15.8.2013 – part 2

Since I promised to promote this: check out the VBAddict Battle Simulator – a tool for battle analysis. Looks useful.

- players breaking the rules too much ingame? “How terrible…”
- Object 430U will not come anytime soon
- the Intuition perk is working as intended apparently
- Czechoslovak tree will not come as a separate tree, but as a part of the EU tree, SerB states that they will maintain a significant presence within their boundaries, for example with heavies it’s really bad (SS: Czechs have three possible heavy tanks as far as I remember, if we count out the IS copies: two very lowtier vehicles (2/3) and Tiger with a 75mm autoloader)
- dynamic tank characteristics in hangar (SS: as in, adjusted by crew skill) are planned

- ingame ticked system (SS: the ability to open a support ticket window in the client itself) is not planned
- no plans to introduce a system, that would replace AFK players in battle with active ones
- EU tree also having a national voiceover? “That’s quite complicated, we are working on the issue now.”
- T-44 and T-54 turret sizes in game are correct
- unguided rocket tanks will be implemented into WoT
- previously earned medals, earnable by medium tanks, will stay on the VK3601H and VK3001H despite the fact they will change their class to heavy tanks, SerB states that he doesn’t give a damn, whether in half a year, “newfags” will start to moan about medium tank medals on heavy tanks
- national voiceovers will have to be specifically turned on
- Swedish tanks of the EU tree can build possible heavy branch up to tier 10 (SS: KRV – Swedish “light” heavy autoloader prototype, somewhat resembling AMX-50B performancewise)
- Japanese heavy branch will most likely start with medium vehicles
- British and Chinese trees were released only partially (without arties, TD’s) in order to spread the load on both the developers and the players
- upper base on Pearl river much easier to play? “How terrible”
- Chinese TD’s and arties won’t come apparently anytime soon
- tier 9 for the Object 430 was found, including turret drawings
- WG already sent some people to the Swedish Armor Museum to study the KRV
- T-34-3 price too high? “If the price for a thing feels too high, it’s probably better not to buy it. That’s what I think.”
- the Japanese heavy branch won’t most likely originate from Type 91 and Type 95 heavy tanks, because there are no vehicles to put between them and higher tier heavies, but if such a vehicle is found, it might start from those tanks yet
- the tank with most hull variants is probably Panzer IV
- Province map won’t be available for tier 5 vehicles (like Widepark) for now
- Nashorn and Sturer Emil will appear in historical battles (in their respective periods)
- Sturer Emil will be (penetration-wise) equipped with the equivalent of the current 128mm E-100 gun (246 pen, 490 dam), the gun is two-times as heavy as the E-100 gun, because the weight is counted with its lafette
- historical battles might be played on large (1,5-2km) maps
- the reason behind rear-turret Soviet designs were for example better weight distribution on the suspension
- special tanks, such as the Schneider CA1 (Spanish Civil War) won’t be introduced for historical battles only, more likely they will be implemented as premium tanks

- SerB also posted this: a track link of the O-I, 1 meter wide, 20cm thick, it is found in the Wakajishi shrine in Japan:


- more Soviet derp tanks won’t be implemented for now
- different HE shell mechanics are not being developed right now

Overlord answers on his blog:

- on Superpershing rebalance: “We will be changing its armour and doing rebalancing. There is a chance that some won’t be happy with it. That’s why there will be an option to sell the tank, since you’ve invested real money into it.”
- arty rebalance (after the nerf) won’t happen in 0.8.8, but probably in 0.8.9
- 0.8.8 test will come “before September”
- Komarin should be “TD friendly”

141 thoughts on “15.8.2013 – part 2

    • are you kidding?!!?!? AHAHAAHAHAHHAAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAAHAAHA. Arty is still ridiculously easy.

      • Especially when your team going to a lemming train, and let you die in 2 minutes (no chance to hit even a Maus from 50m or bigger distance in direct fire mode)…

        • You realize that you shouldn’t just be able to “direct fire mode” things so easily and gib them right? Oh you don’t because you’re a clicker who was used to instagibbing anything you want, across the map, or 100m in front of you.

