8.8 ASAP video

Not even on the portal yet :) Enjoy.

- new “Quests” system (ingame missions)
- new service record
- new Soviet tanks
- German tanks rebalance
- premium Chinese 112 and T-34-3
- Tundra (new map, Karelia type)
- Komarin, Serene Coast and Swamp returning
- Superpershing will be selleable for gold
- national crew voices

116 thoughts on “8.8 ASAP video

  1. Get on this page a few minutes ago, nothing new. Refresh, steel from rhine, refresh seconds later, new Q&A, refresh a few seconds later, and this. Nice work man! Now time to watch the video.

  2. So I wonder if you have national crew voices enabled, will the British and American crews be differentiated upon with accents?

      • Japanese and Chinese sounds pretty diffrently actually. But we don’t have any Japanese crews yet anyway as the one Japanese tank we got is crewed by Chinese.

    • I want a British crew with a Yorkshire accent “Eh up lad, we clonked them good”

  3. Finally crew voice per nation, I got sick of my American tank crew speaking German.

    • It must have been one of the easiest features to add in a way as they already have all the voices due to localisation to those languages. All they had to do was include the voice files for everyone and add the option.

      • And French voices in a Chinese tank, I’d like to hear things like “Holy Cow”, “Heute Abend gibt’s Sauerkraut mit Kartoffeln und Wiener” and random stuff like that. :D

  4. 11k gold for the 34-3? They know that many players do want a prem medium tank…..these bastards

    • New premium tanks are increasingly expensive, E-25 was overpriced, this medium tank is almost as expensive as an IS-6…

    • I think its to prevent people from looking at it as a cheap, entry-level premium like the Type 59 or the Super Pershing was.

      I don’t like the idea of paying more for it, but at the same time, for every one scrublet who ends up NOT getting it, doing horribly with it, and then bitching about it on the forums, it may have been worth it.

  5. About the german “rebalance”…..I guess no words need to be spoken…

    I am already aware about the medium tanks, including the VK3002M and the VK3001H nerf.
    But they also touch the heavy tanks? This won’t end well man.

    If they ever dare to touch the VK3601H in an other way than just changing the label and its equipment..

  6. Nice to see Komarin back, I didn’t mind that map when it was originally in the game. Not too sure about swamp though. That was a massive campers map.

  7. Nice to see 2 maps i’ve never seen in random battles(komarin and swamp) and the number one camping map is back!

    • Komarin is actually number one camber map out of the original pool. Swamp is kinda too slow-paced too.

  8. No matter how many times they will say it, I simply cannot believe that German med maneuverability will stay the same after the removal of the top enginses.
    But just 2 questions.
    1) National voices – will they be an option or mandatory? Cause most players are totally accustomed to the current all English (or their national language) phrases and when all of the sudden their crews will start speaking Russian or German, it could seriously confuse them. And crew voices could be a very helpful source of information in the heat of battle, for example when reporting damage – sometimes I register what they are saying faster, than damage icon on my HUD.
    2) Where is Dragon Ridge? Will it ever come back? Or when it will come back, will it come back only to be taken away in next patch… again?

    • 1) Did you watch the video? It specifically mentions that it’s a switch in options.
      2) ASAP, but it’s a really hard one to change something there, the map is too unpredictable excluding the actual ridge (that’s why most tanks went there).

    • The video mentions that loss in power for German tanks will be compensated by “superior cross country ability”. So possibly less terrain resistance or better climbing ability on slopes?

      • There are 3 things contributing to the tank offroad performance: driver skill (basically more skilled driver equals more powerful engine), engine power (module value plus consumables) and terrain passability. Basically it’s a suspension stat that determines how much effective engine power you have on each type of terrain. That contributes to the fact that some tanks with more powerful engines doesnt really have a serious advantage in mobility when compared to other tanks will simillar mass but less powerful engines (see T-54 vs T-62A).

  9. as a hater and mean SOB, i say – hmm… at last a nice patch with some content, maps (as in maps) and lots of goodies!

    GJ WG.

  10. Super P: Compared the stats in the video to the current ones and there is no difference. Must be the unchanged version in the video? Pen, damage, HP, speed, damage, view range……all the same as current. Hmmmm………..

    • The upper front plate angle was changed, meaning that the effective armor was lessend. Effective armor isn’t listed on stats.

      • If they buff the mobility enough it might stil be good, if not it might be time to sell it.

  11. At 5:52 it looks like they added a land route on the eastern side of the Serene Coast map, so hopefully the new option will reduce camping.

  12. “We’ll add the tier 9, Object 430, in a later patch”
    I thought it was going to be the tier 10 for a third MT line?

    • “I thought it was going to be the tier 10 for a third MT line?”

      It’s the 2nd line.They will add T10 Object 430 and T9 Object 430 prototype.

      Object 140 is the 3rd line, but for now you can access it through T-54.

  13. What will be in German rebalance? Nerfs? :D:D Anyways I love this guys now, even they are Stalinist. :D

  14. So…. the long praised “german rebalance” is nothing more but “nerfing”/removing some engines and improving the suspesions leaving everything at +-0 just like it is now?

    Ooooh yeah… really awesome “rebalances” -.-. Why does this NOT surprise me at all?

  15. Serene Coast is back… God i hate that map. Interested to see what changes they did to it though, hopefully it’s going to be a bit more dynamic and not a camp fest like it used to be. Never had a chance to play on Komarin and Swamp so looking forward to those too.

    11 000 gold for the bloody T-34-3??? Are they kidding me? Seriously that tank costs almost as much as bloody T34 or IS-6. I was looking forward to getting one so I could play platoons with my friends who got type 59(as it looks similar enough apart from gun), but now I am seriously reconsidering just buying one of the tier 8 heavies.

