- SerB is currently in bed sick apparently
- SerB is not responsible for tank price policy
- the vehicle being sellable for gold mechanism had to be developed specifically for the Superpershing case and it won’t be permanently in the game
- the Havok feature of stuff from tank flying off (the boxes, tools and such stuff) is planned

- an anti-bot/cheat software, detecting 3rd party programs, implemented in WoT? “No comment”
- Q: “Have you seen the TD event forum feedback? People don’t understand, how you can accumulate so much XP on the TD” A: “People don’t understand many things, that’s normal, but not critical.”
- SerB states that gameplay skill is more important than mods, when in a battle (regarding the question, whether mods don’t give too much advantage)
- there won’t be special subtitles for national voiceovers
- Sixth Sense won’t be removed from the game
- it’s technically possible to implement hotkeys into the hangar UI
- Lowe would have to have a worse gun in order to have limited MM
- WG is the owner of some patents (SS: as linked months ago, the MM patent for example), Storm admits WG had to sue someone in order to protect their patents
- ingame hangar selection (SS: as in, for example the ability to disable special event hangars) is not planned for now

Storm answers under the 0.8.8 patchnotes leak article:

- 0.8.8 test will come soon
- VK3001H and 3601H tank crew will automatically re-learn to “heavy” tank
- T-44-85 will be available for sale later, but T-44-122 won’t be ever sold, it won’t be a CW reward and it won’t be an event reward vehicle (SS: it’s possible that it will serve as a reward for some very tough ingame quests, Storm will tell “soon”)
- Germans will recieve a small buff, not a nerf
- the reload time in seconds will be working with hundreds of seconds (SS: “4,12 seconds remaining” for example)

98 thoughts on “17.8.2013

  1. - T-44-85 will be available for sale later, but T-44-122 won’t be ever sold, it won’t be a CW reward and it won’t be an event reward vehicle (SS: it’s possible that it will serve as a reward for some very tough ingame quests, Storm will tell “soon”)

    ooooo, me wants, lets hope its not cheatable like the contests

      • The VK 36.01 (H) will be untouched. It will just change class. The vehicle characteristics will remain the same, since it already is for all intents and purposes a heavy tank.

    • They wont rebalance it. Slight reload time buff at most, it’s getting any nerfs other than MM weight by being reclassified.

      • diff between med and heavy is hp and dpm, so vk36 will receive more hp and a slight nerf on rld time coz is a heavy

  2. “-Germans will recieve a small buff, not a nerf”

    And the MT-25 will just be a T-50-2 with a different skin, right?

    • I agree with the sentiment, and maybe the MT-25 is a bit “bleh” for a tier 6 light, but always hated those little T-50-2s. I’m glad they’re gone.

    • Nah, what happened was that the T-50-2 was captured by the Germans, upgraded and lowered down two tiers, then renamed the “Panzer IC)

  3. I am the only one who do not dislike SerB and wish him a fast recovery? Come back on your legs fast!

    • Same here, his trolling is priceless and Frank would have quitted long ago without it.

    • Even though I hardly agree with everything they do, it does disturb me sometimes the sheer malice that people show WoT’s developers. Even popular targets of gamer rage like EA and Activision are only really called out for their greed, you rarely see people wish harm on them which is not uncommon in the WoT community.

      I wonder if part of it is racism? I don’t see WG getting quite the same intensity of hate were they a West European or North American developer. And there’s a bizarre love/hate relationship where people rage about every single aspect of the game and hate its developers, yet insist on keeping playing it. I’ve never seen this anywhere else, most people who grow that disappointed with other games would have stopped playing a long time ago.

      • oh, I am happy that in deed some humans here… ;-)
        BTW, I dont think he is trolling, he just makes clear on his own way that the questions he answers in this kind are the trolling and most of the time I agree with him, they are! ;-)

        • I think most of his trolling is just him being brutally honest, saying things that most developers are thinking when their players ask questions but wouldn’t dare show in public. Most people are used to developers being 100% positive and PR-friendly, so find SerB’s tone shocking. Also, I think a lot of it is just humor or sarcasm that’s lost in translation so people take it more seriously than they should. Most of his “how terribles” fall into this.

          Of course, if I had to deal with a community like WoT’s, I’d be a bit trollish too.

          • Deep down hate boils to the fact that whole load of people are bigoted racist and think of eastern Europeans (eE) as untermensh (sp?), hating them them for actually having a world class product where “superior” western companies fail to deliver for years already.

            Trust me it is. I have experience on numerous military forums and 90% of “western” population has same attitude. There are exceptions ofc.

            It is not to say that eastern Euros don’t have a somewhat same attitude, but most people here actually do not GAF, while a whole lot western people actually think eE as “untermensh”.

            • I would surprise you, but many of my fellow Polish people actually fell in love with West and hate the East in stereotypical way. For me it’s sick.

              I think the hate might be from a fact that some people, some of them, even despite being born after 1992 (CCCP collapse) still live in their Cold War reality and hate the East. It’s like “my father fought commies, so I have to do too, despite no commies around!”. I don’t like it, these are nasty stereotypes and hate is not an answer to anything. I actually like East a little more than West (which for me is as much of demise nowadays to world as USSR when it existed), I like Russian language and culture and sometimes watch some Soviet war film, listen to some (old) Russian songs, hell, I even sing them! For me it’s more fun, than listening to some random puke on radio that comes from other side of Atlantic or watching “another plain stupid American movie”, a shitty romantic comedies or “action” (actually “special FX”) films with poor acting and without any soul. (Why in American movies Russians cannot speak Russian and Germans cannot speak German? Don’t they know about subtitles or what?)

