Musée Royal de l’Armée – Bruxelles (warning: picture heavy)

Just back from that wonderful city, I had the chance to visit the Belgian Army Museum of Military History.

Although some expositions were under renovation (unfortunately both the WWI section and most of their tanks), it was still a pretty interesting tour and I couldn’t resist taking some pictures and sharing with you guys.

Unfortunately a strict no flash policy and phone camera means picture quality isn’t as good as I’d like, but nonetheless…






















































































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42 thoughts on “Musée Royal de l’Armée – Bruxelles (warning: picture heavy)

  1. Double posted a few there, especially the first batch.

    Is that an AMX30 in the 3rd to last photo?

  2. When I went to Belgium I visited the WW1 museum in Ypers. Was a very nice place, I don’t remember any tanks. It did have some good chocolate and some nice women which made up for the lack of landships.

  3. Loyd 90mm, I want that in the game so bad…

    Then again, I rarely see anything that I don’t want in the game.

    Well, except for that Ratte.

    • *shrug* One Finnish watchmaker built a clock (with some kind of weird light-based control mechanism) into a decommissioned torpedo…

    • It was probably mostly decorative, for tournaments and so. It isn’t shown much these days but most helmets of the middle ages were painted, sometimes decoratively but mostly for the practical purpose of preventing rust.

      I could see that helmet painted as a bird’s head.

      • The visor may actually have been designed for the joust, judging by the extremely small and somewhat “upwards-facing” vision slits and apparently entirely solid and unperforated “beak” – the idea was probably the same as with the “frog-mouth” helmets, ie. to pull your head back just before the impact so possible lance splinters couldn’t get into the helmet. Those were a real hazard of the activity and caused any number of deaths and ghastly facial injuries.

    • I would love to, unfortunately most big tank museums are kinda far away from low cost flight destinations…

  4. I have my own pics of Tanks to upload from the local aviation museum. They look out of place behind the Museum on a small hill but with the museums owner you never know what he will add in next. Hope to get that done by the end of the week. Also I need to identify 2 of the tanks. (no signs were up).

    • I was thinking, is that the romanian sign or is it just similar to some other countries?

    • No it’s not Romanian -_-’

      I’ts the Belgian 3 colors, black yellow and red.
      Romania has blue, yellow and red.

  5. No it’s not Romanian -_-’

    I’ts the Belgian 3 colors, black yellow and red.
    Romania has blue, yellow and red.

  6. we did have an is3 and a t34 (85 i think) amongst other tanks aswell.
    also, besides those, there are a few more tanks in the possesion of the museum, but who are worked at by non profit organizations.
    sherman jumbo 105mm, pershing, bergepanzer leopard, m3 Lee, chaffee. There must be more as well, but since they are worked on at diffrent locations i dont know all off them. If you still hapened to be in belgium, this weekend in Mons, (1 hour drive from bruxelles) they drive around with a few tanks including the chaffee.

  7. Glad you had fun there, it’s a great museum indeed!
    There’s a few vehicles they allow you to enter as well, which is awesome :)

  8. Zarak and SS…

    I have a few photos of some tanks in that museum, plus some other stuff you haven’t shown..

    But you forgot the most important piece of information on that museum…

    ITS FREE!!!!!!


    …and its also very varied, a good “smallish” collection of just about everything….

    …even Mrs Ding enjoyed the day we spent in there and she takes the piss if anything military comes within half a mile of me…

    SS… I’ll photobucket a folder and give you the link if you want..?

  9. I went there on thursday :) I enjoyed mostly the english wwii planes, but I was deeply disappointed by none wwi tanks displayed :/ especially since I dont think I will visit brussels anytime soon

  10. Awesome pic’s but would you PLEASE give some captions on what each pic contains. Not everyone is fully knowledgeable to what each picture is. I, for instance, know a great deal about the swords and armours…but some of the rest isn’t in my area expertise (Ph.D. in medieval history…)…

    CO, The Blues & Royals (TBR on the NA server)