EU1 down, EU2 overloaded

EU1 down, EU2 overloaded – yes guys, I know, no need to notify me more. NA server is working fine, but RU server had some issues like this today too. WG tech guys are working on fixing that, ETA is currently unknown.

55 thoughts on “EU1 down, EU2 overloaded

  1. Hahaha I guess WG doesent want to share the 3 days of prem mission on the primetime, expect 3 days of downtime that nobody can get it and the other will loose the 3 days. *trollface*

      • Ditto. Signed in rather late in the evening to get started on the daily “30 Kills For Great Profit”, and got dumped back to login before I even started the first batle (was AFK getting a cuppa coffee).
        After repeat failures to get/stay in the game I just decided to forget it for the evening and earn the three days in the morning instead. :/

  2. “Working” as in bashing the servers with wrenches, hoping they will start working again.

  3. Weekend huh.
    I guess NA can look forward to this tomorrow.
    Damn 3 days prem. for 1 x win….lol

  4. I hope we will be compensated. Today, i have no more time to play, so i cant finish the daily 300k credit mission. Thx to that, i basicly lost a day from the given premium… Im quite disappointed by WG. Again… :(

    • Well if it makes you feel any better, I actually had some spare time today and finished the 300k mission…had to do it a few times over cause the games that were supposed to get me over the 30 kill threshold always ended up being when the server dropped and the results were not counted. But I redid the last battle a few times and got the kills…and received no credit reward whatsoever. Hurray!

    • btw. only EU2 is in Amsterdam
      EU1 = Munich, Germany
      EU2 = Amsterdam, The Netherlands

      • There is also a Russian server in Germany. In my opinion, the fucktards from Telia might have some influence on this clusterfuck. I don’t understand why WOT is so cheap, and still uses datacenters with link to Telia…

  5. The worst thing about this is that I was refreshing ftr all evening because I trust ftr much more than wg official site :( :( :(

  6. If the server is down longer, everyone will get a day premium back, I think.
    Like, you know, everytime something like this has happened…

  7. Belorussian Tech, servers need more vodka to pump up the heat sink for the crankshaft of byteworks.
    you know EU1 needs 30 monkeys to operate and press nobs and such
    EU2 needs 20 monkeys.

  8. i was playing on EU2 since 11pm…got my 3o kills and 50k XP

    im happy…
    and we even got a post from Ectar saying that the erver is down which is something new, so everything is fine

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  11. Anyone given WG some sensible advice?

    Such as;-

    a) Have you tried turning the power off and back on again?
    b) Have you tried re-installing Windows again?

    • What do you mean “re-install windows”? Wot servers are running on russian copy of dos!

  12. Must be the Stalin Virus…

    100,000 players disappear to Siberia

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