8.8 – Other tank changes

Well, we have the Germans covered, so let’s have a look at the other tank changes. There aren’t too many.

- Chinese 122mm HEAT gold shells nerfed from 300 to 250 pen, this concerns: IS-2, 110, WZ-111, 112, WZ111 Mod.1-4
- Chinese 85mm gold shells were nerfed too, from 250 to 220 pen
- Chinese 85mm S-53 shells pen buff (120 to 126, 160 to 167 for gold)
- Chi-Ha radios had their range boosted (250 to 400, 400 to 550)
- M5A1 model was slightly changed (added frontal armor weakspot)
- WZ131 changed (made narrower), its 85mm gold shells had their pen nerfed by 30 (250 to 220, 260 to 230)





- Type 62 model reverted to the old one

Type 62_14-21-1

- British Sexton 1 – gun QF25pdr gets 10 more hp
- US 3in shells renamed historically (M10, T49, M18 and others)
- US T71 LT gold 76mm shells (M496) nerfed from 220 to 210 pen
- US T69 medium gold 76mm shells nerfed from 220 to 210 pen, 90mm gold shells nerfed from 300 to 250 pen
- Superpershing now has 48 MM weight instead of 40, 1,2/1,4/2,7 (instead of 1,4/1,6/3,4) terrain resistance,
- US T54 90mm gold shells nerfed from 300 pen to 250, model slightly changed (turret ring made a bit larger)
- SU-76 model changed (made a bit higher and narrower), all guns get depression nerf (earlier -8/+20, now -5/+15)
- all the guns are rebalance for slightly more pen and damage and slightly less ROF (76mm S-54 now pens 120 instead of 109, D-10 does 250 damage instead of 230, LB-1 the same)
- KV-2 gets a 2 degree hull traverse nerf (18 to 16, 20 to 18), worse terrain resistance, but the V-5 engine is more powerful (560 to 600)
- SU-122A gets a bit worse elevation (26,25 to 22,75)

61 thoughts on “8.8 – Other tank changes

  1. This is cruel. I’ve just been enjoying my new WZ-131 with it’s gold shells and they are nerfed. Happens always to me, as soon as I’m having a decent tank that gives me fun a fkn NERF appears.!

      • LOL
        ” I’ve just been enjoying my new WZ-131 with it’s gold shells and they are nerfed.
        I’m having a decent tank that gives me fun”

        “I just bought a wallet warrior tank in which I spam gold ammo and now WG made it so I can’t pen tier 10 frontally and actually have to aim at lower tiers. WHAAAAAAH!”

        • Mate, it’s not like that. I’m using gold only when neccesary. Im a poorfag, most of the time in the game I do not have a premium account, even a prem tank. Regular penetration is also good, actually I’m carrying only 8 gold shells.

          • In what situation then do you need 260 pen in a light? What you see an E-75 and instead of flanking you just load APCR?

            That change has no effect if you play a light tank like a light tank.

            Whether you’re a poorfag doesn’t matter, the fact you go on 4chan is kinda bad tho

        • How the **** is a WZ-131 a wallet warrior tank? It’s a standard tech tree tier 7 light tank.

    • It already was for a while. Pretty much since the accuracy buff, since now everybody can hit the huge weak spot on turret even from distance.

      • LET THE SELLING BEGIN-BEGIN-BEGIN-BEGIN…….. total overkill of the tank. and the historical basis for that changing is just a reason to nerf the armor. If it really was historical reason this tank would get much more powerful than it was

        • I’ll keep mine, i got it pimped. Camo and stuff won’t be refunded and i need it to train Patton M46 crew. The refund will no be enough to buy a other tier 8 Premium, so WG makes u buy more gold. Working as intended….

          • Don’t really care, it’s better to have T34 with good turret armor and monster gun than this piece of shit…. Worst mistake I did in WoT is to buy the Super Pershing! I rather drive the M3 Lee and V39.

