World of Tanks card game

So, World of Tanks now has a card game too, World of Tanks: Rush. Apparently it won’t be a collectible (eg. all the cards are present in the box), for now at least. Anyway, it’ll be sold from 1.8.2013, from what I understand. In Russian.


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      • tbh not sure about EU region, but in russia WoT kinda “hit the jackpot” as in getting all sorts of social groups, by age, avg. income or interest, so i’m guessing the card-game WILL find a niche…i might even buy it, since i play some games with my family/friends (stuff like “ticket to ride”)

    • Well, “WoT” proves itself very handy when it come to communication between father and childrens. So this game will be very popular among family guys.

      • Yeah, but in my case its a bit awkward, me trying to teach my father about tanks :D

  1. All that matters is whether the card game will come with gold codes or not. This will stimulate sales.

  2. Is this meant to compete with Top Trumps Card Game which has had a tanks version for at least 20 years?

  3. Who ever draws a certain card, kills entire enemy team.

    Which card, u may ask?

    SIEMA !

  4. And what happenst to a user who holds a Tiger card and an IS hits it’s lower front?
    THe card Turns into ashes?? :DD

  5. Is this a “super trump” card type of game, with tank stats such as HP, armor, etc… because if it is then its great. I loved playing those super trump cards, however i might be in the minority. I bet most of the new generation don’t know or care about super trump cards.

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