- no new crew skills/perks will come in 2013
- the reason of VK3001H 8.8 change was not to nerf or buff it, but to simply build the German heavy Henschel branch
- VK3001H will lose the 88mm gun on tier 5 (SS: as expected)

- Centurion tanks won’t get their maximum speed buffed to 48 km/h
- Storm doesn’t know, why VK3001P wasn’t made a heavy tank too, WG is deciding whether to do something about it or not, but most likely not
- Storm states that WG never really developed the skill MM
- Storm states he doesn’t know whether VK6201 is considered for tier 5 heavy tank slot (SS: it’s not, for whatever reason, if my info is correct)
- A-44 will be the “medium tank” version, it will not get the ZIS-6 107mm gun
- SerB states that the Object 140 will be different from T-62A, apparently the speed won’t be its main difference
- Storm confirms that the SMS password change confirmation is not working, it’s being fixed
- a player suggested the tier 9 rear-turret Object 430 to be added without finding enough info on it from the archives, because players won’t be able to contest its historicity anyway. SerB: “But that doesn’t satisfy us.
- Chaffee will be changed too in the future (SS: like the VK2801 and T-50-2)
- AMX65t (new tier 10 French heavy) might come in 2014
- Foch 155 and T57 Heavy rebalance is planned, how exactly is secret for now
- Mines map encounter mode is doing statistically fine

82 thoughts on “10.8.2013

  1. “- Foch 155 and T57 Heavy rebalance is planned, how exactly is secret for now”
    According to WG dictionary “rebalance” means “nerf” ;)

    • I hope they will not rebalance it as eg. Lorraine which is complete shit on tier IX.

        • well in randoms t 57 and foch 155 are poring full gold (ammo+consumables) like mad man people are using them for stats rising and this makes there stats rise to much therefore nerf is to be done

          • It’s not like you need goldspam to rape face in a Foch155.

            “Lol, let’s make a TD with frontal armour rivaling the T95, mobility of a medium, and a gun with crushing alpha/penetration PLUS AN AUTOLOADER”
            ~a short-sighted person

            • Not to mention its main weakness was nerfed in patch 0.8.6

              The odds of them being hit by artillery now have been severely reduced.

            • hahaha omg deny how you wont fact is gold is used more and more t57 and foch 155 are the first to get nerf i think more tanks gonna get it next i think is gonna be FV125b(183) when they do the HESH mechanism

            • T 57 doesn’t need gold ammo to do well, the two tanks ahead in that line had that issue though.

            • Obj 268 is also getting nerf, along with T57 and Foch 155, it was stated in the same article, i dont remember where i found the link, though, maybe even somewhere here on ftr or in one of comments of topic in here; mostly reload nerf if i remember correctly, but i only briefly read about Obj since it does not scare me much even in tier 9, “only” object 704 “with buffs” one tier higher;
              T57 sure can win matches but i find it only slightly more dangerous than any other tier 10 when i face it and quite frankly i do not take any more preliminary measures when i meet it than when i meet amx 50b;
              foch 155 clearly needs the nerf the most, since “it has it all”, speed, armor, dmg, even rof since before he runs out of shell you are probably already dead. and its weakspots… well, not too much.
              also FV183 and E3 could see some revisions, especialy E3 giving hard time to even 300+ pen at weakspots during “in your face” fighting
              FV183 does need it the least, but some more rebalance between gold and non gold ammo should be in place, FV183 in tier 10 is like KV1S put in tier 5 match; it can pretty much one shot or take most HP in a single shot. Its armor may not be the best but its enough to withstand few shots and well, you wont have more than few shots to fire before you are dead. Sure, anything can be flanked in the right conditions, but stars dont align always in the right position to make that possible.
              Interesting to the topic, few days ago i met at Ensk a platoon of Foch 155, FV183 and JgE100 on our team and guess how it ended :) most of your died in about 3 minutes, the rest of the battle was just me in indien, one tiger II and them. JgE100 cleared the rest of reds at rails, FV183 held the middle and Foch was trying to hold the buildings, while I was annoying red tier 10 on the left side of map, denying them approach to foch and slowing them down. JgE100 died first, FV183 second, soon they killed Tiger II and when they gather enough courage or realised that I am only tier 8 medium and its ridiculous that they are afraid to advance in my direction with their JgTiger and T110E5, killed me. But, since they were severely damaged, foch ended it with just one magazine. So, at the end, 5 tanks almost all by themselves won whole battle, while only 3 of them were truly fighting and the other two just supporting. I met also many “FV183 only” or “Foch 155 only” platoons, but this was the most spectacular since they covered these 3 in city map in team full of idiots. I had 1 kill, some 3 kills were made by the rest of the team and the rest of reds was killed by these three, i dont remember which of these tds had the most, thought

