45 thoughts on “WG 15 anniversary hangar

  1. Looks nice, but I can see the threads now already.


    When is anniversary btw?

    • I can see the resemblance, it…umm…has hangars, quick tell Gaijin to sue WG for making more than the 1 tank hangar it had till now and dared make it way better than anything Gaijin made.

        • I am, Gaijin is actually a competent company that owns the rights to WoT hangars (since that’s what those are) and hangars in general, a company that invented runways (armies allover the world and civilian airports pay a yearly fee for those rights).

          Some people need a reality check.

          • dude do u think Gaijin develop the that hangar design ?, did Gaijin Develop everything in every type war game ? ,I saw this Hangar design in most of war game

            it just i word of kid that never grew up and yelling to something they like and trolling to everything they dislike

            go check up the history

            and i think if u think WT is reallistic i suggest go play IL-2 Sturmvik u will feel how the REALISTIC experience that WT never give u

    • There is a new secret WG title called World of Warships. Don’t tell anyone. This is a sneak peek.

  2. Sounds are missing. You get the regular sounds from inside the hangar.

    No firework pop. :/

  3. wait a sec. Why would anyone buy snow camo for Tetrarch, he will never see winter maps! (unless troll platoon) :P

    • Same reason why all 3 types of camo cost the same, but arctic camo is almost never used.


    • Luckily for me, I was here the year they gave them out like candy.

      Indeed, the Tetrarch is a small, sweet morsel…best enjoyed in moderation.

  4. So apparently all the resources lately are wasted on making yet another garage. No wonder that everything else takes them ages to do.

      • After he smoked a joint the Little Gray Men came out of the wall and told him.
        Mind, they *also* told him desktop towers are right peachy for making popcorn…

      • I know, right? It’s not like they have more than 3 people total in their company….

  5. Interesting how they combined elements from all 3 games(WoT/WoWP/WoWS) and made that nice looking enviroment.

  6. i only hope WG fixed 100% CPU usage while in garage (like in previous “special” garages)

    garage requiring more CPU power than actual battle, this is really retarded

  7. A smart designer would put some nice spotlight on the tank area. But since it’s almost pitch black, i wont even bother using this shit. i want to see my tanks shine!!!!

  8. Step 1: Install this mod
    Step 2: Look at it for two seconds
    Step 3: Complain about it on the forum that its ugly(and doesn’t have Greek flag ) and soem it slows everything down rant to it (like HL3)
    Step 4: See how the wot devs dont know how you got it.
    Step 5: Sit back and relax, Let the community do the rest.

  9. I think this could be a hint that night battles could come soon…

    • Would appreciate if there’s something like this too; the fireworks is getting on my nerves