WG silently changed CW rules

Source: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/276529-i-love-when-wg-change-rules-without-say-anything/

Basically, landing battle draw is now considered a victory for the attacker. This has led to numerous cases, where clans, playing by the “old rules”, lost a match, because they were not aware of the change.

Another great day with the WG EU office…

33 thoughts on “WG silently changed CW rules

  1. I don’t know what is worse, the fact that they made such a rule or that they didn’t tell it properly to everybody.

    • The latter. When defending and undermanned, you can build a whole strategy on that rule

  2. While the change is good IMO, giving more chance to start-uppers. I think they should have told us before doing that.

  3. This is just ridiculous. My clan lost a province like this.

    Fuck paris office … seriously …

      • in this case, yes
        this is not the 1st time WG EU silently modifies the landing rules
        last time they did it, they blamed it to a server error – LOL!!!

  4. probably they forgot to change that after “redivision of the world” stage (landings vs civilians)

  5. First off what a stupid move. Why should defenders have to ensure a victory and not a draw against attackers again? As in defenders wouldn’t have established defensive locations?

    Best part is WG fucking up yet again not telling about it showing that they are still in fact the leader in gaming piss poor communication skills. What a terrible, moronic developer.

    Can’t wait for the usual suspects to show up and defend WG…lol.

    • Think to force more aggression in battle and owner switches on map.
      I wonder if the community guys did know about the change

  6. WHO HAD THE stupid idea to place the god damn EU office the the god damn Paris??????

  7. I don’t get it. Why does WG EU have to fuck up EVERYTHING they take to their hands? Is the lack of communication between Minsk and Paris this big?!

  8. WG EU never ceases to amuse me. Every time I think there can’t be a bigger fail, they do something even more retarded.

  9. Guys… Not going to be a permanent change I think. Just a typical WG fail that has happened before. They just forgot to change landing-rule back to normal after re-division of the world. The rule was different on the re-division mode because it allowed the clan that entered BWO to win the battle against civillians without sending anyone against them.

    Of course I cant be 100% sure that it was accident this time, but It wouldn’t make any sense to make that kind of rule modification.

    • “but It wouldn’t make any sense to make that kind of rule modification.”

      Hey, it is not like something has to make sense to WG to do it :)

  10. Wow, great move WG… NOT. Instead of the defender now the attacker can camp like there would be no tomorrow. It was understandable that the defender could win with a draw, but why should the attacker be able to win that way? If you don’t conquer/win the match you haven’t landed/taken it, simple as that IMHO.



  11. I understand this “no” information policy for WG EU, and this is big shit on EU servers.

    But seeing half of EXNOM crying… Just priceless. Funny even more, knowing that they are quite good players, and then again, they create whine topic, like other “noobs”, crying every week on forums (I used “noobs” because they probably think everyone with less points than they have is meant to be “noob”).

    So terrible… :)

  12. This is ridiculous. The defending team has to attack? If wg wants more rapid land owner change they have to consider that lands are for good organized teams and not for everyone.

  13. FTR news fail again.

    This blog gets more tabloid by the day.

    WG didn’t change the rules, they just screwed up. Some supposedly intelligent people in supposedly top clans didn’t bother to read the conditions of battle and lost a province because of it. Well boo hoo, WG made the same screw up before, you should pay more attention.

  14. uh this is a bug with a few maps on CW that is being addressed.
    Perhaps you should change your topic to reflect WG EUs response about fixing the bug, not that the rules were changed.

    • I’d say go fuck yourself with “is being addressed”! That bug was already there more than a year ago, mr. WG PR-poster…

      • thanks?
        All I am saying is – it is not a rule change as has been posted, it is not a consistent bug to my knowledge. Claiming it is a rule change and broadcasting that is mis-information.

  15. SEA/ASIA here. It turns out that we have the exactly same problem after the map wipe: Suddenly it’s written that draw is the attacker’s victory.

    I didn’t have a chance to see the real result of draw, though. My clan was in an inferior situation when defending one of our provinces due to lack of T10 players in that timezone (we can’t even hold it till draw), while the other map is not attacked :/

    All of this happened when the forum is under maintenance…