      • Simeon Ivanov on August 10, 2013 at 9:50 am said:

        hahaha omg deny how you wont fact is gold is used more and more t57 and foch 155 are the first to get nerf i think more tanks gonna get it next i think is gonna be FV125b(183) when they do the HESH mechanism

        >Not sure about the T57 (at least BatChats seem to often load gold by default), but HEAT would be risky for the Foch 155- it’s a much less fexible plaftorm, and since HEAT tends to fail against large tracks/sideskirts (especially when angled), using it is quite risky.

        • @Platypusbill

          Only Maus Tracks (1,10m wide) and E-100 Tracks (1m wide) have some protection against ~340mm HEAT Penetration. Against ~400mm HEAT Penetration there is no save Angle for Maus and E-100, when your lower frontal plate is “save”, almost every Tier8 Tank can Penetrate your side armor ,but why shoot at the Hull, when you can always Penetrate the Turret with ~320mm APCR Penetration and ~350-360mm HEAT Penetration?

          In my opinion Foch155 and T57 are almost fine with normal Ammo. Maybe a bit longer “Drum Reload” for both and bigger Weakspot’s for the Foch.

          But with PremAmmo both Tanks are OP, cause its really hard to Bounce ~340mm Penetration and its impossible to Bounce ~400mm Penetration if the enemy knows what he is doing

          MFG Collapse

          • after 8.6 even 450mm HEAT cant penetrate reliably. Have had many cases of non penetrating shots against not angled e100 turret while facehugging. And tracks eat them most of the time. HEAT shells are no longer what they used to be. At the moment I use only AP because of that, they are about as effective, but a lot cheaper.

            • i know HEAT can bounce or do nothing but try to say it to guys using it .. not to say big words but most of top clans in EU are full gold and don’t care much if tank can pen whit no gold …. and on RU is even worst there noobs are using more gold .. 10x to some video’s saying full gold = stats increase … still gold is becoming more then just 1-2 shots per battle

        • What about now ? Obj. 140 was meant for tier IX and its tier X while obj 430 is postponed for whoever knows how long. I think its not decided yet or may change in last moment…

        • The ’49 was planned as ten for alt heavy whereas the amx30 was the med, so not sure what’s going on anymore.

  2. “- Foch 155 and T57 Heavy rebalance is planned, how exactly is secret for now”

    rebalance === nerf to the ground

      • just leave em as they are now :) i have foch its not op :) well… if u play against noobs and kids it is but come on almost 46 sec reload… if its loaded who is stupid enough to go 1 vs 1 against it? wait for a dam teammate and go bh to rape the dam td… no side or rear armor… its a fkn good tank good dmg good armor from front long reload but i like it if they put 50-60 sec reload as “rebalance” i’ll still use it cause i love it only difference will be that i have to wait a little more to kill another tank or deal some dmg.

        • It’s OP…now stfu and prepare your tears when it gets nerfed….i myself am going slowly towards it…i am at t6….i’m going for it just bcs it’s OP….even if it gets nerfed it’s still gonna be good TD cause of the autoloader

          • And to add one more thing….when this thing first appeared on test server….in my first battle in it i made 8k damage…FIRST battle…second…did ~7k dmg….and don’t forget that on test servers there are mostly T10 tanks so i had harder and more diffucult targets to pen…and they all could pen me easily specially since most of them play with gold….btw i used standard ammo and still managed to get that amount of damage…it’s that OP

    • Maybe they changed the places between them.
      It was M4 ’45—M4 ’48—-65t—M4 ’49
      Now ’45—’48—-’49—65t sounds more logical.
      But we’ll see.

