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  1. I guess it similar to the T62A with 200k xp needed to research.
    Ogbject 140 looks very similar to T62A but the turret position looks interesting as it is very close to the sloped armor part wich suggests that it has better gundepression than T62A

    • T-55 is almost identical to the T-54, most significant difference being that it has NBC protection(which is not really relevant in WoT). I think WG at some point said that they might actually introduce it as a hull option for the T-54 when that becomes available.

      T-64 is probably too advanced for WoT.

      • T-64 would be too advanced, but the upcoming(delayed) prototype, Object 430, will come.

        • Yes, it was all smoothbores and early forms of composite armor from the Obj.432 prototype to the T-64 models. We will probably never see the smaller 2-man autoloader turrets in WoT.

            • No, it was planned on the T-64, however the smooth bore won out and was placed on the T-64.

            • Here’s some info about it

              At the same time, pursuant to the decision of the State Committee of the USSR Council of Ministers for Defence Technology of 8 June 1961 on the establishment of a promising tank gun for tanks “Object 432″ and “Object 166″ integrated brigade, formed of representatives from the OKB-9, NII-24 , SRI-6, OTB-40 Plant. Malyshev and plant number 183, was worked out the possibility of establishing a promising 122-mm rifled gun D-83 with a muzzle velocity of 1600 m / s and 125-mm smoothbore gun D-81 with a muzzle velocity of 1800-1880 m / s and armor penetration at a distance of 2000 m at an angle of 60 ° from the vertical than 150 mm.”

  2. What is the point of the Obj 140?same gun,same engine,same ROF,why the hell whould any of us get that stupid tank?

    BTW i cant believe they reused the same gun in two different top tier,and least the E-100 has an alternate gun and is very diferent from the maus,but this?Its almost a carbon copy.

        • It does give a bit of flavour, but they are still very similar- they have the same APCR/HEAT pene and damage; acc/aim time/RoF differ by about 10-15%. The Brit L7 does have two types of HESH instead of HE and HEAT, though.

        • FV4202 and Leo are virtually identical, the former merely trades a little acc for better RoF, whereas the 50M has functionally the exact same gun as the Leo just with a different name and in practice irrelevant weight diff; only the Patton really differs from the lot in having roundly the worst softstats because of IDKLOL.

          • FV4202 is basically a heavy tank, slow and heavily armored. Leopard 1 is a light, paper armor and fast. How you can consider those identical is a mystery. The guns may be similar, but the tanks are not.

    • tank freezing on CW, tho I like the 62A so I’ll like the Object140 too. I’ll be my 2nd fav tank after 62A :)

  3. Thanks to Failgaming for this object140 shit tank. Who needs a T62 clon with ugly copula weakspots ?
    Again a medium without any usefull hull armor.

    If they dont improve their game in this patch they should at least ad interesting vehicles and not this trash.

    • I dont think the A-44 will have 150mm all over the front,maybe at the lower or upper part,its probably similar to M36 were the data only describes the lower front plate.

  4. Obj140 is even better than T-62 – same stats (same fucking insane dpm) plus better top speed and slightly better hp/ton. T-62 is, I believe, considered by many as the best t10 med in the game, so I call power creep.

    • I call “cash in” on the “new hotness”, though many people will probably have the xp saved on their OP-54 already, like myself. Nothing like adding another OP soviet trash can with a slightly different model to the garage.

    • Bit of numbers are not enough to evaluate tank. We don’t know about accuracy – it doesn’t have to be the same. WG can fuckup aim time, accuracy on the move. HP/ton mean shite when you have suspension quality/ground resistance/whatever its named factor. Hull MIGHT be (can’t judge from very few “generic” pics) better sloped than 60 degrees, presumably giving similar protection to T-54 and better autobounce when angled.

      SO I wouldn’t hold my breath, though I’m gathering exp on it.

      • WG knows how to tap into the wallets of their players though for that gold conversion/credit buying stuff. The tank either has to be:
        1. OP
        2. German

        • I’m sure they’ll make this new one at least slightly better than the T-62A. Why wouldn’t they? They know people will go for it, even if they already have a 62A. WG can come out with an infinite number of T-54 clones and people will jump out of their chairs to buy them instantly.

          • The whining never ends does it . A new line comes out and players say it’s a cash grab so that players need to free xp through shit tanks of the line .Here they give us the option to get it directly from the tier 9 and the whining continues . Can’t help but agree with serb .. players in general are retards .

  5. Objekt 140 has 2 big turret weakspots and less hp, just a fucking clonetank to print some stalin quotes on it.

  6. I wonder why they went with 100mm armor on the object 140. Didn’t Silentstalker’s article on it say it had 120? Maybe wg decieded off the historical accuracy binge.

    • o.140 might have better slope on glacis than “default” 60 degrees. Hard to say from few generic pics, but it might achieve similar protection to T-54 hull. If you mate 120mm with dat angle, you might get quite OP hull armor. Not going to happen, especially as turret is already fat 240mm

      • the whole 120mm was quite a “fiasco” for a long time. Only the first 3k or so t54 had the 120mm but it was to heavy for the suspension and didn’t delivered the demanded mobility, so they reduced it to the standard 100mm all the others got and the first 3k also where “downgraded”.

  7. Same RoF
    Apparently comparable armor
    Similar power to weight ratio

    I thought this wouldn’t be a T-62A clone?

  8. Interesting…400 hp engine on the Obyekt 416 at Tier 8…and 107 mm ZiS-6 on the A-44 at Tier 7…

  9. Why is the Obj. 140 below T-62A in the tech tree? Shouldn’t it be above, considering it is a continuation of the A-43, A-44 line?

  10. Wargaming Office:

    Dev Guy Number One: So, for the next patch, we can either include brand new, open topped, WHOLE german Tank destroyer line, or we can add an unfinished, tier 6 to 10 (without a tier 9) russian med line that people can totally skip from the allready unlocked T-54, and wich ends with almolst the same tank as T-62A.

    Dev Guy Number Two: I’m not sure we should add the russian tanks, maybe push them back to rework them and include the brand new german TD line instead?


    • How are you so certain that the German TD line is finished in any way?

      Are you a secret WG employee?

      Are you SerB?!?!?

      I’M ON TO YOU!!!

      • the A-44 appeared in a video a year ago. 3-4 icons of the New German TD line appeared a year and a half ago.

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