Wargaming working on “biggest game ever”

Thanks to ITDUDE for finding this interesting tidbit

there was a video for the Russian server (not sure it will appear for EU server too, probably not), describing the history and growth of Wargaming, with interviews and everything:

Right in the last minute, Chris Taylor mentions something interesting: Wargaming is (apart from the World of…) series working on a secret project – a game, that will possibly be the biggest game project in history (his own words). We are thrilled… I sure hope he’s not Stalin stalling.

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  1. Yeah, I’m sure. Anyway after the Stalin thing I don’t care about anything from WG, no cent from me to those commies

    • Thank god i never paid a cent for they game directly.
      All of my gold (~70000) came from discounted (2-3 month old) gamer magazines and plastic models with promo codes.
      It costed me ~3 euro per 2500 gold, unfortunately WG stopped they mass promotion (and limited promo codes/account), but if you are clever enough you can still find a way, to buy gold without giving any money to them.
      +My whole clan did this, we bought more than 1 million gold, and 0 cent profit came from it. Actually most of the players in my country did this.

      • Riiiiight… what you dont realize is that by buying content which includes promo codes for a company, the product makers of the product that contains the code, is giving a % of profits to the original company. In other words, you buying the gold still give WG profits.

        Think more next time

      • hey ooorky, I build a lot of models too and i’m wondering what models do you get these codes from?


        • A modelshop had X000 coupons from WG for FREE. You know… marketing.
          When you bought a ww2 modell, you got one.
          So I bought for the whole club, ~ 50 boxes and coupons :P
          But I was the only one who played WoT :D
          Same with the gamer magazines, companies gave them codes for free, and everyone is happy :) .
          If I remember correctly, some Revell 1/72 and 1/76 boxes have codes inside (WoT sticker on the front)

          • I almost did that with buying the models, but calculated I would get more gold from the WoT website per euro than paying for some models I would never build. How much money did you spend on the models?

            • I have a quite big collection (200+ models + ~500 infantry, german and US ww2), i would buy them anyway, so the codes was free for me. If you have a wargame club nearby, you can sell them the models…

          • you actually got more gold/euro from those models than from the website (if you buy for less than 50€ that is)

          • some of those 1/76 tanks cost 7€. they give you stuff worth 10€+ and the tank (you could even sell it on ebay later if you want to take that extra work to maximize your profit)

            funnily enough i have seen codes from those 7€ boxes for 15€+ with like 20 bids on ebay… and they were sold.

  2. I wonder if it’s supreme commander 3

    I can’t see any other big title that wargaming can make
    that would be so huge

    supreme commander 3 on ps4 would be fantastic

    • By the time they get to version 1.0 on that game, the PS5 would have already reached it’s EOL.

  3. I wonder whether SS the hypocrite really want to get over the Stalin thing or not…

    • I wonder why you are even on this site commenting on it, mister anonymous coward..

      • I wanted to read some actual WoT related news, instead I just see the usual hypocrisy of SS and I felt like commenting on it, I think there’s nothing wrong about it, no?
        And I don’t understand what is the difference between leaving the name field void and putting some crap like you do.

        • @SS: please don’t give me your usual “you’re not obliged to read my blog”, no one is obliged to play WoT and read the Stalinist inscriptions either, still you’re making a big deal out of it, it would just make you look even more hypocrite.

          • Soooo, SS can’t be personally annoyed, but not so much to become emotionally invested in the issue, and still report the news as is without being a hypocrite?


            And yes, anonymous posts = coward to me.

    • Previous post talks about “enough about Stalin”, this post seems to work in favour of keeping all of that shit afloat…

      One cant help but wonder what is going on in the authors head…

  4. Hehe. You meant Chris Taylor, right? Not Chris Roberts. So no Star Citizen then… my bad ;)

  5. Maybe they invented something completely new.
    Not a game about tanks.
    Not a about planes.
    Not about Warships.


    A game where you can choose either class and battle each other.


  6. I wonder if it will achieve incredible success as their past games which are distributed in 2$ PC Magazines or in packs “10000 Games on 1 DISC!!!!1″

    • *eyeroll* So what’s the going rate for Star Control 2 or Civilisation 1 these days?

  7. Forgot to add: the guy is Chris Taylor, head of gas powered games.
    Talked to him at the GDC in SF a couple of times – a tank head as well. :)

    • It is World of Supreme Commander but it is based on fantastic BigWorld engine, so 15vs15 on maps max 1km2! Oh, and you will only be able to see units that are not more than 300m away from camera. But it does not matter because you will get various communist-themed decals to put on your units!

