47 thoughts on “New T10 with bonuses

      • Who cares bout fucking french tanks?! the onl tank i want from france is the Foch 155, but now it also get nerved because of whiners and fags

        • It is finally getting nerfed after months of getting away from nerfbat, its the only tier 10 Td that ever deserved a nerf and we dont even know yet how much it will get nerfed.

      • Foch 155 is biggest cock sucker tank of WoT.
        finally finish the foch spam and foch platoons.

        • We dont know how much or what kind of nerf the foch 155 will recieve, or T57 by the way. Looking at stats, they are not even close to be the most OP tanks on the battlefield. Its WG who listen purely to whiners this time.

          If they are going to nerf tanks with characteristics of the T57 and foch 155 im affraid alot more tanks will have to be nerfed also. Alof of other autloader tanks, and other TDs with absurdly good front armor, like the E3 and E4, which has as good if not better front armor than the foch, and no real weakspots except trollish range finders, cupolas, or extremely small lower glacis.

  1. Fuck yes.

    Had it unlocked for two months now and as soon as I get anywhere near the amount of credits needed for it I just spend them on something random.

  2. Lol,if I go to that page and use google translate it says on the calendar “Gay Wargaming 15th anniversary”

    • “Lol,if I go to that page and use google translate it says on the calendar “Gay Wargaming 15th anniversary””

      That explains why there is so much Butthurt on the chat and forums.

  3. Batchat???? big and heavy, huh? yeah sure…

    man, i could profit from so many things, but now there’s only stuff coming i already have… :(

  4. Batman “big & heavy”? Seriously WG?
    The good news is, there might be a chance to buy some X tier meds cheaper xD
    T-62A next maybe?

  5. I think it’s not true. If google translate is correct, it say the tank of the month is the T-71, which is then different from ours.

  6. So… I have to hope that they will discount some chinese tanks next week :(.
    Now it’s time to grind credits for the BatChat…

  7. they said Amx 50 B will come in August.

    Why no E4, Patton, China Tanks, Object 268, Object 263, E50 M, Leopard, Brit Tds or haevies…. :(

  8. I’m just happy they are continuing this thing. I have 2 vehicles “on hold” and hope they will be in the “Big and Heavy” soon, but if not, then so be it I will get them the normal conventional way.

  9. This is getting ridiculous. Where is the discount for the Maus, the oldest tier 10 tank in the game?

  10. The german tanks in this game dont get any specials, nor do the perform as good or better than any other tanks. Many of german tanks are according to noobmeter stats UP, because they have less WR than the players playing those. They are how ever played alot.

    I think its insane to have these special events for the batchat tanks, as its a flawed medium tanks that deals the same damage as a tier 10 TD with its autloader.

  11. WG favour all except EU playerbase. And I dont blame them, because speaking about EU, we have too many backward eastern players, that are too cheap to spend gold. Those countires makes EU community look bad. Im not even sure if these particular countries should be included in the EU playerbase at all? How the fuck is Turkey and Egypt EU for example?

    • A mediterranean server would be nice, but then iberian, greek and italian players would cry because they are paired with near east and north african players.

  12. lol they promised 50b on discount in august, and BAT25T shows up? more lies from wg:)

  13. I had my 50B unlocked ready to be bought, object 268, T-62A. Waiting and hoping at least one of them will be on promotion so i could get them cheaper.

    And we got Batchat. Fuck this shit!!!!!!

  14. hey , forgot about whining for a second! does anybody knows what will be the next “big and heavy ” tank? …starting 16th of August?

    • The one for Bat didn’t even start and you’re already asking for the one in more than 2 weeks?


  15. Well, you can confirm this one, that is what is on special for us on the SEA server. Sorry, ASIA server. Stupid name changes.

    15th Anniversary Tier X Special #1 (01-15 Aug)

    Event Start: 01 August, 2013 (Thursday) @ 13:30 – 14:00 UTC+8 (06:00 UTC)

    Event End: 15 August, 2013 (Thursday) @ 13:30 – 14:00 UTC+8 (06:00 UTC)

    Please note that timings are not fixed and may vary within that range.

    Enjoy 30% discount on the following tanks:
    LT VIII AMX 13 90
    MT IX Lorraine 40 t
    MT X Bat.-Châtillon 25 t
    Increased profits of 1.3 credits on the following tanks:
    LT VIII AMX 13 90
    MT IX Lorraine 40 t
    MT X Bat.-Châtillon 25 t

  16. Been hearing this rumor that the cost of tier 10 tanks will lower by 30% or something during the next month. This was supposedly supported by some dev notes. Sounds kinda fishy when we just received a 15% discount on said tanks this weekend, but hey it’s WG.

    Anyway, did anyone hear this as well? A link to those dev notes would be good.

    • looks like the next Tier X special after the BatChat will be a Leopard special.
      see August calendar: Top of the Tree – German Mediums

      This special will let you enjoy the late additions to the German tech tree, the Indien-Panzer and both Leopards. Get extra income from battles using these superb vehicles or use the opportunity to get them with a discount.

      it’s nice to know, what to grind for the next weeks :)