8.8 open test new vehicles stats

Hello everyone,

these are the new vehicle stats. Be advised: 112 and T-34-3 are NOT in the 8.8 test and right now it looks like it’s intentional (in process of confirming). Apparently, WG strategy is not to release them for testing, people are supposed to buy them straight from the shop. They might appear in second 8.8 test iteration. I will post their 8.8 stats later, once I datamine them.

Also, the complete German stat changes will be posted in a separate post, as there are MANY.

German and Soviet tree




Durchbruchswagen – tier 4 HT






VK3001H – tier 5 HT

(modules/stock/elite – notice the Konisch on tier 5)





VK3002M – tier 6 MT






Soviet Union

A-43 – tier 6 MT






A-44 – tier 7 MT






Object 416 – tier 8 MT






Object 140 – tier 10 MT




There will be one more post with armor schemes and impressions.

103 thoughts on “8.8 open test new vehicles stats

  1. Something is very strange. Pic on EU-forum schow Durchbruchwagen mit 75 mm L70 and konisch. Who lies?

  2. now i don’t need to download the test server, because i know all that i wanted to know, thanks :)

    • Indeed. Nice for the T-34.

      But it also being the only top gun for the tier 6 A-43 is, to say the least, a little bit ‘meh’.

  3. What about stats on vehicles such as the SuperPershing and the new premiums? I don’t even know the MM spread of the two new prems!

  4. Take a note, the Konisch damage was nerfed from 165 to 135. Granted, this may work fine in tier 6, but what about the VK3601H and the AfkPanther?

  5. Heavy with unslopped 50mm frontal armor. A joke. They destroyed my favorite tier6 german.

    • I think that is a really good heavy. Its armor sucks, but its gun is very good. Playstyle very similar to the tiger. Angle and sidescrape and you will succeed.

      • You cant angle 50mm armor its too thin vs tier 5 tanks its even too thin vs tier 4 tanks.

    • it seems you misunderstood that the vk3002m is new, the stats for the vk3601 ist published in this post?? o0

    • You’ll get VI tier tank moved to V tier without serious changes so in most cases you’ll be dealing with VI tier tank against III tier tanks and no chance to be killed by VIII tier tanks. And still yelling. OMG

  6. I suppose I’ll have to retrain my 3001H crew to another medium ahead of the drop if I want them to stay as medium pilots. I can’t imagine I’ll like the new 3001H much, and I was always looking for an excuse to try out the 3001D. I just liked the more peek-a-boom playstyle the H had with the 88.

  7. What a crap the Object 140 – tier 10 MT is? in every aspect worse then the T-62a except 5 kph and a tiny bit power2weight-ratio, everything else the same or worse than the T-62a… maybe the sloping of the hull maybe affect the front armour a little more, but by eye this are only 1-2 degrees more slope than the T-62a or what do u think guys?

    • I’m not sure German rebalance is nice. At least on paper not. Konisch nerfed on all tanks? No short 8.8 pen buff? 135dps sux :(

    • I’m pretty sure you would be not able to catch 1-2 degrees ;)

      This new MT looks similar to T-62A but its faster and in my opinion it has way better slope than T62A, far smaller then 40 degrees IMO, looks like nice an auto-bouce zone.
      Specially if you will angle your tank a little, and because it has 5mm more armor on side than T62A you can angle it a little more.

      It is lighter so if it will have the same terrain resistance it would be really good for close and middle distance ( T62A IMO is a killing machine for close and long distance ).
      That is why to not make it OP devs limited turret and suspension traverse speed and it has less “life”.

  8. VK 30.02 M – long awaited Panther with historic configuration on tier 6?
    DW2 – seriously, how it is a better choice than PzIII?
    VK 30.01 H – top speed is so sad, konish isn’t a bit too much on tier 5? Cause L/70 was apparently too much for PzIV which back them filled the spot of German tier 5 “heavy” tank. Anyway, if it stays, I’ll take it. Gladly.

    • D.W. 2: If the MM stays the same, it won’t meet tier VI tanks, unless you platoon with the wrong tanks.

      VK 30.01 (H): It’s bigger and much slower than Pz IV. If you look at the Churchill I, it won’t seem so much OP. The in-game versions are both slow snipers. One has more armour, the other probably a bit more agility.

      Anyway, they could leave the conical gun almost the same with a serious RoF nerf. Now there is almost no difference between it and L/70 performance-wise. There are two almost identical guns.
      Or, am I wrong?

      • It would be much better if the konish stays the same, and only L/70 is available on the 3001. Right now it is small buff for one low tier tank at the expense of the nerf to few higher tier tanks (3601, Aufkarungs Panther).