  3. - Foch 155 and T57 Heavy rebalance is planned, how exactly is secret for now

    Anyone want to take bets? I’d wager the T57 heavy gets its drum reload increased and the Foch 155 is made slightly less maneuverable. I don’t suspect they’ll get nerfed completely into the ground in any case.

    • I think in foch 155 they will nerf stabilization (longer aim time because of chasis rotation and etc) maybe they will change terrain resistence. t57 should get either longer reload time or even less mobility, I mean it’s not that awfully slow if you compare it with 50B as it should be…

  4. I hope they won’t touch the ELC AMX. Chaffee and ELC are the last active scouts and ELC already has crappy radio and vision.

    • Chafee is actually better as a pasive scout, slap binoculars on it and you have max view range, while enemies cant spot you even from under 50m (if you have camo crew skill) . Leave the active scouting to T-50, MT-25, and the VK2801.

      • But the second turret of the Chaffee should be REMOVED! This thing is:
        2-Hard to look at without turning your gaze away in disgust
        3-Too big, makes it a great hitbox, not to question if the suspension can take it without breaking, something like the Vader turret on the PzIV.

  5. I’m confused by the 88 though. Yes, it doesn’t go in the proposed turret, but with a RoF nerf it would represent a fine balance on a slow, underarmoured T5 heavy. Bit like the BDR.

      • This “reality” nonsense about VK3001 is really becoming stupid. “Short 88″ could easily stay on german T5 heavy, considering that French already have its equivalent”.

        If even 75L70 is removed from VK3001 THEN SORRY WARGAMING, YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!, because “historical accuracy” should be a reason for creativity not to be shoehorned in it with butt hurt mentality.

      • It already got 1760 DPM with L/70, I don’t think it will need more. But yes, it NEEDS the L/70.

    • That is the point.
      The second French heavy line with have a normal turret, which effective eliminates the biggest weak spot in the armor.
      The oscillating turret which houses the auto-loader is the weak-spot.

      • Hopefully they will play like the AMX M4 45 currently does. I love that thing so much.

        If so, then the AMX 65t will be the first top tier heavy-sniper! :)

  6. “SerB: “But that doesn’t satisfy us.”” – God knows how things like T28prot made it to the game then…

  7. “- VK3001H will lose the 88mm gun on tier 5 (SS: as expected)”

    Because 220 damage and 132 mm pen would clearly be overpowered when compared to 240 damage and 135 mm pen of DCA 30. Working as intended WG retards!

    • You know the Germans can’t have a tier 5 HT that can take on the beloved KV-1. Bad for business on the RU server.

      • >Other anon makes comparison against BDR
        >Weharboo crybaby needs to bring up KV-1
        Working as intended.

  8. Foch 155 nerfed, good, it clearly deserves it but t57 isn’t great, a nerf will probably kill it

    • Isn’t great ? It is the best performing tier 10 heavy tank recently and the only non-TD and non-arty tier 10 vehicle that actually has a winrate above 50% (BatChat, as second best non-TD non-arty tier 10 is below 50% while other tier 10 heavies are further down still).

      • I think it has a bit too much DPM, but it needs it.. not really much armor and it is slower than a t110e5? and autoloader are not good in every situation
        I hope they just nerf the rof a bit.

  9. The next “Carrots to chase” are coming… time to “Snip the balls off the current ones” … our Fochs and T57′s are dead men walking.. =/

  10. AMX 65T in 2014? Great, that means we have to wait 2 years for anything to happen to the French tech tree again.

    • Well to be honest, that’s nothing compared to how long the 2nd German TD line has been dangled in front of our noses.

  11. Now, what I do want to know is that:
    If one unlocks the tier 6 vk3001H, what will happen to it after the patch?
    of course, it will be plain BS if after a long grind to tier 6, he will just get an unlocked tier 5 after the patch..