          There seems to be more players now that arty is somewhat controlled. Buff arty and watch people bail again.

      • As an medium tank player – it seems that it isn’t “that” easy, I used to spot a lot, right now it’s more or less senseless, as the only arty we can get will shot once per minute and miss.
        But hey “muh heavy tank is countered by arty” or rather “fucking scissors, they beat me, rock’s okay ~ regards paper”.
        Some nerf was needed but that was too much.

    • Arty was way overnerfed, I bought the GWTiger just before the update and now it is truly unplayable. Only the British arty can be considered enjoyable now…….

      • British SPGs are loads of fun.
        Overall SPGs are fine. If anything maybe give them better aim times. And for the higher tiers give them a faster reload time. Maybe 5-10s faster on the T10s?

    • just leave arty as it is – even though its absolutelly ridiculous how they can still one shot you and players dont need any skill to play them -> you are just unlucky someone who knows a shit about thsi game press a shot button ….

      arty should have been never introduced in this game

      and yes i played arty as well – one of the most unbalanced and op think in this game

      • I have half my games in SPGs.
        Yes there is some luck with SPG AFTER you hit fire.
        But it is knowing where to aim in advance and how far ahead to lead that takes skill.
        Greatest number of kills in SPGs for me? 5 in T57. only class 1.
        Avg.1-2 at best with tiers 3,4,5. Why? Reload time and shell flight time.
        My grille is down to under 24s reload time and I still cant get loads of kills with it. Damage yes. Kills? Not without wasting loads of time. Its rare that an SPG is OP.
        Once you hit fire… its all down to Luck.

    • Yes Chalky that’s what all non arty playing arty haters say hoping to god that they don’t put arty back as it was. I bet you are still camping and now blaming td’s.

      • well i really have to say that i see less camping since 8.6 and i almost dont think about arty if there arnt at least 3 of them (almost!)
        I presonally find game More enjoyable now… 3-4 artyes (per team) games are rare, camping because of arty almost non existable.
        Now i can say i play game called world of Tanks… before 8.6 game was unplayable from tier 7 or 8+ when there were every second game 4 atrtyes on each side and they were able to decide where they are going to shoot you… like playing TD from air
        No offense

  1. I’m still curious about this whole SuperPershing thing. I bought it, so I eagerly await its “rebalancing”. As far as they buff it’s gun (which is an abomination pen-wise), I’ll be probably OK with it.

    • WG have stated that it wont be a gun buff – terrain passability buff probably. Personally, I don’t have a problem with it’s low pen because i use it’s good acuracy to shoot weakspots – try it some time, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

      • The problem is that most heavies of the same tier will bounce 40%+ of hits to their main weakspots (for reference, the KT’s lower plate is 168 effective), and that’s before you consider angle or distance- it’s also slower than most of them, so flanking is not viable. It needs to be able to defeat heavies frontally, at a distance (without spamming APCR). Long 88 levels of accuracy and penetration would suffice, with a shorter aim time- but possibly slightly worse RoF than currently. Basically, it would win battles by attrition, abusing armour and gun depression combined with reliable firepower to wear down enemies without taking too much damage. But its low damage output and paper armoured weakspots would get it killed on a brawl.

        Would also gladly trade traverse speed (it’s rather front heavy, after all) for better accel/hill climbing- the regular Persh has its engine buffed to 560hp already, and the terrain resistance could also be tweaked.

        • Still, its a premium, and if you dont like it you dont play it. You dont have to play it…

          • Yup. Is not like the T69 doesn’t have to spam gold to be competative in T9 and 10….wait nm

            • If you really think that the T69 needs to spam gold to be competitive at tiers 9 & 10, you need to go back to tier 5. Most of the other tier 8 mediums have similar pen (~175), and they have no problems at those tiers.

            • Other tier8 mediums have either superior mobility to compensate for low pen (T-44, T-34-2) or superior gun characteristics: aim time, accuracy, pen, depression (Pershing, Panther II, IP, Centurion I). So yes, you have to use gold ammo if you want to be competitive at higher tiers. In fact, every single tank that doesnt have 200 pen should use gold ammo vs tier9 and higher. It’s just some tanks that have an option to be effective in combat through other means and some dont.

