Comparison of Brit Arty on RU/EU



The FV304 and Conqueror Gun Carriage stats are definitely interesting. I smell a nerf. The E-25 seems to be doing fine actually – it’s very popular on the RU server too, from what I heard. Interesting.

18 thoughts on “Comparison of Brit Arty on RU/EU

  1. The E-25 is very popular there, because their streamers advertised it so much. Jove and Murazor made videos about it, saying it is very good, etc. Jove alone has close to 450K subscribers to his youtube channel.

    • Yes, I know of him. His info is sometimes very interesting, but for me it’s mostly useless as an info source, because it’s videos – hard to re-work to english and time-consuming to watch for scraps of info.

      • I agree with this, just wanted to point that WG use them (very successfully) to advertise their premium tanks.
        In EU there are few streamers, I watch only QuickyBaby from time to time and I don’t believe he gets paid by WG for this, unlike the russians.

        • I don’t think streamers get paid by WG, some get to use press accounts for reviews and official WG streams, but that’s it.

          • Maybe not money, but ingame gold for sure. Jove keeps shooting premium ammo and he does buy it for gold, you can see that in his videos.

  2. Interesting info regarding the statistics of british arty.
    Regarding the fact that some of them seem to be overperforming,they should keep in mind that after 8.6 (arty apocalypse ) only good arty players still play arty.

    The decision should come in a few months, when there will be much more statistical info of their performance compared to their counterpart, and also – the number of games played.

    Just my opinion.

  3. Stats from 15 vechicles sure are legit as fuck. Note that people that got them are most likely above average eu players.

  4. Those stats will be intersting once a few months have past and a few thousand of these arties are in play.

  5. “The FV304 and Conqueror Gun Carriage stats are definitely interesting. I smell a nerf.”
    Great. Nerf this shit to the ground.

  6. why did you even bother rolling out this after 8.6 release where you publicly admitted overnerfing arty so much that everyone quits playing it? Rigth now it’s the most expensive in credits, most expensive in experience to research, slowest reloading, slowest moving, slowest turning, … scrap metal in the game.

  7. I can agree with the Sexton II’s 49% win rate, as that 18-pdr is an absolutely dreadful artillery piece.

    Having used the 25-pdr on the Alecto, I’m hoping that’s better as an indirect fire weapon.