20 thoughts on “LTP is here

  1. Such a crappy tank, but tier 3 tanks arent really good anyway. Except the Pz I C.
    But it’s armor might counter it’s 7mm mauser machine gun… So its worth a try against the hordes of playing for fun Pz I C players.

  2. It’s not a bad tank. Comparisons are going to be drawn between it and the T-127 – in fact, I did just that some posts ago – but while they have similar play styles, they’re not quite the same.

    T-127 is a bully. More engine power, more armor all around, faster-firing gun, bigger/heavier tank. It gets in, it throws its weight around, it kills things. The gun accuracy gives it the ability to snipe as needed, as well, but in my opinion it belongs closer to the front, bouncing shots for teammates.

    The LTP is more an opportunistic flanker/sniper.
    - Despite its horrid listed accuracy, I found the gun behaving itself, even somewhat reliably pulling off half-aimed shots at distant targets when needed.
    - It’s noticeably smaller than the 127, hopefully this translates to improved camo…it could use it.
    - With a 100%/84% offroad driver yanked from the 127, it gets around pretty well. I call bullshit on the 52d/s traverse speed, though.
    - The armor is fair to good, lacks the idiotic thinner nose armor that the 127 has (or if you like, the entire thing is thinner nose armor) and has no weak spots, the lower glacis is small enough to be safe from stuff. It’s fairly effective when angled, but it can’t really take a dedicated pounding from tank guns. The turret is a small target but will take damage if hit.

    Overall, it’s not bad. Leagues above the last gift tank (not that that really takes much). Rather than call it better or worse than the T-127, I’d prefer to say that they have different roles in any given battle and thus are apples and oranges.

    • Inclined to say “no”, since it gets a nerfed version of the T-127′s gun.

      I played half a dozen games in it earlier, and didn’t see a single tier 4 battle, let alone tier 5; though that might just have been due to the flood of LTP drivers filling the tier 3 queue fast. Betting it at least gets tier 3 premium MM, though.