            • Now, tell my 13 90 that 175 pen on it’s AP clips isn’t useful to garnish roughly 2k damage in a nearly pure tier 10 match…..

              Gold spam is a hinderance to a player, as they don’t have to learn anything about tanks, especially with stupid amounts of pen (like damn, why does that medium, get more pen than my 50 100, by ~40 mm)

              The more skilled players can easily get by with standard AP, they don’t need “easy mode” to win.

              Nobody thinks a guy who challenges a 10 year old to a fight is cool or a good fighter….

          • Don’t like it, don’t play it is a retarded argument. Firstly, imbalance discourages variety- if you happen to like a certain tank but it’s weak, you are basically forced to gimp yourself. And please point out to me how many tier VIII American premium meds there are.

        • A tier 8 premium medium(So right off the bat should be slightly worse than a fully upgraded tier 8 regular medium) should be able to defeat Heavy tanks up front?

          I think there is a problem there. A medium shouldn’t be able to stare down a heavy tank in its tier and kill it easily. It should have to try. Aim at the view port on the front of the King Tiger(107 mm on KV-3 penned that spot.)

          • (1) It’s a medium for crew training purposes only- it moves at about half the speed of a regular med, yet has heavy tank frontal armour. (2) Some tanks being a bit more powerful overall at the cost of MM weight is a dumb mechanic. The more MM weight you have, the more influence you get, so good players would generally be advised to pick heavies/TDs- and the MM weight system is not implemented in TCs anyway. Also, why should prems be weaker? That just makes the team with more prems disadvantaged. As long as they aren’t blatantly OP, it’s fine. (3) You generally can’t flank with 25km/h speed, so killing them frontally would better be a viable option. (4) If you take the time to aim for cupolas and MG ports, they will likely be able to hit the top of your turret- and they hit much harder than you in that exhange.

            • Prems should be weaker because 1) they are bought with real money, you dont buy pwn with real money in this game 2) they are designed to farm credits, not pwn random.

        • KV-5 has less pen than Super Perch and I have no problem in it…I never shoot KT in lower front plate cause i never penetrate, i just shoot the commander’s cupola or the side armor (wich is paper)
          IS-3 is even easier, some shots at the frontal hull can penetrate, and the roof of the IS-3 is penetrable even by guns with 90mm pen.

          • AlltoughIn real life, Super pershing’s gun was better than the long 88 milimeter of the King Tiger.

            • Are you kidding me. Longer 88 mm gun worse than shorter 90mm gun.



              “Super Pershing
              The so-called “Super Pershing” before extra armor welded on. Note length of barrel, 73 calibers, to compete with the 88 mm KwK 43 L/71 gun of the Tiger II.
              The 90-mm M3 gun of the Pershing was similar to the German 88 mm KwK 36 used on the Tiger I. In an effort to match the firepower of the Tiger II’s more powerful 88 mm KwK43, the T15E1 90 mm gun was developed and mounted in a T26E1 in January 1945. This tank was designated T26E1-1. The T15E1 gun was 73 calibers in length and had a much longer high capacity chamber. This gave it a muzzle velocity of 3,750 ft/s (1,140 m/s) with the T30E16 APCR shot and could penetrate the Panther’s frontal armor at up to 2,600 yd (2,400 m). This model used a single piece 50 in (1,300 mm) long ammunition and was the only Super Pershing sent to Europe.”

              Note that gun velocity in SP is for APCR rounds (1130 m/s for KT 8.8 cm KwK43 APCR rounds). For normal AP shells all depends on propellant (KT gun cartridge was also considerably taller (at 822 mm) and wider than that of the KwK36, allowing for a much heavier propellant charge).

            • the KV5 is tall and can easily shoot down on angled armor or the top of other vehicles. the SP is stuck at an awkward angle and its not easy hitting, even less so actually penetrating the cupola of the Tiger 2. alas, this tank gots to go for me… had a good run tho.

