8.8 test 2 changes (compared to test 1)

Since the EU and US portal updates lack this, here’s the list (some things I am not sure what they mean)

- fixed numerous bugs and fixed the lagging (crashing) of the new Service Record window
- fixed numerous bugs in the Missions window
- fixed the performance drop in the Missions window
- fixed some bugs in the Special battles window
- fixed some bugs in the Company battles window

- fixed a bug, where tanks dropped into some objects when ramming them
- fixed some bugs in displaying new flags on bases
- added shadows in hangar
- implemented some MM fixes, that weren’t implemented in first round of the test
- fixed the client crashes, that appeared in first test of 0.8.8
- fixed the bug where you couldnt enter the battle in some tanks
- fixed the bug that made you play Assault and Encounter, even if you disabled those modes
- fixed some Sound settings section UI bugs
- fixed the buggy switching to gold shells for gold in the tank service window
- fixed the bug, that prevented you from entering the tank service window via the company and special battle UI
- fixed the missing platoonmembers color designation on the battle loading window
- fixed the breakdown of chat symbols (SS: not sure what this means)
- fixed the bug in battle result window, that appeared in some cases
- fixed the shooting sound of the Object 140 gun
- improved the terrain passability for the E-75 on medium and bad surfaces
- fixed the poor performance on the Serene Coast map
- fixed some icon display bugs in the ingame magazine and depot
- removed the color change in Britain “blue” camo
- fixed the collision model of the Superpershing
- fixed some naming and icon bugs on the battle loading screen
- fixed a bug where the hangar lagged/crashed when more tanks were present
- fixed some T-44-122 and Type 64 visual model bugs
- fixed some bugs on maps Swamp, Airfield, Karelia, Severogorsk and Tundra
- returned the pre-8.8 way the ammo sliders work
- global rating formula changed
- fixed the missing pop-up window when the tank becomes elite

69 thoughts on “8.8 test 2 changes (compared to test 1)

      • Believe it or not, I was focusing on the changes affecting the tanks. List one change between 1st and 2nd round that has to do with tanks.

        Aside from that, always nice to see worthless trash who have no influence over the game thinking they matter at all.

        • 99.9% of the changes listed above vastly improve the games interface in the garage, which helps a lot considering the garage absolutely fucking sucks in 8.8 Test 1.

          There is one mention of a tank change, and you say that’s the only significant news listed here, when you are wrong. All you care about is your stupid German and Japanese tanks, in which you obsess about in a very unhealthy manner, because at this point, it seems to have gotten to your head.

          You act high and mighty, all knowing Daigensui! All knowing of the German and Japanese tanks! Yes! Oh wait, except you’re not all-knowing game-wise. In fact, you have some pretty mediocre stats, even more so when we take into account your old “Kankou” profile, which was what? 46%? You’re a detriment to the game, but you definitely help in the historical aspect of the game, except WG really gives no fuck about one person’s opinion. So why do you act like everyone here should care?

          • lol pulling the “Stats-Card”…
            how low can you be so shameless to pull such a shitty move, unrelated to the original comment on top of that.
            I hope SS will see this >:| , he will remind you on some blog rules…

          • “Stats-card” really? Have you fallen that low? And if, to quote you, “So why do you act like everyone here should care?”. I rest my case.

    • Well.. Daigen just stated a fact without any personal comment…
      It’s really nothing “gamechanging” except for the E-75 rebalance
      Why all the hate all of the sudden? ._.

    • “So, nothing particular except the E-75 changes.”

      Agreed, I was hoping for something bigger.

      Something like…
      - More butterflies on Malinowka
      - Flying fish added to the lake on Lakeshire


    • Or removal of HEAT and APCR ammunition :P
      Or at least to limit them to TC, ESL and CW

      • Except on my E-100 Turret :P, which i cannot angle that much without showing my side….
        On other parts, sure, i already do that to bounce these shots, but it’s a different story on HUUUUGE and slow Turrets.

    • Why do you care about non-top tanks, actually? It’s level and sell, either way.

  1. I wish they’d enable me to switch an entire crew quickly from a standard tank to the premium and back again easier instead of having to do it one at a time.
    What are the collision model changes to the SP?

    • I’m sad that Wargaming is keeping an historical error in the game. I understand when they need to forego historical accuracy for gameplay or cultural reasons, but perpetuating a museum’s screw-up just because some people think it’s pretty is very dumb.

      At the very least I hope that the camouflage description mentions that it’s an error.

  2. Wow can believe they actually let Object 140 stats as they are. Is WG fucking dumb? and the point of playing ru 2nd med line is to get a shittier copy of T-62A, with the only advantage being extra 5km/h.

    Meh fuck this shit. Im gonna start playing Wowp to start earning me some tokens. Worst patch ever.

    • …and its smaller, thinner and shorter, and has more depression and is more agile and has (a bit) better frontal protection… but it has worse turret armor and 2 turret cupolas and 50hp less and a bit worse gun (acc and aim)

      while they are similar, they are NOT better/worse than the other, just a tiny bit different (what you gain in some specs you lose somewhere else)

  3. If I understand this correctly I’m happy:

    “removed the color change in Britain “blue” camo”

    It’s a small thing but it’s the little things that count.

    I still find it hard to believe that the classic Afrika Korps yellow can’t be instituted; the last time I noticed WG is a profit-making enterprise and that is leaving money on the table.

  4. ” – removed the color change in Britain “blue” camo”
    Because god knows you couldn’t just add it as a separate option for those of us who actually liked it. Who knew it was so difficult for a developer to change their own game, eh?

    ” – returned the pre-8.8 way the ammo sliders work”
    Am I the only one who actually liked this feature? :\

    Also, amused at all the attacking of Daigensui up above. Way to prove your superiority by acting like grade-A douchebags for no real reason, guys. Bravo.

  5. So much hate over a single statement from daigensui

    but these people seem to forget that what a lot of players are interested in is basically tank changes instead of ui changes, most players will simply go along w/e new ui implementation there is or mod it hard with xvm mods and such, and usually these players are the ones with computers that can take the fps punishment to play to at least some degree.

    moving along, its true, a large playerbase are more interested in seeing how are changes made to the panthers, the e50, e75 and the superpershing, not to mention the new 112 premiun, and will largely ignore w/e bugs the ui had

    while im not fond on defending someone who calls things “trash” you are really pathetic at not noticing that the internet is not a single hive-mind where everyone agrees to a single term, and i personally find the ui changes and fixes uninteresting, and are more focused and interested in reading anything that relates to tanks changes, fixes and nerfs/buffs

    now off with you

  6. Anybody else run into the bug in barracks where you can’t dismiss crew members? I sold the T26E4 and then tried to dismiss the crew from barracks (forgot to dismiss them with the tank) but it said something like “vehicle not available” and refused to erase them.

  7. - fixed the breakdown of chat symbols (SS: not sure what this means)

    I think this is with the emoticon stuff when you post a link http:// :/ will become an emoticon at the moment

  8. Is anyone else having issues with the garage taking abnormally long to load after each battle?