    • I can not believe how bad they have nerfed the SP…
      still have a sneaky feeling they are nerfing it hard to get people to sell it, then they will reintroduce it in 8.9+ with a buff and an increased gold cost of 11k to match the T-34-3 price.

  2. Good thing they adjusted these ridiculous 30mm pen Shells, both the chinese and the americans.
    250mm will still be enough to pen some crucial targets, but u wont be aible to faceroll t10/t9s.

    and i wont feel as dirty as now if im using them in t69 xD

      • The T69′s standard ammo has basically the same penetration as the T-44′s (173 vs 175), and the T-44 is widely regarded as one of the best tier 8 mediums.

        Mediums are not supposed to engage enemy heavy tanks frontally without bouncing frequently. Why would anyone drive a heavy tank if the armor weren’t useful? Medium tanks are designed for battling other mediums over key positions, scouting, and flanking the enemy heavies.

        HEAT ammo is a crutch for bad players and you should feel bad for using it.

    • Yeah, after all T69 is a medium with good speed, it should flank heavies… oh, wait.

      • Seriously first they nerf its engine, now they nerf its gun, they won’t nerf its armour just because it’s useless to begin with, just scrap it already.

    • Tier 9? Had one of these motherfuckers go through my 110e5′s front plate like it was butter the other day from about 400m away…well deserved nerf imo!

  3. do you guys think JT 8.8 will be as maneuverable as JT in 0.8.8?
    cause they’ll have the same 700hp engine?

  4. Did they decided on 112 MM? will it remain preferential with the HEAT shells nerf, or it will have regular MM? SOMEONE PLEASE ASK SERB ABOUT IT!

      • ahhhh hell… then i wont be buying an 175pen tank to play T10 games. Hope WG changes their mind.

        Thanks !

        • Serb suggests you only shoot the new and expensive 250mm HEAT shells to make the 112 work. Then you might be able to pen the many tier 9 and 10 tanks flooding the game, but you won’t make any money of course;)

  5. I see there more nerfs than buffs. But thats what the rebalance is on Wargaming Ways.


    • It’s rebalance way everyone is using. What’s the point in buffing the majority of tanks when you can just nerf the imbalanced ones.

  6. Why the hell did they nerf KV-2? It does not even kill Tier 6 tanks(apart from Churchill7 and other heaviy armored tanks) in 2 shots after the HE nerf :P

  7. “- M5A1 model was slightly changed (added frontal armor weakspot)”

    I fucking loled :D

  8. So the KV-2′s mobility is being nerfed even more badly than it already is, and the KV-1S is losing its top gun in the patch after this one, and there aren’t even any buffs to offset those. Maybe it’s time Russian fans follow the example of the German players and start calling WG Soviet-hating Nazi fascists at every nerf. :P

    • What do you mean, no buffs to offset? The 100mm gun the kv-1s is getting, is potentially a lot better than it’s current 122mm gun.

      • The main attraction of the KV-1S is the insane alpha for its tier. Assuming that this new gun is merely well-rounded and doesn’t have an equally insane rate of fire, aim time, or accuracy( all doubtful considering that it’s Russian), then the KV-1S will go from overpowered to plain good. Which is a nerf.

      • the IDIOT(D10T) gun is miles better than the 122mm D-2-5T. Faster rof, same pen, better accuracy…

  9. Am I the only one who is disappointed to see that all these changes to ammo do NOT include adding normalization (or any other changes) the HESH? The code for normalization is already written and used by other ammo types; how hard can it be? How many more posts do we need to put on the forums before they listen?

    In additions, its pretty sad to see all the work they are doing on new tanks while the FV4202 soldiers on with just 120mm of turret armor, where it should have 196mm. WG was given all the data months ago.

    If the FV4202 was a Russian tank it would have been fixed in the next patch; as is, it will STILL have borked premium ammo and a soft turret…

  10. hmm so those 60s chinese tanks are still having some hardtime fightin against WW 2 tanks… how terrible