            • @CS: …by what math exactly is 90mm times 73 *shorter* than 88mm times 71? Just wondering.

            • But still normal 3,54″ AP M77 is the same as in 90mm M3 gun so the pen is only 10 mm better. Germans have special new shells with bigger propellant for they KwK 43 gun. Amerian have only 2 90mm t15e1 guns on two SP during WW2 (One on desert and second in Europe) so they could use special ammo insted of standard AP shells.

              Hee are propertys of 90mm M3 gun shells:


              Unfortunately, there is a A.P.C.-T., M82 instead of a M77 but velocity is 2 800 f/s = 853,44 m/s (better than KwK 36 ca 750 m/s but worse than KwK 43 1000 m/s). KT with huge turret can use more propellant for one shot than SP with smaller turret.

          • I don’t use much in mine, don’t like to kill the purpose of the tank, you know…. making a large profit…

            For almost all guns/situations, AP will easily suffice.

          • It’s huge, has no armour, and its historical engine propelled it to an amazing 20km/h. The platform is utter garbage to balance out the gun, which will probably have about BL-10 levels of brute force for its tier and good accuracy- aim time might be an issue, though.

          • Do you REALLY think they would make any Kraut tank OP? REALLY???? Yes it’s gun might be OP, but it will only be OP on fucking paper. In practice it will be SHIT. Remember how much time it took them to nerf JgpzE100? One test server update exactly. On the first one it had 1150 damage and on the second it was already lowered to 1050 and whole tank changed to turd on tracks. Today it’s decent at best and nothing more than that. How about SU100Y. It’s fucking tier 6 and it has IS7 fucking gun. It’s armor altough shit is better than the one Sturer Emil will had. And traverse is unexplainably magic on SU100Y while the Sturer Emil will have like 20 °/s probably. So please tell me again how Emil will be OP fanboi.

            • just from the top of my head,
              above average (there are no op tanks in game) kraut tanks:

              pz 1c
              marder 2
              vk 3601
              indien pz
              (also t-15, t-25, b2, lefh arty… but they are all premiums)

              but regarding Emil, it will be a big, open, slow, paper armored tank with tier 10 gun… it will be balanced

              p.s. su-100y is quite meh actually

            • It’s really bad how WG put a gun to your head and force you to play German tanks….

            • This guy played a while. No way will WG allow the Germans have a “must have/op” tank. This game was designed to teach the Germans another lesson for strolling into Russia so easily while fighting more fierce opponents on the other side.

            • The Brits in ’41 were a pretty far cry from “fierce opponents” to put it bluntly, the navy and airforce aside. Also but a trivial distraction for the Wehrmacht that early into the North African campaign.

              Anyways. L2P and stop the stale whine, Wehraboo; German tanks are good.

            • SU-100Y has a gun that is quite different than the IS-7′s gun (only similarity in-game being the caliber)…quit your bitching and whining and L2P.

            • The SU-100Y’s gun is not tier X, people just drew conclusions like AMAGAD IT’S A 130MM AND NOT A DERP THEREFORE IT’S THE IS-7 GUN. It’s actually easier to compare to the 122mm M62-T2- on the IS-8 and 4 it has the same damage, aim time and accuracy, but much lower RoF (4 vs 4.88 and 5) and pene (198 vs 258). That monster is way too agile, though, if anything I would nerf its terrain resistance.

    • +/- 7 degrees side to side barrel movement might not be so much fun though…………….

  2. “Chinese TD’s and arties won’t come apparently anytime soon”

    Aww…I do hope not any time soon means “not in the next two patches”…if it’s “not in the next year” I’m gonna be really sad. I’d be quite interested in Chinese arty.

    • Well, it won’t come in next 2 patches.
      8.8—You know
      8.9—Waffentragers, baby!
      9.0—I bet It’ll bring Havok engine

      • If you played the Chinese at all, you’d know that they’re actually quite different from other nations. Sure the heavies are a little too similar to the Soviets, but meds and lights are an entirely different thing, no matter what they were originally based on. Slow medium tanks with heavy tank guns and insane turrets since tier 7? Exactly which nation does that?

