Hall of Shame Special Edition – Scammer!

Hello everyone,

today, we have a very special edition of the Hall of Shame, because a player named MakoSV managed to catch an account scammer in action and took screenies to prove it. So, everyone, meet:

Hokej83 from clan [CAK] C. a k. 1.Dragounský pluk

This guy whispers to players and tries to convince them to give him their password, so he can “hack Wargaming and add gold to their account”. Needless to say, that’s retarded, but newbies/kids might actually fall for that. Here we can see him in action:

Podvod 1

Translation from Czech:

Hokej83: Are you here?
MakoSV: Hi, yes
Hokej83: Do you want 999 gold and 1 000 0000 silver on your account
MakoSV: Will you send them to me? :)
Hokej83: I have 100 000 gold and 6 mil silver if you want for your accout
Hokej83: No, I have to “hack” them if you want, it’s for free
MakoSV: How?
Hokej83: You have to give your account to me, I already did that with 6 players and they thank me a lot
Hokej83: maus01 miskas333 already thanked me and it’s cool

Podvod 2

MakoSV: I won’t give you my account, it’s not worth it
MakoSV: I don’t know you
Hokej83: Ah well I don’t care, but you’d have to have it as maus01
Hokej83: Please, I’ll add billions, you’ll be rich

That guy is writing with terrible grammar, so it’s probably either a complete idiot, or a child, possibly both.

59 thoughts on “Hall of Shame Special Edition – Scammer!

  1. “Hokej83: Please, I’ll add billions, you’ll be rich”

    Someone’s desperate here.

  2. I gave him my passworld and now I have billions, haha what premium shall I buy

  3. SS have you already contacted support? lets make this fucktard enjoy his (perma)ban

    • EDIT: ok, looking at his clan page I see he is already enjoying 7-day WoT vacation, so nvm

      • scammers like this shouldn’t have second chance…it’s either perma or nothing…you can’t punish retard with 7 days only…he is retarded afterall…he’ll continue to scam after his ban expires….

  4. This man is an inspiration to us all, tirelessly struggling to better his lot in life despite the terrible disadvantages Fate and Nature have burdened him with. He deserves our praise, not our scorn.

  5. I am sending you this message as I have acquired access to ONE HUNDRED MILLION GOLD CREDITS. These were in the account of a WG programmerer who was UNJUSTLY dismissed after mistakenly shooting SerB’s MS-1 with his LEICTTRACKTOR! He has asked me to provide funds in US DOLLARS to help him leave the country.

    I have no access to US DOLLARS so you must send funs to save this man. In retrun you will be given 75% of the GOLD CREDITS on the account.

    We must act immediately. First you must send cash and you passport, bank statement, inside leg measurement……………………..

  6. There was actually a working gold inject but I doubt this is the case here.

    I had a friend who got around 3 to 5k every month but then got greedy and got banned.

    Dunno how it worked or why but I’m guessing it exploited some sort of automatic payment system.

    Still doubt this is the case here.

    • Lies.

      In order to get gold you’d need to have access to their server, it’s nothing you can do client-side, it’s server side.

      Which I’m positively sure that your friend didn’t had.

  7. i heard from a friend that knows a friend that works in WG that if you click the Russian research tree icons in a certain pattern 12 clicks, you enable local administration client.

    plz don’t randomly click on the tree, it makes the server tired…

  8. Some real garbage people out there in this world. Stealing tanks accounts now too? Funny stuff.

    • Impossibru.

      I’ve once been contacted by a Steam director which needed my password to check something.

    • What if I told you I know as I played real MMOs before and this ran rampant, and it just strikes me funny that people are trying to steal tanks accounts in which they can’t launder items/gold into their gold farmer industries?

  9. Ohhh… you lost your chance to have fun with the kid…

    Next time, make a new account with a new email. Use the nick “DUMBASS” and give him the info so he can “give you millions” there :P


    Srsly, SS, stop this shit. This blog used to be informative, showin petty retards to everyone should be below your level of quality.

    • I come on this blog to see the news on WoT, not to see even MORE retards. I have enough of them in the game, dont give them publicity.

        • Ye, i agree with Nya chan. Kazomir, just skip these news posts and u wont be butt hurt like now :P

      • Do you really need to see more retards?
        Just open the WoT General chat! Enough retards to fill a black hole!
        (They probably deserve it too!)

    • You know, this actually annoys me. People who claim “this used to be… but now… bla bla bla” – the blog is practically the same ever since it started back on blogspot. There is the same daily dev translation, there are the same news (with the exceptions of the mass leaks), which actually quite often appear faster here than on the EU server, there are the same historical articles. If anything, there’s MORE content than it used to be. So if you don’t like it, don’t read it, the article is labeled clearly anough for you to know what it contains. If you feel the whole blog is beneath you, then don’t read it. But stop moaning.

      • I just dont unerstand why are you giving moronic people publicity (even a bad one)
        The best moron is a moron ignored. Yea, we can share a laugh on how retarded some people are (and you’d be surprised on what morons i’ve seen) but that actually is quite sad…

        • Because it’s fun (for some, I admit) and because WG doesn’t do shit about morons anyway, so I might just as well. Plus, it’s not like there are retards posted every day, I’ll post only the worst ones: nazis, scammers and such.

          • I agree, it could be laughable (sometimes, if the person that is under verbal attack trolls the retard, like I do) . But Naming and shaming is not the way, I can actually see myself in a battle with one of theese retarded guys that are posted here and I will see someone typing “Hey, Whatsyourname, you are that retard from Silentstalker’s blog”

            …And needless to say that wont be a very nice battle.

            • Needless to say its just my opinion, feel free to ignore it. Other people might enjoy this.

            • Anyone comes along with dumb shit like these people do, deserves to be;-

              a) Trolled
              b) Ridiculed
              c) Name and shamed
              d) Teamkilled
              e) Trolled again
              f) All of the above

              Keep posting…

              I sometimes disagree with you and abuse you for it..

              …but its your blog, your rules… anyone doesn’t like it can, you know…

              “not read it”…??

            • Who cares? Douchebag is the least of the insults thrown my way…

              You care to comment on those who teamkill someone for bringing a Loltractor into a Tier 10 game?

              Its a perfectly valid Platoon, SerB states its not a problem or against the rules since MM compensates..

              PS What did you get a permanent forum ban for?

  11. EU1 is down, so everyone went to EU2 and it’s overloaded :(

    Bloody weekend missions.

  12. If he could hack the server, why wouldn’t he get others’ passwords in that way?

  13. I don’t need his gold, I have a Friendly Prince in Nigeria that is sending me loads of cash