      • Precisely on target. Nerfed Koenisch means nothing if You can use L70. Differences are negligible (+7 pen, same dmg, conical can’t use HE). At the same time, while VK36 can do without it, arguably the most useless tank in the game, Aufailungs Panther gets screwed. Hard. Without lubrication. Also nice balancing for Koenisch. At first it had good Pen and shit Dmg. Eventually Dmg got buffed, but to compensate Pen was reduced. And now due to introducing it on tier V, it’s back to old shitty Dmg and new lowered Pen. Well done WG. Working as intended. :/

  9. the tier IV german heavy tank looks like it will play like the B1… crap gun, crap armor with only speed to save it…

    anyway, I am eagerly awaiting german tank changelog :)

  10. Anyone know if there are any changes to the JagdTiger in trms of engine, suspension(traverse speed)…?

    Still downloading my client.

    • because the turet is too small for it?
      maybe they are going to buff it, and so, on tier VI, it would remain only on heavy (VK 36.01 H)

  11. So the Konisch gets nerfed severely? -30dmg, +0.2 aimtime, but +0.24 shells/min (as if that mattered)

    • it’s the same as before stop posting bullshit!! yes two identical guns have different stats for each tank. Deal with it!

      • BS, at least you should say the interface is changed? In 8.7, same gun with different stats has ROF x to y (ex: 7-10), not like this

  12. I am gonna go up the Panther line and I’m at the Pz III/IV now,I think I should research the VK3001H before the 8.8 comes :(

  13. No 8.8 L/56 on Panther now.
    Also Tiger is better than Tiger P at pretty much everything now – RoF is 8.96 to 6.98 and aiming time is 2.7 to 2.9.
    And a somewhat interesting addition in tech trees – autoloader guns now have a clip icon on them and you can see a shell loading time, magazine reload time and the number of shells in the magazine. For guns like 90mm DCA 45 it even shows tanks where it does have the magazine loadsystem and where it does not.

    • Wow! What a feature!!! Should habe been there one and a half year ago… As well as the reloadtimer in the reticle.

  14. VK 30.02 M Looks fun, with an actual usable gun mantlet. To bad the depression kind of sucks still :( It’s otherwise very similar in characteristics as the Panther.

    VK 30.01 D Still the best Tier 6 German Medium

        • Front plate is 100 mm thick like T – 62A but its worth noting that it has alot sharper angle and the sides got an inverted angle and most importantly, it’s smaller.

  15. Will be penned in notime, this thing will be a support heavy…
    Only if it had it’s 88 still on…

  16. So, T-34′s best 76mm gun (S-54) now gets 125mm of penetration while 88/L56 still has 132…umm..okay :)

    Also, looking at DW2 I can’t find anything “heavy” about it, yeah, it has 50mm all around, but PzIII has 70 front and 57 top turret while having the same guns and being much faster. DW is not as useless as the VK 20.01 (D), but based purely on stats it doesn’t bring anything new to the mix – or does it?

    • From that other gun. I have no idea why since both O140 and T62A have the same gun here, maybe they weren’t supposed to.

  17. Object gun similar to T62A = gun nerf ??? now is:
    Accuracy: 0,34 after 8.8 patch 0,35
    Aiming time: 2 after 8.8 patch 2,1

    WG say, we nerf tanks because that say statistic, but t62a have one of worst statistic in med branch…

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  19. Yeah, someone on test, what happens if you have 3001H researched, does 3002M get unlocked as well or do you have start over from the start of the heavy tree?

  20. I just saw on the EU forum that the VK3601H HP will be buffed to 950!

    And yes, the Konisch may have its alpha nerfed, but RoF has been buffed from 11.8 to 14.29!

    Can anyone confirm this? That means that the VK3601H will be a freaking machinegun-firing, high-HP MONSTER!

  21. In case you wonder, the DW2 probably has premium MM, only up to tier 5.

    Yes, the konisch on the VK3001H is very odd…I guess the damage nerf has to do something with that.
    To be fair, the VK3601H does have a higher ROF to make up for the alpha nerf, so it does more damage, so that the DPM remains identical on the VK3601H with the elite turret. The 88mm ROF was buffed to, so its an option. Stock turret is no option anymore, it was nerfed.

    One more question, at one time they mentioned that both AP and APCR shells on the Konisch guns (being “squeezebore” guns) only have 2° of shell normalization, anyone can confirm that? In combat situtations i can’t tell the difference. If this is true, the 75mm L/70 actually has a higher pen.

    Tiger P still has armor though

  22. So, now the E-50 and E-50M are essentially the same, except for speed and turning? There is no difference between gun performance now. Will the E-50M’s gun be buffed to make it better than the E-50′s?