Storm answers on 8.8

Just a few random answers from Storm:

- on the “admission” of the flawed MM earlier today: at some points it does put a tier 10 vehicles opposing tier 8′s (as in, one team has tier 10 tank and the other doesn’t)
- the abovementioned bug will be fixed in 8.8
- the rating mentioned in ASAP video is brand new, WG-made algorithm, the exact formula won’t be disclosed
- the rating was developed for a long time, Storm believes it’s well-made
- there won’t be any possibility to hide your rating
- Serene Coast was reworked a lot, it’s very different
- reload timer in seconds will be in 8.8
- tank description on minimap will be implemented, but not anytime soon
- the reload timer will take damaged ammorack/dead gunner into account
- random/platoon/company stats won’t be separated in 8.8

57 thoughts on “Storm answers on 8.8

  1. If they kept the same main stats used for their own formula that they shown some time ago I don’t think it’ll be used among the players.
    [WR+Avr Exp+ something(hit ratio or avr of them I think)]

    About the reload timer…Jimbo still owns them but it’ll be a great addition to “vanilla” players.

    • Also try deegies sights…. i love them. they show you wich gun the enemy youre pointing at has, and also the effective armoure youre aiming at.

      • I actually don’t need it because I know what I can pen in every tank I play.
        Also, XVM has the option to show if the enemy tank has stock turret/gun.

    • Rating: good idea
      Not telling us what goes into the rating: terrible idea

      It will be as meaningless as the current global rating. If we cannot examine it, then we can’t know the ways in which it is flawed. Which is a shame, since they have access to more information than fan created formulas do.

        • Wake up, XVM isn’t affected by cap points for months. It is affected by damage you deal just as much as WN7.

          • That’s because XVM switched to WN7 in default config some time ago. You can still use efficiency if you want to though. WN7 giers a better picture imo (sadly, as my efficiency seems to be somewhat better)

    • Ratings is a good idea, but just adding it and not using for MM accomplishes nothing.

      • Lets think:
        This game is really not fast paced.
        What “good” players do? Let noobs die/go-in-killzone first.

        Now imagine skilled MM – all good players in one battle – 30 of them. No noobs.
        All camp……
        Oh, yeah, super fun. For TDs especially.
        But dont judge yet.

        We need noobs (WHAT A HERETIC – BURN WORAS!), but in enough and balanced amounts.
        Same number of good players and bad players in both teams.
        And there is another problem – how to fairly distribute between tiers?
        Probably no-how. Or with +1 minute waiting times :)

        Sounds bad?

        • Nope, it doesn’t. Waiting a minute to play a GOOD match beats the hell out of getting right into a match where I’m going to have to carry half the team because they are effectively braindead during 10 or more minutes.

        • i wouldnt midn longer waiting times, but try make this suggestion in the forums, youll be really burnt as heretic there.
          “actual mm goooood
          any new idea baaaaad.”

        • Good players don’t camp.
          Noobs camp.
          Good players fluidly switch from attack to defense to counterattack.

        • Lol, nobody is demanding that only good players should join a match. The optimal skilled MM would be that both teams have the same amount of bad and good players.

          • Precisely. You don’t balance the players; you balance the teams. 2 greens, 8 yellows, and 4 reds on each side is fair. You could take the same 30 players but a totally different (and better) match just by splitting them in a skill-based manner.

        • Because it’ll the only tier 8 premium medium tank available(don’t talk bullshit about SPershing) and many players wanted it?

          • As I think – 11k too high.
            To suck money out of SP users I would do this:
            Announce selling for gold SP (7200)
            Set price for new (better than SP?) tank just a little bit more than 7200 – about more than 480 more.
            This makes users to (if they want new tank) buy 480 gold, not once, but twice – unless they have some left from when they gave free gold.
            Optimal price – 8000 gold.
            Additional profit with new vehicle changing the old one.

            Does my conspiracy theory sounds believable?

            • Trick is not to put price TOO high and keep them interested, or they just keep hanging on SP.
              There is a saying for such situation, but cant remember now – something with cake?

            • well, someone generic can still afford buying 3.8k gold, which they’ll add to 7.2k from pershing and buy t-34-3.

              …but there also exists one option – e-25.

    • The price is to limit the ammount being sold to prevent them taking over the server, this is why they increased the price of t8 premiums overall.

      Back when I joined even the Löwe was 7500 gold but it was so popular they had to increase the price, something that they should have done with the Type 59 but they were too slow and it was out of controll.

      Not everything is about the induvidual, i can understand why you are upset about the high price but there is other reasons for a high price besides greed.

      • Lol, you seriously believe that rubbish that WG puts out?
        The 12000 gold price haven’t stop T34s and IS-6s from appearing in every tier 8~9 game.
        The Type 59 is every where because its too good of a premium and even has preferential matchmaking.
        It is just better than the normal Chinese T-34-2 in pretty much every way as well.
        Löwe stopped appearing everywhere because WG nerfed it to the ground, the 12000 gold is just icing on the cake so they can milk the remaining players that wants it.

        • And yet you see hundreds of “too expensive, won’t buy dat crap” in the forums. Setting a higher price DOES decrease the number sold.

  2. From the screenshots in the ASAP, the Serene coast seems completely reworked…no giant ocean wasting space in the eastern side of the map, for one.

  3. - the reload timer will take damaged ammorack/dead gunner into account.

    And i truly expected to read something like:
    “unfortunate it’s not possible for us to take an damaged ammorack or an dead loader into account for calculating the reload timer. Therefor you only get the standard reload time you would have with your ammorack intact and loader alive. We are sure you can understand, that our engine has it’s limitations what it can do and what not. Our team of most professional expert programmers tried everything in there might, but it’s just not possible”

    • J1mb0 => who cares :)

      If they, however, would implement a correct shell travel time for artillery…now that would be impressive.

      • Doubt it would come. I remember reading something about SerB not liking the idea of shell travel time indicators/calling it easy mode/something along those lines.

        And we all know what happens if comrade Stal…err I mean Serb, doesnt like something…

    • Now I’m worried, If they change the code for the reload indicator the reticle mod that i’ve used since 0.7.2 will stop working.

    • I guess tank model and maybe tier. Currently, you only get indicator of general type (med, heavy, TD etc.)

  4. How meaningless. Whats the point of a closed source rating? Why even introduce it? You already know it’s going to be dismissed by the portion of the player base that actually cares about stats.