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Storm posts on 8.8 (test 2)


For 8.8

- Superpershing: the strip of improved upper hull armor was made two times wider (in accordance with the visual model)
- E-75 bad and medium terrain passability was significantly improved
- the ammo sliders were returned to the way they were before for now, the new variant will be implemented later with other fixes (most likely with the possibility to lock the respective types of shells)
- there will be a surprise concerning the global rating, a special article on that will be prepared
- the British blue stripe camo will return to the way it was before

Not for 8.8

- there is still a heated internal debate whether the KV-1S will lose the 122mm or not
- Object 140 turret armor will be reworked (it will resemble the T-62A turret more), but not now – somewhere around patch 0.9.0, as there will be additional testing needed after such rework
- the Historical battles concept is mostly ready and it now waits for documentation and implementation. It was finally decided how we will do it. When? “When it’s done, it’s done”, as usual.

Storm answers questions in comments:

- Foch 155 will be rebalanced, this year
- Object 268 will generally not be touched
- the “discussion” about KV-1S gun is “SerB against everyone”
- the rating “surprise” will be “some changes in rating logic” (SS: later on, Storm mentioned twinks in such a context that my guess (!!!) is that it will be something to make twinks/sealclubbers/pedobears (whichever term you prefer) not have a good rating, in later comment another developer does mention “Seaclubbers running away, yes. Just as planned”)
- Storm confirms that the new rating will take amount of battles into account
- the Object 140 turret will not be identical to T-62A turret, but it will be “brought closer” to it, the turret roof will still be 30mm, as it was on Object 907 and Object 430, clearance might be a bit higher
- Storm on kill marks on tanks: “Every nation did it differently. It’s pretty hard to make. Either will either be historical and hard to see, or unhistorical and easy to see. Both options are bad.”
- 7/42 will come soon, when it comes out, it will be without skill MM however
- currently supertested are the Kharkov and Minsk maps, there will be new city maps in random
- apparently, this area of Kharkov will be turned into a map:


- apart from Minsk and Kharkov, Stalingrad will also be implemented
- the blue British stripe camo will return, because the historical version turned out to be too ugly. There will be both variants implemented: the new and the old one, so there are no issues with compensations
- there is still not enough info on the tier 9 Soviet Kharkov medium tank, there will be people going to Kharkov to collect more evidence
- in 8.8, Superpershing will also have its turret rotation and gun aim spread (accuracy) changed allegedly (SS: we’ll have to wait for test 2 changes), and that’s all – no more changes to SP after 8.8
- the rating article mentioned above will come before the patch, or with it
- new aim reticle (dot) and reload timer will come out in 8.9
- Storm states that bigger maps are not important for players, they only seem interesting. According to tests, the gameplay on bigger maps is not as good as people imagine.
- there is some FPS optimization in every patch
- the client physics is being developed, but it will have little influence on gameplay, the game will only look nicer

120 thoughts on “Storm posts on 8.8 (test 2)

  1. “- Object 268 will generally not be touched”

    Oh… Why not? Good armor, mobility, camo. WR over 50%. But yes, made in USSR.

      • T57? Lol. In which way? Fast refilling the clip? It’s recompensation for low top speed, acceleration. And it has t9 armor.

        Foch 155? Maybe. Ok, but only mobility nerf. Gun and DPM – long reloading time, long aiming time. Armor? Only frontal exist. There are weakspots. And there is no problem to deal some dmg frontaly (you can buy gold ammo for credits). Somehow my Foch (t9) can be easily penetrated (and not to the weakspots).

        • It’s an overpowered gun on a shit platform (hull being meh). It’s damage output before clip reloading and it’s accuracy (aim time) makes it overpowered. That’s why the 50B is most likely getting a buff and the T57 a nerf, bringing them closer together.

          Can’t speak about the Foch 155 as I never played it.

      • The T57 WR is the same percentage (1%) above the next tier X HT as the Obj 268 is above the next tier X TD. The Foch is way above everything.

      • The T57 is OP, because it can outperform every other T10 tank.
        They have to at least tweak him to AMX 50 B levels…

      • 268 armor is so good it doesn’t even get fazed when a round goes all the way through your TD.

      • Sure, cuz obj. 268 has thin, flat armor with no slopes. Oh, and I forget about lack of accuracy (0.33 and now after accuracy buff its acc is ridiculously good). So what will be your next argument? That Foch 155 is able to deal (average 2550 dmg) with one clip? In same time Obj. 268 can deal 3k dmg.

        • Now you wrote something true, indeed it has thin and slopped armor. You know why people don’t whine about it? Becouse it doesn’t meet 7th tiers – 175mm might have problem with penetraring it from front. And good luck with that “0,33″ acc. You will know what I mean once you try to play it for more then 2 battles.

          + what ZiMMy said.