        Even if Chinese TDs and SPGs were largely the same as the Soviet except for a few original developments, not everybody plays the soviet TDs and SPGs so there would still be a market.

  3. - Komarin should be “TD friendly”

    I think he was talking about swamp:

    OverlordAugust 15, 2013 at 3:56 PM

    Swamp will also be back.

    David ListerAugust 15, 2013 at 4:26 PM

    Is it still TD friendly?

    OverlordAugust 15, 2013 at 8:03 PM

    Well, it should be. )

  4. > if we count out the IS copies
    Czechoslovakia produced “IS copies”? Licensed production for export?

  5. T-34-3 price too high? “If the price for a thing feels too high, it’s probably better not to buy it. That’s what I think”

    Baddies stay away from my hipster tank :P

    • You think 11k gold will keep baddies away from it?
      I don’t see Lowe’s/T34′s/IS-6′s price keeping wallet tomatoes away from them.

      • If the prices is 11k why the f*ck they putted on wiki that is 7.5k gold …. they allways do things like that .My opinion is that if u wanna put smth in a game stop giving fake infos (since wot comunity is crazy about exact info’s)


  6. The KRV is more of a medium tank, at least in practice. Tank classifications were somewhat abdanoned from the 50s to the 60s on (light tanks stay light tanks, mediums becoming MBTs and heavies becoming obsolete)

    - the tank with most hull variants is probably Panzer IV
    Agree with that…Basically, the Pz4 started with 20mm hull armor, then had 50mm and in the end had 80mm frontal hull armor. There was even another hull planned (Ausf.K) with the same 80mm hull armor, but in a 50° slope similar to the JagdPz IV, having an effective armor of ~124mm

    Why could they not just split up the Pz IV into two different tanks? A tier 4 early Pz4 and the tier 5 late Pz4 what we have right now.
    The tier 5 Pz4 would stay as we know it, while earlier iterations of the Pz4 had less armor (50mm hull frontal. unsloped, still works against HE shells) and didnt have the 75mm L/43 until Ausf F2.
    A tier 4 Pz4 with the aftermentioned paper armor and just with the 75mm L/43 could be a german T-28. Or for that matter, a tier 4 german with a GOOD gun. If necessary, use a weaker engine for the tier 4 Pz4.
    The tier 5 Pz4 as we know it should stay…

    - Sturer Emil will be (penetration-wise) equipped with the equivalent of the current 128mm E-100 gun (246 pen, 490 dam), the gun is two-times as heavy as the E-100 gun, because the weight is counted with its lafette

    Wait a minute…246 normal pen in tier 7? D: I guess the chassis is rather sluggish.. (then again, the Nashorn wasnt the fasted TD)

    • Forgot a thing…assuming that unlocking elite tracks will also unlock the second “elite” hull as they stated earlier sometime, it means that we could only have two hulls per tank, at best.

      This statement somewhat contradicts with an earlier one, that hulls would not always give the user an advantage. Think about it, you can use a lighter hull with less armor so your tank will be faster but you have paper armor. Goes the other way arround too, a heavier hull will grant more armor, but you are slower then.

      • They didn’t said that you’ll unlock the hulls after you unlock the tracks.
        They said you’ll unlock the hulls after the tracks.
        (How some guns are unlocked after the turrets)

        • I’m dumb…
          Replace my first sentence with this:
          “They didn’t said that you’ll unlock the hulls when you’ll unlock the tracks”

    • A tier 4 Pz4 with the aftermentioned paper armor and just with the 75mm L/43 could be a german T-28.

      Ofc! And remove that creepy Pz 38 nA thingy scout!

  7. - arty rebalance (after the nerf) won’t happen in 0.8.8, but probably in 0.8.9

    Hope dies last

  8. - players breaking the rules too much ingame? “How terrible…”

    what an asshole, fuck the players, lets see how that pans out when the game starts to wear off like all other games

    • FUnny thing is that when someone teamkills serb he gets butthurt and perma bans the guy.

