Enough of Stalin

Alright guys,

the discussion about the Stalin issue got kinda long (700+ comments is a record!) and I am closing that discussion down, because I think it has run its course. I know this is a heated issue for you and I appreciate the fact that the discussion was (well, mostly and relatively) civil.

Let’s just carry on as usual. Historical articles and more Q&A tomorrow. Thinking about discontinuing the “Retards” section, I recieved a HUGE amount of e-mails with pics (as some of you predicted).

Edit: I removed the “Retards of WoT” section, because it contained not enough serious retardery and more of random rage. The worst retards will still be featured in the Hall of Shame however.


136 thoughts on “Enough of Stalin

      • I wanted to criticize your hall of shame because I dislike seeing all the terrible shit people write…

        But then I realizes I was basically asking for censorship because it didn’t fit my personal views :S

        I guess what I wanna say is that it’s so easy to slip and start being an asshole, keep up the good work Frank! :D

      • Ya, probably a good idea, anyone who plays is already familiar with the general amount of fail and social incompetence displayed by players. Just share the really “good” stuff.

  1. You people should rather spam the forum, at least then WG employees have to clean up and not SS ;)

  2. Regarding ‘Retards….’ section. Not very interesting.

    SS, surely you have better things to do with your time than prepare these.

  3. Stalin was gay as day, he loved to dress up as a Nazi bitch and have his balls shaved by capitalist pygmies.

  4. Stalin was a war criminal! If he can get inscriptions i want SS and Hitler inscriptions on german tnaks as well!
    Stalin was as wors as Hitler and shit like that only gloryfies them. Stupid shit remove it and be done with it!

  5. :D Avarage Eu player is stupid retard, and we have retarness game one after another, lets why ru will come to farm win rate in Eu animal planet disaster of humanity.

  6. According to poll

    Silentstalker, inscriptions itself are not so bad. Bad is what WG did. First they allowed to remove some inscriptions on local servers and when Russians started to complain that they can’t put Stalin on their tanks there, then WG decided to enforce Stalins inscriptions everywhere. This behaviour caused rage. It is “Fuck you Westerners our hero will be everywhere, he was good and defeated Fascism and we do not care about your opinion”.

    So from now I do not care about WG too. Its time to start spending money on other games. I think it will be good idea to buy Company of Heroes 2 – http://www.videogamer.com/pc/company_of_heroes_2/news/company_of_heroes_2_distributor_suspends_sales_in_russia_following_complaints_2.html

  7. Why don’t people start a Twitter campaign? Nothing will change WGs mind quicker than a shitstorm few weeks before Gamescom starts. Just let the world know what this Belorussian company is up to. People already love their ideas on democracy, so why not ride that wave to bring justice to WG.

    • Like I said in previous question asked by Daigensui, there was none. They were EXTREMELY unpolitical in that regard. 3-digit unit number, unit coat of arms, kill marks (depending on crew) and some “general” inscription like “Fur Vaterland” etc.

    • U can put Izraeli flag and next to it to put Jager inscription on german tanks….

  8. http://www.hcl.hr/vijesti-zaustavljena-prodaja-company-of-heroesa-2-u-rusiji-9072-27.html

    Now this is croatian gaming portal and hence the link itself is not that important, but the news itself is. Apparently there is a petition in russia to ban CoH2 on Steam and completely in russia cause they are butthurted that the game is presenting the wrong picture about red army in ww2 and in global wrong picture about the war. This seen it really doesn’t surprises me why they really care about the stalin inscriptions geting back. They are retards filled with hatred towards anything that isn’t soviet and ww2 apparently is their holy war and stalin is their saint. Communist rednecks. Worst kind of world rednecks.

    • I watched a show while back about such.
      They cant teach their own that they were committing crimes (fight evil with evil, there are no rules in war and love, etc etc). So they form young minds to glorify “heroes” and be proud of their history.
      If not……you get the point.
      Russia is boring as it is. Only in bigger cities there is something to do.

      • They keep their original “Soviet leader” aka mass murdered of the innocent preserved in a national museum for all to see… that alone is enough for one to conclude that Russia is fucked up; mentally, historically and museum-wise.

  9. If they are returning Stalinist inscriptions to WoT then I want Sieg Heil! and Gott mit Uns as well. Historicy is historicy and what WG is doing now is BS.

  10. I appreciate that the retards section gets discontinued. I think it’s a really childish behaviour to blame those people on a blog. Maybe it’s ok if you find it funny, but I couldn’t really laugh about it, it actually showed me why I dont like the game anymore :/

  11. Just think of how much money WG will make off of the ExpendableEnsign alone with these stalin inscriptions.

    • Taking out the fact that the inscriptions are about Stalin, they’re just inscriptions like all others.
      They give no advantage in battle so they don’t worth my cash.

        • They rather boost e-peen of some random tards.

