New vehicles for 8.8

Pictures, courtesy of Edrard (wot-news)

A-43 (tier 6)



A-44 (tier 7)



Durchbruchswagen (tier 4)



Object 140 (tier 10 apparently)



Object 416 (tier 8)



VK3002M (tier 6)



112 (tier 8 premium)






T-34-3 (tier 8 premium)






64 thoughts on “New vehicles for 8.8

  1. I thought they were having trouble with the tier IX russian med and not the tier X?

    • It’s weird, but I guess it’s doable balance-wise, I suppose the “new” branch will end with T-54 and from T-54 you’ll be able to unlock Object 140.

      • unball at RU forums confirmed that T-54 will lead to both T-62A and Object 140.

      • That would be just retarded as it would make the new tree almost completely ignored. Many players have long unlocked T54 and many have kept it as fun tank, so many would ignore new line (who wants to drive rear turret mediums with no gun depression when you can drive T54).
        It would be more likely to just set up the tree till tier 8 and introduce tier 9 and 10 in next patch or something such.

        • It’s probably a temporary solution until a proper tier 9 will not be modelled (Obj 430 is overpowered for tier 9 and Obj 140 is a bit strange for constant in the line, because it would by in such case the only non-Kharkov desiner bureau’s tank)

    • Sau-40 looks ugly too, do you want one? I want dat Object 140 with dem wheels.

      World of Objects!

      • It would be logical. Plus it would be tier 5 -> tier 6
        But it was stated that they’re still thinking for a balance reason, so it might start of the T-34/85

  2. I think Obj 140 will be tier 8
    A-33 (tier6) –>A-44(tier7)–>Obj 416-(tier8)->Obj 140(tier8)
    _________________Obj 430 prototype(tier9)
    ____________________Obj 430(tier10)

  3. Pretty much only interrested in the Obj 416, the matches might be full of small ELC AMX-like tanks agian. (Except for the gun, right?)

  4. Slowly but steadily I am getting tired of new and more and more vehicles.
    I got used to the most common weak spots but maaaan. This flood of new vehicles with some of them probably having some peculiar armor here or there actually call for new players using mods and hitzone skins.

  5. What’s up with the Durchbruchswagen? I thought it will be a premium tank, now it seems it’s a regular one. Why? And where would they like to put in the tree?

    • Who told you it would be a premium? We knew it was in devleopment, then WG said it was dropped. Then WoTViewer screenshots of the Durchbruchwagen II with the 7.5cm L/24 at stock and 5cm L/60 elite were leaked, also telling it would be a tier 4 heavy

  6. Anyone managed to find out 112 new stats? im eager to see what they have changed i mean nerfed at it.

  7. What is the top gun for the A-43? Because if it is the 76 mm S-54, it is probably going to suck really hard.

  8. What’s the armor gonna be like on the durchburchswagen? By looking on the internet I found out it was historically 60MM at maximum, but that would be even less than the Pz. III in-game, wich handles with scout like mobility with the same crappy gun selection, that can’t be balanced, right?

    • Well, as a Tier 4 heavy, it will have the B1′s matchmaking. That’s probably the best advantage over the Panzer III that it could be given.

  9. How many more Pz 3 look alikes are we going to have?
    Pz 3

    I suppose this is at least a breath of fresh air being a T4 HT. Maybe it will at least get a different/better gun?

    • Also with any luck they’ll have properly balanced the 112. That thing was going to be a Type 59 when they were first going to release it.

    • WW2 german tank engineers werent really creative and kinda lacked imagination imo

  10. TWO tier 8 Chinese premium mediums in one patch!?

    Fuck, my wallet is going to catch fire.

  11. Ò.ò
    Whoever designed the A-44 had an unhealthy fixation with DOUBLE MGS EVERYWHERE…
    Is it because twin-links reroll failed to-hits once? :v