      • I would create an account on the russian server just to see him in battle, teamkill him, and then tell him “oh, you got killed? How Terrible”

      • You know that’s for targeting him because he’s SerB, and not for the whole “whoops” incidents?

        As any dev/higher-up in a game, playing, would be targeted by any and possibly all people who don’t like the game (yet still play it…)

  9. Dat O-I track…feels like someone foun a teeth from a giant prehistoric whale…1 meter wide? That is HUGE.

  10. Sure, all Nations get bigger guns than in real, just the Germans get original/smaller guns…The gun from the Emil was the gun of the Jagdtiger and not the small one.

    • Yeah, that must be why SO MANY historical Tiger Ones carried the long 88 and why so many of the bigger tanks were fitted with the “tankified” version of the 10,5cm heavy AA gun that, you know, never actually reached production…
      Wehraboo butthurt is plain pathetic when it is open denial of obvious facts.

      • Yeah, that’s the one thing I’ll bring up whenever someone brings out the old “If the Tiger and Panther were as strong as they were in real life they would dominate the game!” . Umm, last time I checked the Tiger and Panther(like most of the game’s tanks) are significantly *buffed* compared to real life, what with the former’s long 88 as you mentioned and the Panther with the Schmalturm and a 75mm the length of the Siegfried Line. The Germanophiles just conveniently forget that in WoT they regularly go up against tanks which, had they encountered in real life, they wouldn’t have the inflated reputation they have now.

        If they want they can create a training room filled with stock T-34s and Shermans and do all the turkey shooting they want.

        • Except, they must be so bad, I am certain every stock M4/T-34 will be able to knock out at least to two fo them :P .

      • Of course they must be up gunned over their real life counterparts, how else do you want T62 stand a chance to M1? Oh, i meant Tiger II against M60 for example… Yep, if someone gets lucky, they can kill tier 10 in tier 2 (Perhaps some premium ammo on a TD against paper tank with a shot to its rear?) Anyway, enough with the nonsense.

        Like if they couldnt give Tiger I just short 88 as top gun, reduce HP, give it maybe even worse engine and make it tier 6; like if that wouldnt be almost just alike VK3601H except additional 20mm side armor IIRC; and everybody would be happy…. Tiger I would accually meet T34 and M4 like the VK does while it KVS would still pen it frontaly and Tiger I could ding it. And about the turret; even on VK you aim for hatch, so would you on Tiger I

  11. “unguided rocket tanks”

    I know they mean tanks that shoot unguided rockets, but I can’t help but imagine a Sherman with rocket sticking out of its rear flying across the map when I read that.

  12. - Komarin should be “TD friendly”

    Actually he said Swamp will be in the next patch and that it “should be” be TD friendly.

  13. “- arty rebalance (after the nerf) won’t happen in 0.8.8, but probably in 0.8.9″
    I have a question about where on his blog you got this?(I would like to have this as a source for myself)
    Cus the only thing I found is these comments:

    Overlord: “Coldt, not in 0.8.8. Will be monitoring the situation further.”
    in response to Coldt “How about the arty rebalance?”
    source: http://overlord-wot.blogspot.se/2013/08/wot-asap-088.html?showComment=1376521235822#c4048433992640621845

    Overlord: “Not in 8.8. Most likely in the next update after it.”
    in response to Folterknecht: “Hi OL!
    Any news regarding XP for arti, will there be changes in 0.8.8?
    We already discussed it here:
    Source: http://overlord-wot.blogspot.com/2013/08/wot-asap-088.html?showComment=1376563847610#c7212553842357308612

  14. ‘- Komarin should be “TD friendly”’

    So its gonna be a shit campfest just like before. FUCK YOU WG.

  15. “SerB states that he doesn’t give a damn, whether in half a year, “newfags” will start to moan about medium tank medals on heavy tanks”


    Is this the new and improved style of russian PR?

    To go along with Putin’s Poof Prevention Practices ™…

    Fooking hilarious… is he so rich now he is intentionally trying as hard as possible to alienate players so see what happens?

  16. ”- unguided rocket tanks will be implemented into WoT”

    great,i would love to be one shooted in t5 heavy from BT -.-

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