“Design A Tank” contest for EU/US server

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Hello everyone!

Community contributor Edfrancis001 is hosting a competition for prizes! Here’s the rundown. Please note that despite the competition being organized by a community contributor, this competition does have Wargaming backing, as you can read further down.

Greetings tankers,

I am pleased to announce the start of our Design a Tank competition.

Thought August until the first week of September you will have the opportunity to develop and design the next generation combat vehicle, with a chance to win a Prize for the best machine/s selected by our judges.

The prize will be any premium tank from either the Wargaming on-line gift shop or its gold equivalent of the vehicle chosen by you (in non-action prices) awardable to either yourself or a person of your choosing. The machine must fit the criteria listed below and must adhere to the competitions rules.

I have arranged for several Judges to be part of this and have sourced the best in their field to assist you and comment on the nominated machines. If picked for the finals your designs will be judged by the following

1) Bovington tank museum: The staff and volunteers of this prestigious museum have some of the greatest collected knowledge in the field of AFV’s and Tank history, any winner should be proud that their vehicle was picked from amongst the best by this museum.

2) Major T Mouat from Britain’s own defence academy: the Major serves on the Directing Staff responsible for Simulation and Modelling, one of his many responsibilities’ involves teaching and training Officers at this first class academy covering the art of designing future combat vehicles, he has been involved at the forefront of British research for many years.

3) Our very own tame Tanker and Military historian Richard “The Challenger” Cutland will also be teaming up with his transatlantic counterpart The_Cheiftain as our third set of judges, both have long and proud careers serving their counties in armoured vehicles, these chaps have first-hand experience of what a real tank driver looks for and wants in his vehicle.

To help assist the judges select the best nominations we have several community contributor’s including Listy and Clanmcwood among them, for those that have not had the opportunity to read the many articles written by the chaps, they have a broad and in-depth knowledge on tanks and tank restoration and any advice or criticism they offer will help you achieve the grade needed for nomination.

The Brief

The vehicle we are looking for is the next generation Tank. The ideal design will have good balance of Mobility, Firepower and Protection, able to protect itself against most modern forms of attack and using proven technology; locate and eliminate any perceived threat, both hard and soft, found on the battlefield or urban combat zone, whilst being kept within a competitive price.
Essential criteria the judges will be checking for are Usability, Mobility, Weaponry and Survivability whilst keeping the weight to a level that allows rapid deployment. consideration should be given to the role of the modern tank, the environments and the situations it may be find itself engaged in. The vehicle may be based on your own countries armoured doctrine, or you can design something that breaks away from conventional thinking. Finally bare in mind cost! try to be realistic about how much this tank would cost to design and make (and what would entice others nations to buy it).

At about week three, we will start to nominate vehicles that will enter the final stage, this is your chance for last minute changes and tweaks before the best three will go before the judges, who will pick ONE top winner, with 5000 and 4000 gold as well as bonus codes being offered for second and third places.

We look forwards to seeing your designs and may the best man win. Roll out!


The design should consist of one image and design that should ideally show the vehicle from multiple angles, this may be supported by any volume of relative text (the clearer and more concise the better) images can be hand drawn or computer generated and no bias will be show to either but the clearer the better. Don’t forget to use the spoiler tool to keep thing tidy and neat.

No form of Plagiarism (that’s stealing other folks work from the internet) will be allowed, you may freely research and utilise what’s out there but text and images must be yours, anything that is found to have been directly copied will be disqualified. If you feel you don’t want to share the design until the end stage please PM me your image (in its final form!) and we will keep your idea away from prying eyes until the finals.

Any tech or idea must be based on real time technological devices, no futuristic or fantasy devices will be counted (for those that wanted mega lasers and photon beams etc) anything that is in dispute can be checked and if you can validate it to the finest detail it may be included

Entries can be edited or altered as the competition progresses and new ideas come to light, but please refrain from copying to much of others work or it could count as stealing ideas – see above.
No nasty snide remarks or sulking, judges and community support team have the final say, please respect other and their entries.
Prizes do change from time to time in the gift shop so bare that in mind

All normal forum rules apply as standard.

Finally this completion is open to EU and US members, sadly we don’t have the ability to handle the vast RU server yet, and as such can only count entries from these servers, in the event of a joint design from either a clan or EU-US collaboration the award if chosen will go the player who submits the design unless specifically mentioned or stated otherwise in your text.

52 thoughts on ““Design A Tank” contest for EU/US server

  1. Whats the fucking point in doing this design? All WG cares about is nerfing and balancing tanks historicaly, which makes as much sense as my 10 inch coke.

  2. Talk about ambiguous criteria. It basically asks for a tank that can do anything short of withstanding a nuclear weapon. Probably the only truly “innovative” rule is keeping the weight/cost down, meaning no Japanese-level maintenance-intensive things.

