8.8 – E-50/E-50M mantlet changes

Hello everyone,

a lot of you have noticed, that the E-50/E-50M mantlet model was changed to a… well, a more historical one really.

This is how it was in 8.7:




And this is how it will be





Notice that the new mantlet does leave more space uncovered on the lower part of the turret. It has been proved in the test that it makes the turret somewhat more vulnerable.

22 thoughts on “8.8 – E-50/E-50M mantlet changes

    • P II didn’t have clipping issues like the E-50 (the Schmalturm was designed to have -8 depression on the Panther and other potential users), all the devs had to do was to change the value.

  1. This mantlet also allows a better gun depression, at the cost of being….weaker in terms of armor. Also, for some weird reason the elite turret is slightly wider in the new E-50, but this might be just me.

  2. does this affect only the top turret of the E-50 and the E-50m turret?

    Also for skinning purposes, will the area of old mantlet be affected or laid over or what?

    I can’t download the CT right now so i need some answers i guess.

    • If you don’t mind having the mantlet sinking into the roof at full depression…

    • Well, the Panther II actually has it’s old model back from the days it’s been a top german medium at tier9, so the gun model of a 8.8 is actually a 10.5 and the mantlet should be different aswell.

  3. Excuse me sir … are tryin to hide smth in the LFP of the e-50m ??
    Im smelling a hipocrit

  4. SS, can you write an article about the mantlet model change of Tiger H in 8.8? It got a nice trollish mantlet that can actually bounce now.

  5. you only get -5 depress at the front with the E-50 now, -6 on the E-50M
    only -8 on the sides. apparently