Buff My Tank: T-26

Let’s take a look at a meek tier 2 light tank, the T-26. It never had much advantage over the BT-2, and since the advent of Pom-Pom autocannons and softer tier 2 TD matchmaking, it doesn’t have much going for it. Let’s see what historical resources exist for a buff!

First, the armament. The “top” gun on the T-26 is the 45 mm 20K, based on the 45 mm model 1932. This gun was installed on the tank in 1933, but the tank remained in service for over a decade after that. Let’s see what other armament options are available.


T-26 model 1931 with 76.2 mm recoilless gun

Aside from more modern 45 mm guns (yawn), a 76.2 mm recoilless gun was installed in a single turret of a two-turreted T-26. Since neither the tank not recoilless guns are in the game, let’s see what else is available.


T-26-4 with enlarged turret and 76.2 mm howitzer

The T-26-4, produced in 1933-1934, had a KT-28 howitzer. That’s more like it! Especially since the gun is already in the game, available as the stock gun on the T-28 (that no one ever uses, because even the T-46 had a better gun). Maybe this way, it would see some action. The T-26 model 1938 also had a TOS vertically stabilized sight. That should greatly improve the accuracy on the tank.

An experimental turret was developed for the T-26 in 1932: the A-43. The turret was sloped, and equipped with a PS-3 76.2 mm gun. However, the gun is pretty much equivalent to the KT-28.


T-26 with A-43 turret and 76.2 mm howitzer

The T-26 was also equipped with an experimental 37 mm autocannon, but not much is known about it.

Now, on to the armour. The 30 mm in the front turret, 15 everywhere else isn’t really enough to bounce anything. Again, Soviet engineers have us covered. The T-26 model 1938 had its turret platform armour plates sloped 18 degrees. In 1940, the thickness of the turret platform plates was increased to 20 mm. That’s a bit of a boost. However, for a true increase in protection, you need the T-26E! A number of these tanks were equipped with armour screens up to 40 mm thick during the Winter War. Now that’s some armour to be reckoned with!


The T-26 also had a Christie suspension equivalent, the KT-26. The tank could reach a speed of 58 kph (albeit on wheels). That should give the T-26 a nice boost, even though it would still be slower than its’s same-tier competitors. Additionally, in 1940, the T-26 (T-26-5) was equipped with a 160 hp diesel engine. Compared to the current top engine (130 hp gasoline), this would increase the performance of the tank quite a bit.

With a 76 mm gun, 55 mm of armour, and 58 kph top speed, the T-26 is bound to be a formidable opponent, instead of a speedbump in the way of a Cruiser III or T18!

29 thoughts on “Buff My Tank: T-26

  1. You do know that the T-26 is insanely potent right?

    Not that I wouldn’t turn down some buff’s.

  2. People know about my Cruiser3 and her epic pompom…

    I thought I was the only one :(

    • And cruiser3 with 40mm gun (not pom pom) is like t18 without armor but with turret and good view range. I play it myself and like it more than blind t18.

    • i play mine with bofors gun, phew-phew … phew-phew /reload/ phew-phew … phew-phew Enemy destroyed!

  3. I’m quite sure it wouldn’t make 58km/h with that 76mm gun and additional armor screens.

  4. I heared this thing killed a King Tiger. Outmanouvered the beast and killed it from the rear.

  5. do the Pz II next please, it feels like it could use some better gun and/or slight mobility buff

  6. Was the T-26E designation official? If not something else should be used, as that designation was also officially given to Finnish Vickers 6-tonners after they were up-armed with captured 45mm guns during or after the Winter War, and these certainly did not receive any extra armour plating.

  7. The T-28′s stock gun would actually do fine at tier 2, doesn’t it have like 37 mm AP pen, long aim time and horrible accuracy?

    76 mm KT-28
    105/105/164 dmg
    37/75/38 mm pen (AP/HEAT/HE) notice how the HE have higher pen than the AP
    0.6 accuracy
    2.3 sec aim time (maybe 2.9 on the T-26?)
    13.04 Rpm (say 10 for the T-26 due to smaller turret?)

    I don’t see why they wouldn’t actually implement it.

  8. WG already said there’d be no recoilless weapons in the game, so the first option’s out of the question. The Howitzer’s a possibility, but the weight of it and the turret would reduce mobility in the case of the second option. The third option’s probably feasible, and the fourth I could see working as well.