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    • Will it? This is pathetic. Look at the kings of online warfare – Battlefield and COD. Whatever their faults, their sound design is awesome, because they understand it plays a huge role in fidelity (and comes with much lower processing overheads than visuals).

      WOT meanwhile still relies on mods for anything approaching decent sound. This sound localisation is dreadful – tiny number of phrases, variable recording, and making us Brits have an American crew!? Fuck you WG. You think Russians are touchy about Stalin? Try telling a Brit that an American accent is theirs. Talk about contempt for your customers.

    • Yeah, UK, USA and USSR voices were already in game.

      UK and USA were the original voice on the US and EU server AFAIK and the USSR was already in the Russian server.

      • The french and germany voices were already in in the french and germany client version of the game, so basically they did nothing new, requiered no work.

        • And russian is used from RU game client…..they just copy pasted all the sounds to every region client and called it nationalized crews…..i mean they are not bad and all but i myself expected more…

  1. No “Tally ho!” or “Bob’s your uncle”, heck not even the word “Chap” as in “We got’em chaps!” for UK crews? pfff…

    • This is a major fail!!!!

      the British voice is the same old AMERICAN VOICE!!!! ARRRRRGGGGG!!!!

      Being British and good with Accents I would gladly record the British voice for FREEE for them!!!!!!

      This is a disaster…. not to overstate it :P

      I have also been pushing since Beta for another voice option…. all voices in English but with local country accents…. that was what I have been hoping for as I have no clue what the chinese guy was saying :P

      SS please pass this on as a suggestion… and again Ill do it for free for them.

      • I take it you would prefer to have stereotypical accents? Why not add a white flag to the French tanks, straw hat to the Chinese tanks, big mac to American tanks, bratwurst to German tanks, furry hat to the Soviet tanks and a tea set to the British tanks while you’re at it?

        • The tea set on British tanks is historical, so I see no reason for it not to be implemented.

        • Brits already gave their tankers kettles since I believe the 1930s, so a ruggedized teaset would be delightful.

        • Actually there is some truth in those accents! OFC one can practice a lot so you can barely hear it, but you’ll still feel something strange, unless he is a native speaker!
          Out of these I only liked the french one, I had no idea what was the russian saying, it was too “radioy” :D The chinese is too different from european languages to even remember what stands for what! If they could do some more audible russian one I would be pretty happy!

          • Keep in mind that WG did a half-assed job on those voice, as the british doesn’t have any special voiceover and the russian is just the “default” voices for the russian client of the game, which explain why in term of quality it’s on part with the english one.

            • All of these voices are just default voices from language packages for WoT
              WG devs really dont overworked themselves.

          • Well i’am slavic, not russian, but all slavic languages are similar, and i understand everything, eastern languages are just like that, many sh, ph, f, it is similar to portuguese

          • Ha! That created a mental picture of WG doing what Valve does, selling Team Fortress 2 hats.

      • I totally agree with you, mate. I’m a Damn Southern Yankee, but even I expect the English (British) to sound the way the King’s English should.

      • “I have also been pushing since Beta for another voice option…. all voices in English but with local country accents…. that was what I have been hoping for as I have no clue what the chinese guy was saying :P”

        I’d go for that too. I don’t want all of the other nationalities to have American accents, but on the other hand I need to know what the crew is saying.

  2. well they said UK/US would share the same voiceover at the start, i just hope there is more to the german voiceover bcause … well it sounded like they had only 1 line for a penetrating hit … and this would be annoying hearing the same sentence every time ^^

    • They better eventually update the British to have their own voiceovers though. Because that really loses the immersion which is what this was all about.

  3. not something I’d use
    I don’t think is smart getting on fire and having the message from crew alert you in some unknown language

    • Because translators in game business usually just receive excel sheets full of short phrases when they are contracted. So you get results like “enemy is hit” or “you are defeated” in Chinese.

    • Y so serious

      FYI the voice of is a straight copy from the Chinese client, not much work needed on WG’s part for this one – __-

  4. MM, I don’t like the french and the german too much, it doesn’t have the same ambient effect the others have, at this point I’m used to it, and it’s the same problem I had when trying to find a german voice mod, hoped WG would make a voice pack with the same effects…

    • yeah, they stand out…

      I did not listen to the french tanks that much to be able to rate their diversity in answers, but the german is just pathetic, and quite strange… they sound like a bunch of boys sitting in a tank, no short key words (just for the “querschläger”) but long sentences which are repeated. Durschlag, Treffer would have been easy additions to make everything appear at least a bit more “natural”

    • The German voice doesn’t seem to sit in a tank, it’s just like a guy who says what’s happening without being in the battle.

