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today, we’re going to have a look at the Object 430U. When the upcoming tier 10 medium tank Object 430 was announced, a lot of players (well, Russian mostly) were asking: “Will it get the 122mm gun?” The answer is of course “no” – it was Object 430U that was equipped with one.


Object 430U (“uluchennij” – improved, or “usilenij” – strenghtened) was – although designated a medium tank – a Soviet take on how heavy and heavily armored a Soviet medium tank can get. It was (as the name suggest) a development of the Object 430 itself, but with improved armor and a 122mm D-25T gun.

The Object 430 itself was a result of the early 50′s program to find something better than the T-54. It was designed by A.A.Morozov in Kharkov between 1954-1955. More details on its history are in the Object 430 article, linked above.

In 1954, the construction bureau of the Kharkov plant No.75 made another medium tank preliminary project on its own initiative, under the designation of Object 430U. The frontal hull armor was improved to 160mm (120mm on original Object 430). The turret was also reworked in order to improve its protection and to install the 122mm D-25T gun (some sources suggest that a 130mm gun was also considered). Suspension was also reworked and the weight of the tank increased from 35,5 tons to 42 tons.

In a number of parameters (ammunition rack, ground pressure, power-to-weight ratio), the Object 430U was better than serially produced IS-3 and IS-4 heavy tanks and also the heavy experimental Object 730. As a result of the Object 430U, it was demonstrated that not only do the medium tanks have development potential, they can also archieve and surpass the parameters of heavy tanks. However, at this stage, the development of the Object 430U was stopped: by its parameters, it was effectively a heavy tank and the Soviets already had a post-war heavy tank program (which resulted in T-10) and didn’t need another one.

Characteristics (unverified):

Weight: 42 tons
Crew: 4
Hull armor: 160/80/50mm
Turret armor: 250/180/63
Engine: 600hp (5TD)
Gun: 122mm D-25T
Power to weight: 14,2 hp/t

In World of Tanks

SerB confirmed that while Object 430U won’t appear for now, it might be introduced as a tier 10 heavy tank. How would its branch look – no idea, haven’t checked yet, but it would be an interesting addition (lighter than most other heavies, while packing a punch). If you are however concerned about the D-25T on tier 10: don’t be. All the D-25T guns were supposed to be replaced by the M-62, so this tank could probably carry one as well.

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35 thoughts on “Object 430U – possible tier 10 vehicle

  1. We already have a Chinese 113 and 121 for a medium/heavy mix up but I guess it won’t hurt to have another tank.

        • Yes, I forgot about magic Soviet hover suspensions. Still, it just looks like a faster IS-4 with less side/rear armor.

            • This has a much worse frontal slope than E-75 :facepalm:, maybe 200mm ingame AP resistant, which isn’t even close to E-75 levels of ufp armor.

            • It’s called “ground pressure”, apparently Nazis didn’t hear anything about it, but bad things happen when you keep fattening your tanks.

        • Engine doesnt mean jackshit anymore in WoT. You give a tank 1HP engine, but you modify it’s passability values to float around the battlefield like it’s on a fucking 0 gravity planet.

          • It still can’t climb well though. Take for example Jagdtiger and Jagdtiger8.8;
            Jagdtiger has more Hp/t, yet they still have similar acceleration and top speed.
            BUT the Jagdtiger climbs much better, because Hp/t means much more on a slope and passability.

            So basically “gliding hover tanks”—>>better on flat ground but shit on hills.

            • …which is actually more or less how *actual* hovercraft also behave, if I’m not mistaken; no traction to counteract the pull of gravity and all that. :P

  2. > How would its branch look – no idea, haven’t checked yet
    That’s a good question, this is still a medium tank chassis no matter how heavily armed and armoured it is.
    I’m looking forward to it anyway, big guns on mobile platforms are my favourites.

    • This is neither close to being heavily armored for a tier 9, nor does it have good HP/t (although mobility has yet to be seen).

      I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

        • That doesn’t even look close to 60° from vertical, if anything it looks like 40° and that’ makes it 160/cos(40°)= 208mm, with normalization(AP) I’m guessing around 200, maybe less.

          Am I mistaken about the angle?

          • I checked the obj430 schematics online and the frontal part looks like 60°

            Now I assume the tanks share a chassis but on the pic of the 430U you provided it doesn’t even look close. What’s the deal Frank? Would you care to elaborate?

    • How can you say you’ll go for this tank when it’s not even announced? :D Another retarded post by Woras.

  3. Now i realise why WG said in ASAP 8.8 video that Obj 140 will be quite an unique tank, when it’s just a T-62A copy.

    I bet the mistaken it for 430U. Now this looks like a truly unique med.

  4. “the Object 430U was better than serially produced IS-3 and IS-4 heavy tanks and also the heavy experimental Object 730.”

    What was heavy tank Object 730? I’ve heard of Object 770, but not 730.