              I don’t always bitch at US, but nowadays 9/11 and oil drama is getting me sick. And their modern movie and music which I consider puke, not art. And their anti-East paranoia and xenophobia.

              I don’t understand why my Polish comrades like USA more than our eastern and southern neighbours. In my opinion, if all Slavs would truly unite, would conquer the whole world. And save the world from USA turning to USW (United States of World). :D

              Still, I truly love some things that came from US, like heavy metal, some old TV series and old movies, computer games and pr0n. And liberation of Europe in WW2, of course.

              That’s from me.

              TL;DR: I like East more than West for several reasons and don’t consider USA real guarantee of peace.

              And sorry for MASSIVE off-topic.

        • He is not trolling at all. He just get to answer A LOT of stupid question. They are not getting posted here, but if you read the actual thread it’s actually very visible.

    • On the one hand, he’s an asshole, but on the other hand, he’s just one of those cases of people that you can’t help but “love to hate”, you know what I’m saying? You want him around because he pisses you off and you like to crack jokes at his expense in retaliation.

  4. - Sixth Sense won’t be removed from the game

    …Why would it be? Is there some Sixth Sense controversy I’m missing here?

    • SerB mentioned a few times in the recent past that he wasn’t a fan of the perk and didn’t completely agree with it being in the game.

      • How terrible.

        Seriously this thing is a life-saver for lights and meds, taking it out would be stupid.

        • I agree that it’s a good perk, but he’s allowed to have his personal opinions as long as they don’t affect the development of the game(unless there are other good reasons).

          Also, it was a bit ironic to hear all “If sixth sense is removed WoT will be ruined forever!!!111″ whining when he first said that, because I remember the “If sixth sense is added WoT will be ruined forever!!!111″ whining that took over the forums when it was first announced.

          • WoT, like the Tranformers franchise, has been RUINED FOREVER since its inception.
            Or, if you take the really long view, the Big Bang when its component matter came into being. :v

        • Taking it out would be much better for the game. Try playing as a passive scout and watching as every player you spot rolls back behind cover by the time your allies turn their turrets for a shot. It is blatantly unrealistic and makes it so you do not get punished for your stupid mistakes. TDs specifically get a great edge thanks to it. They can shoot and if the light doesn’t go own they know they can keep shooting without fear of retaliation until the light comes on.

        • And Tank Destroyers too, because if there’s anything you need to know it’s to move when you’ve been spotted before enemy arty starts dropping on the spot you’ve been camping overlooking that chokepoint.

    • Why would it be removed? For many tanks it’s VITAL due to all of the tank destroyers and some of the higher-tiered light tanks.

  5. - VK3001H and 3601H tank crew will automatically re-learn to “heavy” tank
    That is nice, what about equipment though? If I have any equipment currently mounted on these two tanks, such as vents, what happens to them?

    Do they get demounted for free? Do I get the “heavy” equipment for free in exchange of the old “medium” equipment? Or what else?

    • What kind of heavy equipment? Equipment class is based off an actual vehicle (in stock configuration), not it’s class.

  6. I’ve just recently started to read this blog, but I really appreciate to hear all the semi-official info SerB is giving, why is so many being mean?

      • That, what the haters fail to realize is that even with all the trolling there are no other game devs that give daily QnA, every day.

    • I agree. Its really nice to have some info about the upcoming features from him almost every day. People should thank him …
      Thanks you too Silentstalke, keep up good work.
      I hope SerB will be better soon.

    • He’s also quite notorious for trolling the players, ESPECIALLY those playing on the NA servers.

  7. - the reload time in seconds will be working with hundreds of seconds (SS: “4,12 seconds remaining” for example)

    So no point to having Jimb0′s crosshair mod now I suppose.

  8. - Lowe would have to have a worse gun in order to have limited MM
    It doesn’t need limited MM indeed, but small buffs like better mobility(now it’s a brick on tracks) and small gun depression buff so you don’t need to expose your whole tank to shoot would be nice and would make the tank much more appealing.

    - Germans will recieve a small buff, not a nerf
    Since PzIV fiasco i didn’t believed this for a second. We’ll nerf the HP/ton ratio which is public stat and we’ll buff the ground resistance which is hidden stat so there is no real proof they really did it. They used this excuse/reason many times before and every time it was really a nerf.

    • Terrain resistance is visible in the game files, so there is proof.

      That being said, the calculations for how HP/ton, terrain resistance, etc. affect performance are secret. Also, I am convinced that there /is/ some secret statistic based on how poorly the Comet moves, for instance, despite HP/ton and terrain resistance being good, and other things like how tanks are affected by travelling over rubble.

  9. Hopefully people take before/after vids of the German tanks in question, you know, just by some really odd and not often chance that WG mistakenly nerfs said tank. You know, “by accident”. As in, not targeting them specifically. Because they love German tanks.

    • Feel free to. Make training room of some suitable map (preferably one of the recently “updated” ones, ie. unlikely to get changed again anytime soon), find some suitable stretch that preferably has more than one type of terrain, and convert the replay into a video.
      Then repeat after patch as closely as possible.

      So? What are you waiting for?

      • I chime in a lot on WoT on it’s news and functions, but I’m taking a break because I’m burnt out on it. Enjoying some PS2, BF3, and WT. Which btw, SOE may have the best “F2P” mechanics of any game to date. Others can learn from them.