  5. We really need some parody voice overs. As I watched this video I was laughing at idea that every national speaker was using English with heavy accent but with all national stereotypes :) :) :) I imagined Franch speaker talking about frog legs (like in Ranzar’s video) and German using some hitler (lower caps h) ranting…

  6. Hmmm I hate China, but the voice acting is really awesome, so I might just start going for WZ-120! XD

    The Russian and US voices could use new and better voice acting too… WG should mobilize the funds they’re squeezing out of our wallets. >_>)

    British accents too pls!

  7. I hope this lazy BS is placeholder until they record the voiceovers properly so they sound like they’re from the same game. plus ‘national’ would require a British accent… Mashing all the language packs together doesn’t really cut it for me.

  8. An interesting tidbit about the voices: If playing, let’s say a german tank and then switching to a tank of a different nation in post mortem mode the crew will still speak german.

  9. There’s a bug in national voiceover. For example – you enabled it and drive a Tiger. Crew speaks German (as expected).

    Then you die and switch (in post-mortem view) to some teammate driving Soviet IS. And HIS crew also speaks German…

    I suspect this is some lazy programming when one set of sounds is loaded at the beginning of the match and does not change.

  10. the french voice sounds same gay as the czech one. others are kinda good. still gonna use the old english one.

  11. The sound quality on the Russian voicover is kinda pathetic. If this is what they have to play with on the Russian server, I’m not surprised they teamkill everyone not RU on testservers…I’d be envious too.

  12. I feel some of the sentences are too complex for eg. in the french or in the german voice-over – I think in this situation less is more :)

    • I’m French, and believe me they are… switched the game back to english a while ago !

  13. LMAO
    I expect WG to work out the Chinese voiceovers themselves but they just used the one KZW has been implementing on China server for years.

    The Germany voiceover is super cool btw.

  14. the Germans just sound terrible, i expected more from Wargaming, ah well, maybe they will fix it up

  15. German and French sound forced, like they’re talking in an infomercial. The Chinese is correct, if grammatically off, but the tonality and speech pattern sounds too Japanese.

  16. Sounds bad. I expected more from WG. Modders can do alot better than the developers themselves.

    • Well modders have the benefit of being able to use copyrighted sounds from other sources, WG has to record the VO them selves, which can cost quite a bit of money. Personally I was always excited for this because it gives modders more options, for example, you could have German, American, and Russian VO from the CoH series all running at once, I just wish they had bothered to split up the Brit VO and American VO into separate files, but with this new system hopefully that’s moddable.

      • Well modders have the benefit of being able to use copyrighted sounds from other sources, WG has to record the VO them selves, which can cost quite a bit of money.

        They have to do it for game clients anyway so why not to do this properly?

  17. Why are the british voices and the american voices the same?!?! They should be different.

    • Because WG didn’t actually so any work for this, all the VO was already recorded years ago, they just added the ability to have on for different tanks (God know why that took so long, it was probably 5 minutes of actual work)

  18. It would also be cool if they would make that every nation speaks with english but has their nation accent. For exmaple french tanks speak english with french accent etc.

    • Or when you are driving slow moving german tanks commanders starts yelling – Schnell, schnell du Scwein!

  19. I can understand reusing the same english lines for the UK and US lines, but couldn’t they at least have given the UK’s voiceovers an accent?

  20. Not really sold on the German voice-overs, but that may change if it turns out one of the starting lines is “PANZER VOR!”

  21. So they just used the old voices for the US and Brits. Not even “local” voices. Lazy. So I’ll just keep my sound mods then.

  22. The new american voices are very similar to the crews of the the game “Armored Fist 3″, aren’t they?

    • How are they new??? Same voices that are in the English version of the client…

      Totally disappointing, I will stick to Russian only sounds, just like I did so far.

  23. I’d like to see Officer Crabtree from Allo allo doing the French tanks…
    Our shit has bonced of their tonk!
    Ve ‘ave ben tricked! Our tonk is a sotting dick!

    For those wanting a British accent, which would you choose? Scottish? A cheeky cockney chappie, or maybe someone ‘from up North’?