MVTF photos

Hello everyone,

today, we have another bunch of photos from one of FTR readers. This time, Deathmongrel from US server decided to share with us some photos from the Military Vehicle Technology Foundation – the largest American privately-held collection of armored vehicles. As he himself states, you might know it from Chieftain’s Hatch, because that’s where he shoots it.

According to Deathmongrel, the owners continuously work on various restoration projects, while keeping the vehicles in three climate-controlled halls. Enjoy!






M107 175mm SPG


And yet again, not sure what this is


Panzer I


Various, notice the “For Stalin” inscription on the T-34


Panzer IV Ausf.G






Stuart, FT-17 in the back, but what’s that in the middle?


Ex-Czechoslovak T-55 plus an Israeli Super Sherman





Kettenkraftrad (German tracked “motorcycle”) and a heavy German tractor, presumably Sdkfz 8?


64 thoughts on “MVTF photos

  1. Hm, somehow I see much more love put into these vehicles compared to other museums.
    Judging on the photos ofc.

  2. Impressive height difference between T-55 and Sherman. Gotta compare them in WoT Viewer.

    • or M110
      but i dont see muzzlebreak (m07 dont have any… so it looks like that on picture IS M107)

  3. The ARV might be a M88 (in Germany called Bergepanzer 1). The SPG is a M107 175mm-Howitzer.

  4. why does the UFP of the panther have those ridges? it looks like its not one piece of metal.

      • For those who don’t know what it is: It’s a non-magnetic coating applied to the tanks to protect against magnetically-attached anti-tank mines.

          • All that shows is that Zimmerit can’t hold off an extra-large magnet that has no additional weight to support, i.e. it’s not a magical substance that completely cancels all magnetic properties.
            It’d be more interesting and telling if there was an *actual* magnetic AT mine stuck to the tank without problems.

            • Kinda irrelevant since nobody but the Germans themselves (and IIRC the Japanese) used such mines anyway. The Soviets issued their infantry big-ass shaped-charge antitank hand grenades instead.

            • That it was unnecessary is a different issue from whether or not it would have worked at all, though.

      • One more time it is easy to check the museums own list, = Samson ARV (FV106 Samson).

        The Sonderkraftfahrzeug, again according to the museums own inventory list, they have Sdkfz 8 and 10, and it is not Sdkfz 10.

  5. And yet again, not sure what this is = FV106 Samson
    Heavy German tractor, presumably Sdkfz 8? = Sonderkraftfahrzeug 8

    Picture 11 from the back, Renault F17, Pzkfw1, >>Vickers Mark VI<<, M5 Stuart and Panzer Ausf. A in front.
    Check the museums own list.

  6. >notice the “For Stalin” inscription on the T-34
    And admire how the Yanks don’t give a fuck about it and stop saying “Americans and Europeans” care about Stalin inscriptions when it’s just you former Warsaw pact dudes.

  7. Oh man, Panzer IVG, Panther, Super Sherman, early Russian MBTs… Why can’t a place like this be near where I live?

    Anyone know what that khaki painted tank in the far back of pic 14 is? Looks pretty neat.