New “History” menu button

Hello everyone,

since the beginning, me and other posters have written a number of historical articles on various topics. Some, who’d otherwise be interested might have actually missed some of those, that’s why I added a new “History” button on the upper menu. By clicking on it, you’ll see a list of articles, sorted by nations.

I hope that it helps those, who are interested in the articles, to find what they were looking for and perhaps even the others to find the topics they want to know about.

10 thoughts on “New “History” menu button

  1. On fb: “new history menu button” – i was like: wtf history button in wot? lol xD

  2. May want to consider renaming it to “Historical” or “Historical content”, otherwise I can be confused(and indeed i confused it) with the website’s history.

  3. SS, I know you said earlier on that you didn’t want to add more buttons to the menu bar at the top of the page, so have you looked into creating categories for your articles? You already have your Q&A and Historical Articles under those menu buttons, so if you created categories for them you could change them from “Uncategorized” and then add a “Categories” drop-down box on the right side of the page so people can filter the posts they see by what they’re looking for. You can add multiples categories per post as well. Other categories you might want to consider are: Videos, Site Maintenance, and Interviews. Just some ideas.