          No-one cares if you put inscriptions or emblems in your tank…you might even be able to put something like:”Hey everyone, GayLord here!”
          No-one would care :P

          Only this stalicrap inscriptions might drag attention.

          • That’s assuming anyone actually notives it in the first place.
            Well, okay.
            Your own team might during the countdown. Who wants to bet that’ll totally boost teamwork as opposed to triggering any amount of BS whine in the chat?
            “Instant troll just add inscription.” :P

    • Also this joke was stale as fuck the first time you told it Gino. Trust me, it doesn’t improve with repeats whatever you might think.

      • I don’t care what you think to be honest. When you say someone’s stupid when they’re saying their experience and the experience that they’ve recorded through talking with their family (who lived through something) on their feelings, I have zero respect for you.

        • You get three guesses how much *your* opinion means to me, and the first two don’t count. (Also I fail to see why someone speaking from both personal and shared experience would somehow automagically immunise them against stupidity…)

          Doesn’t make your attempt at wit via repetition here any less pitiful ofc.

          • Gino is sad because of what happened to his favourite commie hater in our peninsula, don’t mind him.

            • My fav commie hater? Naw. Have too many US presidents for that role. Though it is a shame that hitler didn’t roll in there and wipe out stalin and communism before he died from medical reasons or the real allies coming in and offing him. Germany lost the fight, but won the real war in the end. It’s a nation thriving of innovation and intelligence exports. Russia’s leading exports are dash cam vids, weapons to terrorists and criminal organizations, and women who will sell themselves to the highest bidder to gtfo of there.

            • “Intelligence” exports? Well, Berlin used to be a spy playground before the fall of the wall but I didn’t know they’re still in the business. Seriously, learn some English at least, Gino.

            • “Won the real war in the end” lulz. Way to try dressing up a total loss in a World War Germany itself started. NOW who’s whitewashing?

              BTW the entire “West” including countries that diligently refused to take part in the ‘fight’ “won” likewise, so your point is moot.

          • You’re hardcore man, hardcore! You tell those people with 1st hand and close relative experience how they’re wrong, and you, who has just enough intelligence to read a few words from a propaganda inspired book is right. Fool.

            • Proximity does not correlate to objectivity nevermind now analytical clarity. Case in point, discuss Stalin with a random Russian or 9/11 with a random ‘Murrican.

              BTW what the fuck are you even referring to, anyway? I can’t keep track of your pet hates and you’re not being very specific who exactly are you raging at here and why…

  12. I went to russia in the late 70s to do some work for a multi, the people were nice and asked lots of questions, most did not have a lot, I went again in 2009, what a change, very arrogant, especially the big company people, if they have money thay have the attitude now of they have earned it so fuck you im front of the queue because we earned it, found it a very strange place, more anti western now than it was the last time i went, i think putin propoganda has done a lot to inflame this, not helped by ppl like bush etc. But it does show how things are especially with nationalistic stuff, thats why the russians are pro stalin, more than they was years ago, brainwashed, but for an international company like WG to take this approach is astounding, ppl like ectar must be thinking what the fuck are these idiots doing, someone did mention WOW in another post, this would never happen in a proper well run game like that, ppl like serb, i know ppl find it funny, but total unprofesional, once the game starts to get a bit old and eu/na ppl move to other games (and they will they always do) then these cretins will do anything, the problem now is lets face it, probably only 2-3% of players read forums, FTR etc, so all this shit most wont even know about it, the only thing they may listen to is a blanket fuck it day dont play wot for 24hrs, but to be honest the mentality of these russians is so what, they will come back.

      • coh 2 does not sale in Russia now – Relic sucks.
        So eat your shit themselves…

          • coh 2 was not banned – read the news, ram head.

            I suppose you are from one of the eastern europe?
            What a pity attempt to show your importance…

            • Yeah and the whole inscriptiongate is not to show the western bourgeoisie a middle finger.

              I wonder who should read the news here. Is google not red enough?

              BARK LOUDER!

            • “Red”? Where are you living, the Fifties? Sure hope your sense of fashion isn’t stuck there as well…

  13. I really do find the anti polish thing a bit much, even on here where i think some freedom to post should be, but i think SS some are taking it too far, I’m english and find it rather disturbing at the hate tbh

  14. Why lick as for the USSR bastards? Stalin is a joke really, and russia also, soon they will go under like all other joke ass commie states. Better that germany would have invanded russia and then allies could defeat both the nazis and the left over commies.

    • So I take it you have been living under a rock at the bottom of the hole in the middle of the Outback? Got a good tan too?

    • Your Allies with all their forces and power are nothing on the field. Only Navy and air force were sufficient – what Allies should be storming the Berlin with? – Battleships an aircraft carriers?

