Iron Force game for iOS stole WG models

Thanks for “Davy“, who sent me an e-mail with this (sorry, mate, you didn’t sign other than with your real name, which I won’t publish), originally published by Motorizedpatriot on US forums.

Apparently, there is a game called Iron Force for iOS – a little mobile game, with one problem: it apparently stole some of its models from World of Tanks.

Here, we have a Panther II from Iron Force:


And here, we have Panther II from World of Tanks:


As you can see, the models are identical, down to the position of tools on the hull. I think someone will hear from WG lawyers very soon…

50 thoughts on “Iron Force game for iOS stole WG models

  1. Only 22,500 for a Panther II. That’s a whole lot less than in WoT. And you get the 88 immediately unlocked. Not bad. Not bad at all.

    • That’s not how this game works. You just upgrade stuff which increases damage, etc. It’s extremely pay2win.

      Also that screenshot was posted by me on the NA forums SS… and my thread got removed by WG.

    • Stole WG model?? Err isnt that Panther2 exist in real life? So if we draw a pic of panther2 and copy right it WG will sue me? If yes..then the real tank belong to WG? How terrible:/

      • There is no complete Panther II, there is only one finished hull that was fitted with a normal Panther I turret, it´s in bovington if im not mistaken.

        Also, the tools and some stuff are a matter of interpretation, so they would come out differently if you had a different designer working on the model, even if you went from similar or identical data, because that stuff is decoration mostly, but if the model is identical it must have been stolen.

      • As mentioned, a completed Panther 2 didn’t really exist, so if someone else made a Panther 2 it should look different due to having a different interpretation. The model shown here really is the WoT model though, hell even the battle damage and weathering marks are identical!

    • Are the game currencies directly comparable though? WoT you earn tens of thousands per match, is it the same in Iron Force?

  2. Will be funny to see how WG reacts to having its content stolen without permission, when they themselves steal content without permission from other sources…

  3. WG actually modelers for that Panther 2. And someone else is using it for their own profit. Ban the motherfuckers!!!

  4. I hope there will be other game developer teams who will launch similar game projects like WOT.
    And those will be better.

  5. I’m wondering how one can “steal” a panther 2 design from a game, when it is modeled after the real design?

      • That’s what i mean. Add to that the model kits that have been released based on it.

        • It can be difficult to say when a model like this is “stolen” but in this case there are way too many similarities for it to be coincidence. The only parts that look slightly different are the mantlet and the barrel of the main gun.

        • Regardless of whether tanks in WOT are based on historical designs, their employees had to do the research to get all the proportions, blueprints, armor, design specs, not to mention actually creating the 3d models and textures.

          That’s a lot of hard work to just up and steal away. Models don’t just come out of thin air, it takes many hard hours of work from digital artists to create them.

        • Alright, alright. I’m just wondering how it will hold up in court :). If it ever gets to that. There is SO much copying and blunt stealing done in appstore games. Not even funny anymore.

  6. WG steal from others and dont care about copyright, so its only fair. “How terrible!”

  7. BS they have no case, judge will throw them out, all tanks likeness are historical based and public domain.

    first they should check their own IP infringement in their offices, Adobe, Maya, 3DMax, Office and even Window’s OS etc…

    • Becuase a fairly financially succesful company doesn’t just BUY the tools it needs right?

  8. I think I sent that message into Worlf of Tanks before. I did see another game out there that just took the pictures off the web site and said it was their own tank style game.. *shame

  9. its a good game and i would like to play it but its keeps saying that im already logged in when i am not, ive tried closing down the program, tried removing completely and downloading again, tried restarting my ipad, tried logging out of game center, tried logging out of facebook, even after this it still says “You’ve already logged in.” , so tell me what am i supposed to do?

  10. They are not identical at all ! If you notice that one has a longer barrel than the other and the shades of grey are slightly different!

  11. You see, the funny thing here about that “WG can’t get bent, they stole stuff also” is that WG has good lawyers, I’ll be betting some photographer doesn’t. And, it’s a lot easier for WG to pull/change an image that was “inadvertently” used by a “junior” employee than it is for that app to replace a complex asset like a model.

    I’m not approving of WG’s tactics, just saying they get to be hypocrites because they have lawyers to back them up.