Panzer Questions

As my usual style of technical article sometimes turns too time consuming to read for some, I’ve decided to try a new format.
This time, I will collect any kind of technical question about german tanks and answer in the next article in order to provide proper feedback.

Some simple pointers:

- All questions should be sent to
- I will answer only on technical data abut german tank projects as battlefield performance and reports are not my field and tends to cause controversy
- I will try my best to provide an accurate source to all my answers so if you’re interested you can get books yourself
- I have a job and my free time is not unlimited, I will try my best to answer everything but some material requires a lot more searching than it appears.

Looking forward to your questions!

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5 thoughts on “Panzer Questions

  1. Can you help to collect data on gun depression of the Panther tanks? So far I have three different data sets
    -8° to +20° initial turret values
    -8° to +18° changed values after some changes on aiming device
    Then comes Schmalturm
    -8° to +20° with 7.5 cm Kw.K.
    -8° to +15° with 8.8 cm Kw.K. on wooden test turret

    Yet ingame only Panther/M10 has correct values!
    Ingame PantherI&II seem to have some Pasholok wet dreams!?

  2. Do you have any secret technical information on the Ardelt Waffenträger? Like stuff you dont find on the Internet.