    • I’m kind of the opposite…I left around 0.7.3 and only recently came back, so I remember Komarin and Swamp but never played Serene Coast. I don’t remember Swamp being too terrible, but I hope they really reworked Komarin because it definitely wasn’t my favourite.

      • Serene Coast used to be a super camp fest. Most of battles would finish with draw result because both teams would be to scared to move as opposing team campers would kill you before you make it to next cover.

        • Which was made worse at high tiers when you besides the campers ALSO had to face 3-5 arty pieces shooting on the rare players that did try to advance. Atleast that last thing won’t happen on that map as frequently or as deadly as it used to be anymore.

    • Yep…if they keep it at the same price as in the video and not the 7500 gold price it was proposed I won’t buy it either.

      I was looking after it not because it was a good tank or anything close to it but because it was a cheap alternative to other tier 8 premiums which my wallet could handle.

  16. Interesting video. First of all, not sure what to think of the new Service Record screen, seems to be too dark and requires too much flipping between tabs to see information that’s given on the same screen on the current one. I guess I’ll have to see it in-game to really judge, but I never really thought that screen needed changing.

    Also, I’m still a bit confused about the German “rebalance”, especially the part with the VK3001(H) going down to Tier 5 and how that’ll affect the tree. So do you have to research it from the Panzer III/IV(ie, remaining on Tier 5), or can it be researched directly from the Panzer III? Do you need to go through it to access the Panther line, or can you jump directly from the III/IV to its replacement? If it can be bypassed in anyway I don’t imagine many would grind it, since it’s sounding like it’ll be a pretty mediocre tank :/. And having to stay on the same tier to grind up a line would be an (annoying) first.

    • SR screen will be better, you know, people who spend there more than 10 seconds love to dig in stats, so they’ll get more of them, yay!

    • VK3001H will be researchable from DW – new tier 4 heavy. 3001H will be a new tier 5 heavy and VK3601H will be a tier 6 heavy. All of this obviously leads to Tiger, Tiger II and E-75.

    • VK3001H will become T5 heavy just like VK3601H. The new line will look like this:
      T4 Durchbruchswagen -> T5 VK3001H -> T6 VK3601H -> T7 Tiger

      • I’ve read the previous articles(though I’ll admit forgetting about the DW), but I don’t see where the new tree is described?

        Would be a bit odd if it’s the Pz IV that leads to the VK 3002M, considering that it’s always been the III/IV that takes you up the Panther branch. I really don’t want to grind my way through the 38nA if I decide to go up that branch :P

      • I don’t think WG would spontaneously swap the places of the Pz4 and Pz3/4

        Pz4 will not be able to get the 30.02(M)

      • We should be able to sell the Lowe for gold considering that they nerfed the fuck out of that since it’s launch. It’s size, and even worse, it’s mobility even went further to shit making the tank pure garbage. But, you won’t be able to get that gold back for that. Why? “Because fuck Germans” *tm

        “Because fuck Germans” is a trademark of Wargaming.net.

        • A friend of mine uses the Lion as his main money grinder and thinks it’s *still* a prity cool tank that doesn’t afraid of anything (except transmission fires).
          This is probably related to the fact he’s a rather good player, whereas I’m willing to go out on a limb and guesstimate you whiners are *not*.

    • learn2play it, it actually is still very powerfull. just do not try to pull e75 stuff with it.

  17. NOW I’m REALLY interested in the Obj 416, a tier 8 medium with the 100 mm D-10T2C from the T-54. The T-54 grind will also be considerably easier through that line.

      • I mean look at the gun stats, 320 dmg and 201 mm pen, it fits the D-10T2C perfectly and why would they create a new gun with identical stats to one that’s already ingame?

          • Why should I? There’s no such rule.

            And the gun of Object 416 was called M63. So it’s not the D-10T2C one.

  18. I already play the game in Japanese on the NA server and Russian on the Test server (because I can only play it in Russian on that server only for some reason…).

  19. SS… You’re alluded to knowing the “German re-balance” a little while ago. I think it’s time to bring out one of your old school style articles and blow the cover off of these details if they’re significant.

    Sometimes I do miss the old FTR for it’s supertest leaks and such. :(

  20. They banned GARBAD! one player who was actually making quality threads on NA forums. Something because of Stalin piece of shit. And knowing NA moderators for years, it was something ordered from Minsk HQ. Fuck you stalinist pricks!!!

    • Did they really ban him? For what now? A thread about cold blood murderer stalin?

    • I say good riddance. Being a good player does not make you entitled to be a dick to everybody else.

      • Garbad liked to tease the trolls. In my experience he was nowhere near the top of the obnoxious list on the forums, and the posted a lot of great information which helped me, and many others, learn to play the game better.

        Personally, i found him pretty funny.

  21. I love the sidestep of the Super Pershing question. All this new information, and they did actually say how they were balancing the armor nerf. Just “Were changing some of the other characteristics too…”

    • whole fucking video was like this. “let me clearly explain the new russian tanks, and then shortly mention everything else, because stalin”

  22. Why the fuck are german tanks balanced by making them slower or what ever bullshit WG is pulling? Whats the fuking point in removing engines? No tanks are fucking historical in WOT anyfuckingways.

    • They didn’t say “slower”, just less-powerful engines, which means that they’ll take longer to get up to their top speed. They also said that terrain resistance will be changed, which hopefully means that they won’t be as slow going up hills or an anything that’s not an asphalt, cobblestone or dirt road as they are now…or WG could just be trolling again.

  23. So it’s going to be a very long and enjoyable grind with reasently researched T-54 to open both tier 10 tanks =)