      • Everyone knows that decals are readable only up close. No point in rendering vehicles that are further away…

  8. A masters of orion, supreme commander, MMO game mash up?

    And yes its CHRIS TAYLOR not Roberts, the creator the total annihilation, and the sup com franchise

    I would be in amazed if Chris is working on a space oriented game to compete with star thunder.

  9. Clearly it will be a wargame company simulator. You must tread a balance between simulationism and accessible gameplay, and balance focus from niche to widespread appeal.

    Presumably there will also be a mechanic where you can pander to Neo-Nazis, but if you pander too much you run the risk of getting in trouble from laws like Volksverhetzung and end up loosing the lucrative European market and being associated with Nazism.

    • None of the reviews give it more than one star, but thats OK cos it was a Red Star……..

      ………….I’ll get my coat.

    • The reviewer in the local major gaming rag around here was sad that the game didn’t live up to its hilarious premise. Sort of like the movies “Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter” and “Nazi Surfers Must Die”, which sadly aren’t half as awesome turkeys as one might expect.

  10. Stalin simulator.

    Every time you kill 1 million enemys of the state in the game you get one month of free premium in WoT.

  11. Maybe guys from Wargaming want to make “big” RTS related to Soviet/Russian history? I mean, CoH2 wasn’t received very well in Russia, so maybe they want to make something glorifying mother russia? GPG made RTS before, and Taylor is still working from US, so that would make perfect sense from political point of view. Also, game made by westerners glorifying Russian history would probably sell very well in Russia (well, assuming that they won’t pirate it like always ^^).

    • Yea, this time in the game Russia will conq– free the world from Nazis, end cold war as the first one, and demolish the Berlin war. And lets not forget about ending communism ;p

      • How about actually *achieving* Communism? Stalin claimed it had been realised already in late Thirties which was obvious bull by any measure, and official Party estimate from the beginning of the Sixties figured a twenty-year timeframe…

  12. I’m sure the game will be on a dated engine and look at least 5 years inferior visually, running on a single core, when released too in 5 years.

    • And I’m sure you’ll still be there to whine inanely about it in a hopeless effort to fill up the sad and purposeless emptiness that is your existence.

  13. Very interested to see what this turns into.

    Wonder if it is involving that guy from Gas powered games.

  14. Thankfully I don’t give 2 shites about the stalin issue, i’m just here for the tanks and stuff…
    Well, hope this’ll be good.

  15. why cant you idiots move on from Mr. Josef Stalin.

    he has been dead for years so he has done NOTHING to you people.


    • It’s first spin-off will be Tank of Worlds, where you command a tank so huge, it launches galaxies as ammunition and fight other players for dominance over the multiverse.

  16. I have a 100% true info. The secret game is called SimStalin, and will show a daily life in a Soviet gulag. There are also DLCs planned with the Holodomor where the players will be ranked by how many people they will be able to starve to death. Second one will be a luck based lottery – is there a bullet or not in the chamber, inspired by the Katyn massacre. Anyway, Soviet history is rich with potential DLC ideas. Maybe a cookbook on how to survive in a Siberian concentration camp, I mean heavy labour camp? You know, like twelve ideas on tasty sandwiches with grass and so on.

    • they could even do a simple Flash game, you know, how fast can you pull of all fingernails off a struggling person. That would please the Russian client for sure.

  17. Reuters news:
    Rockstar Games replied to WG announcing them as working on the “biggest game project in history”. The reply was composed of only three letters. We cite: “LOL”.

  18. I remember the Last company who Made “The biggest Game Ever” Then they lost subs and stalemated promised features ever month for a year and ran to F2p faster then a Elc to arty. (SWTOR). But hey WG doesn’t learn from history so this should be fun to watch

  19. I thing the Title should be “Wargaming working on “biggest grind game ever” “

    • What did you want to know about patch 8.8 – More russian tanks with a different toolbox and no log?

  20. im curious how they are planning to handle such a big game. we all know how fast wg’s servers are stressed. i expect something that will be close to civilization 3 graphics.

  21. BTW, I wonder what do they mean saying “biggest”? Because knowing Wargaming and SerB’s sense of humor that could mean that game will be literally big (50GB of textures anyone?).
    I can’t imagine how they could manage to launch something innovative or ground-breaking. That’s just not how Wargaming is working. It’s against anything they scre… created till now!

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