    • I originally went for quite rigid criteria, but it was decided by myself and judges along with other sound advice that giving it a broad criteria gave more flexibility and scope and didint force it into certain fields/role

      • My personal thought was this should have been “designing a tank for a developing nation trying to form a domestic tank industry”. That would be flexible enough to get people to be innovative.

            • It is one of the first steps. Just look at other country’s in the post they buy other tanks or designs and take ideas off them for their own local production. Or they build part of the final tank they are buying in their own country,.

  3. If I understand it right – you can draw Comet suspension with Panther, T-43 torrent and Pershing gun, write shot technical data, and try to win some prizes? :)

  4. D’awww, im not good with modern era tanks. I like designing WW2-style tanks more.

    • I agree. I was hoping for a competition designed around a newly incoming tank line be it British artillery or better still a Japanes super-heavy tank but this one will do I guess.

  5. Hah, just when I thought this would be a boring summer. The biggest problem I have with it tho is that you either research everything extremely well (or already know the stuff because you’re in that buisness) or rely on luck guessing correct figures and stuff.

    Oh well, should be fun nontheless :)

      • Hey if it looks cool and has a basic grasp of tanking it’ll got a chance. Reams of numbers and technobabble make Listy sleepy.

        • What the… is that it?
          Oh well. My project is going to be the complete opposite. Interesting figures and use of near-future technologies, but bland technical drawings at best :(

          • That works too.

            Just saying if you can only come up with the vaguest reasons it’ll still get a look in. Remember I’m only one of the Judges.

            Don’t forget a cool name for it!

  6. I’m the only one who thinks that someone is looking for ideas for very cheap from EU community?
    Conspiracy theory or just business?

  7. I really want to participate in this contest because I have a fair knowledge of modern tank warfare, plus I have quite a few ideas I can put together. I don’t think I can however.

    My limitations are time and graphic skills and tools.
    How long will the event last?

  8. “Any tech or idea must be based on real time technological devices…” – okay, sounds fair.
    “…no futuristic or fantasy devices will be counted (for those that wanted mega lasers and photon beams etc)….”
    Lasers are working like a charm now – taking rockets out of sky.
    Just put nice electric generator – and vuolia – badass tank.
    Its based on physics – cant tell me that it is fantasy.

    But then again, secret weapons are secret – maybe there are some expensive prototypes.

  9. I guess those years I’ve spent casually reading modern military technology/hardware can be put to good use in this contest.. Now time to look into my stash if I could find any previous designs I made that could be my entry..

    Btw, a question, how & to whom should we submit our entries??

    • almost forgot, I meant, how can we submit our designs if we are from the NA server? I check the NA creative section & I see nothing relating to this contest.

  10. I’m going to laugh my butt off if someone submits something nearly identical to the Type 61 from Mobile suit Gundam. cause you know there is going to be that one guy that goes ” You know whats better then one Cannon? Two Cannons!”.

    • There is a reason you don’t see much tanks with two large caliber gun anywhere in the world.

      • yes there are flaws with the Idea doesn’t mean it’s not impossible, and Mech Designers for animes such as Gundam especially UC have to Mix Imagination with existing Technologies because they are trying to sell Possibilities rather then fantasies. so it’s all within the realm of designs since this is a competition to design tanks.

        Granted the entire post was meant as a joke in a way of you know there will be someone trying to pass something as their own even if it appeared somewhere else there are quite a few occasions of this happening especially when the judges are not familiar with things outside of their field of expertise.

  11. Too bad about SEA/Asia server. Don’t get no respect. You can’t use the excuse that SEA has RU-level hordes as it is smaller than NA or EU. I have an NA account, but don’t use it much.

  12. wow i think the brief is too complicated. i know there are gamers that are passionate about the tanks but we’re not engineers. the hardest part of the competition is doing the research that includes literally everything regarding a tank (plus the pricing). this should be a tank design competition and not so time consuming. calculating everything, spending hours and hours searching for a perfect killing machine. in the end designing the tank is the easiest part.

    my advice:
    let us be creative and have fun. imho the pricing complicates the things. i’m not saying we should make a ratte 2, but as i said, we’re not engineers, we’re gamers, and we should have fun designing our own tank without so many restrictions :)

    • yeah that’s fine, what ere trying to avoid is sillyness, with people coming in with ideas that cost billions, armed with star wars photo torpedo launchers fresh from NOD’s black hand secret labs :P

      it was a lot stricter at first draft, but were trying to find a good middle ground

  13. So you say it’s open to NA users, but half way in, there’s still nothing on the NA forums about this. That’s rather unprofessional.