up in situations where it will turn its front towards you, because thats the only way for him to damage you, but as I mentioned above, dont hang around in areas where the foch 155 might be, even I who only drives TDs try to stay away from some tanks.

          If there are some fast mediums with powerfull guns or autloaders, I will never engage them, or I will back off as soon as I see them push. Comming from a ferdie player with 1250 games played. All it takes is 3-4 shots to kill me, if the gun makes 300-400 damage, and some mediums do that.

          Problem is some players think they are entitlied to kill everything on the battlefield, but really im affraid all tanks are not designed to kill eachother in 1v1 games, not even close. A medium isnt suppose to kill a full health loaded foch 155 in close quarter battles obviously. As well as a ferdie or any other slow TD isnt suppose to kill a autloader or a medium tank, because its mobilty is too bad.

  23. anybody has information of soviet tier 8 mid? i think i saw it in qna last time but i dont remember exactly.

  24. For the E-100 turret, was the Adler turret that was kicking around historical?

  25. The reason the 12,8cm Kw.K. had no muzzle brakes is historical indeed. It was supposed to fire sabot shells.
    “…Special value is placed on the usage of the barrel without muzzle break, because for the time being the sabot rounds for maximum armor penetration can only be fired from barrels without muzzle break.”
    Excerpt from a letter from WaPruf 4 to Krupp (22nd February 1943)
    Source: “Schwere Jagdpanzer” by Walter Spielberger, Hilary L. Doyle and Thomas L. Jentz

    • Sabots seem a tad overkill for that kind of gun. Not that the Germans were terribly fond of large-bore tungsten cores anyway for obvious logistical reasons ofc…