  15. The thing that gets me with all this wasn’t so much the inscriptions themselves, but the way WG went so public in defending and enforcing them after their EU office had them removed. They could have just said, “Yes, it was a dark time for many people, but they are historically accurate so we will leave them available while we review this.” Instead, we get a statement straight out of a propaganda ministry that ensures a firestorm from their customers.

    They manage to run three different gift shops, so there’s no reason they can’t have three different sets of regional inscriptions (as the EU office so easily demonstrated). They are really letting their “Russia first and only” attitude become the public face of their company.

  16. Pls can we get over it? This isn’t the place to rage/complain about WG’s policies anyway. The official forums are full of crap, so put it there, it kinda belongs there…

    Also I won’t disable my adblock, but I’ll donate 5 bucks, if that’s okay…

  17. Okay okay. Enough of the Stalin discussion.

    You people seem to be missing the main benefit of having this great blog and it creating a community of mature, objectively thinking gamers from all over a world. We aren’t just a community but more like a family and as our family it is our duty to mainly bash on the Meg of our Family Guy if you will – Poland.

    So stop arguing about Stalin bs and start bashing Polish people. XD

    PS That was a joke….

  18. As much as I don’t care about Stalin (despite the fact that I’m Ukrainian and a lot of my ancestors suffered from him) the biggest thing I can’t get about all of this QQ-ing is – DO YOU REALLY SEE THE DECALS ON ENEMY\ALLIED TANKS?
    Through all of my WoT gaming time (since RU OBT), there were 0 times I looked at enemy\ally and paid attention to what was painted there. I simply don’t give a f*ck – it’s a game and I rather kill red tank asap, then sit and stare and his decals.

  19. Actually kind of sad to see the Retards of WoT go, the first one wasn’t that good but I found the second one very amusing. My favourites are the one that combine extreme racism with bizarre nonsense(such as the “kebab” one).

  20. У нас в Белоруссии и России тоже не любят Английский танки в игре и надписи на них .Но мы же не создаем темы что бы их убрали хотя они нам неприятны.

      • сказал мудак из страны которая сосёт у обамы

        • можете больше ни чё не писать мне насрать на ваше мнение так как и wargaming про надписи Сталина и да засуньте чёрный член обамы себе в рот как вы любите это делать

        • I don’t give a flying fuck about Obama or anyone else for that matter. Дебил Бульбашъ.

            • можно вопрос почему вы все против надписи сталина?

  21. и да в Белоруссии президент не Путин,просто вы ещё очень глупые школьники

    • But Belarus like to lick Putin’s ass. Lukashenko loves Russia = Belarus loves Russia.

      • ага ты играешь в Белорусскую игру дебил и вкладываешь в неё деньги. Европа лижет жопу обаме =НАТО

        • I NEVER gave money to WG. :D So go grow potatoes which can be exported to Russia. :D

  22. WG and their commie hugging and Stalin supremacy can fuck off really. They feel offended by german inscriptions, but its okay with russian commie ones? Also the discussion about historixal accuracy is totally bullshit, WOT is anything but historic.

  23. Hi , “just for the record” regarding Stalin being a great hero of WW2 is just crap thinking by anyone, that “For Stalin” is pure bullshit , the real hero of Russia was Georgy Zhukov and he was the liberator ,some russians actually know this, they are not full speed Stalin. For those of you who don’t know the guy, i present to you,the guy that won the war. He was in fact a true russian, a true general and he gain such a respect and obedience from the soldiers and officers(gain in the field) that even the big Stalin wich was georgian btw, did not even dare to touch the guy,because if you didn’t knew my russian “full speed Stalin” friends ,the germans were stoped near moscow,in sanct petersburg and at volgograd(stalingrad) by him,Stalin just persecuted and killed ppl, and when Zhukov said to Stalin something like “we must do this,we must do that,we must do as i say!” guess what Stalin did? it’s quite simple ,he stfu and obey,he actually stopped some killings because of Zhukov. And i’m not just being rude,it’s a fact. As for Stalin,before ww2 Russia was in a crisis and Stalin wasn’t that well viewed by the ppl , ww2 saved him actually in regards of how he was viewed by the ppl. If Georgy Zhukov was born in another time period, Stalin would have fled from Russia(georgian what did u expect?standup a hold for Russia?pfff..bitch please) because his incompetence is clearly seen when for example he wipes so many officers, the soldiers don’t know how to handle tanks that’s why kv series sucked so hard in the german offensive. Stalin is no hero by any standard,he was just on the winning side doing the killing of russians. This was just a history lesson for kids and any”full speed Stalin” that take things for granted maybe from Pravda(russian communist newspaper),idk.

    A “full speed Stalin” must be ignored . Have fun ppl,it’s a game,not real life,let the dead stay dead and enjoy life because past went by, and the present is now! And think about this(i always do about politicians,leaders etc.): Would that person take your side as much as you are taking his? :) Bye,have fun!