          • Imo 268 is somewhere between good and OP…not that much OP but it does overperform a bit. Camo on that thing is incredibly OP. When i played my first few games in it i couldn’t believe that i wasn’t spotted in some situations to that point i thought i don’t have sixth sense on it and i was for sure spotted. Later in the battle my sixth sense would go off and i was just stunned that i wasn’t spotted before when i should be. I mean scout tank going like 100m away from me and i wasn’t in thick bushes at all, some parts of my tank were completely exposed and i stayed stealth. Gun is simply amazing. Really accurate and penetration is incredible. Load gold shell and you have point ‘n’ click gun. It pens everyone everywhere.

            • Medjed is right. IMO. there’s a problem with 3 tier 10 TD’s.
              They offer so much burst dmg, that it makes them hard to balance(JPZ is the easiest to balance out of them, and it’s already balanced), you’ll see that Foch will be UP after nerf, then they could buff it only a little, and it’ll be again on the OP side, it’ll took a while to make it just “ok” like let’s say E3.

            • I hope you are aware that there’s only one TD which performs better than foch 155. And that’s E3…

            • You went from – I generally agree (rus and french fries have good camo) to I dissagree about gun which I find to be highly inaccurate (compared to Foch’s gun which has same acc but actually hits targets) to some fairytale about point and click… Nope gold ammo won’t pen everything everywhere.

        • actually in the time it takes a Foch 155 to do 2550 damage, an Object 268 can do 850 damage
          in contrast, in that same time a T110E5 can do 800 damage

      • Too much balancing in my opinion. On a line you have some very weak and some stronger tanks and thats ok for me…

        French TD have just crap most of the TD line. At least they have good endgame.
        @autolader damage: hard to balance, hard burst but that vulnerable when reloading. Just the noobs who don’t know how to handle specific tanks are crying ..

  2. “- apparently, this area of Kharkov will be turned into a map:”

    Looks like…. Ruinberg? o,o

    • It’s the current standard model for tournaments and it’s planned to be implemented as an option for “companies”. The main advantages is fewer people needed to do organised play and that tournament’s will get added interest from the players if they can use the same setups themselves.

      7/42 means 7 players, 42 total tiers and max tier 8.

  3. - the “discussion” about KV-1S gun is “SerB against everyone”
    Nuff’ said. He even rejected the suggestion of a premium tier 7 KV-122 (KV-1S w/ 122) if I am correct.

    Assuming that he cannot “override” the dev teams decisions, it would lose the 122mm gun. Due the debate alone, this may not happen in 8.9 though.

    About the WG rating..the rating is worthless IMO if we do not know how it works. Some transperancy would be nice. Like a rating formula. Otherwise competitive players are going to stick with WN6/7 I think

    Obj 140 turret buff (?)…well, in the test server the Obj 140 is already as good as the T-62A…The weak roof is going to stay at least. Are there any changes planned in terms of those two cupolas?

    • Exactly what I thought, just make it a premium and move it to tier 7 like the Pz IV Schmalturm.

      • Yeah don’t understand either why he is so much against it. Just bring it back as a t7 premium tank -> plenty of $$$$ for WG.

    • From what I remember, WN6/7 seems to put more value in kills, than dealing damage, so for myself, I’m probably gonna prefer the new system WG made, as it’s probably a bit more fair to people who try to be a team player.

      The main reason for lack of transparency, is they probably don’t want “stat-padders” or people fighting for the top position in the leader-boards by trying to focus on the areas that are weighted more, if there are any. As that could hamper overall game-play quality of matches.

      • @Kamahl1234:

        You remember it wrong ofc – WN-Rating: 40% damage /40% kills/20% WR+Def+Spot

        btw- that new WG-Rating is BS … number of battles ROFL

          • Doesn’t mean that they add pem accoun averages, as your non-premium averages can easily be tracked without additional load. You know. 1.5x has to be done to SOME number, to give you your prem earnings.

    • >Assuming that he cannot “override” the dev teams decisions,
      Wrong assumptions, he said that he can and he did it, assuming that he wasn’t just bragging.

  4. - Storm states that bigger maps are not important for players, they only seem interesting. According to tests, the gameplay on bigger maps is not as good as people imagine.

    Translated: Larger maps do not fit the russian metagame nor low accuracy, hard hitting guns.

      • Actually, nope. I am not saying it’s russian bias or anything like that, what I mean is that they cornered themselves. Nowadays snipers have little use and with each patch, each new or modified map and with each new tank line they have favored that gameplay, one that is completely incompatible with large maps.

        • Most of the new maps are fucking shooting-range cauldrons; only real exception being Pearl River which is usually largely decided by Heavyweight Shootout At Noodle Alley.

          Not seeing how they’re supposed to favor “brawlers” over “snipers”.

    • I’m pretty sure that it’s more driving to the same conflict points where tanks brawl with each other, at least based on the current view range and draw range settings for tanks. They’ll probably need to adjust those but then it gets all weird on small maps.

      • Longer time to encounter and with with advancing forces spread out along attack routes and the first to arrive will have to wait until others catch up to before they can engage effectively or risk attacking a force that can bring concentrated fire to bear on them. Larger maps will suit teams who camp and if both teams are campers then it will make for very boring games. Very slow tanks they may just arrive in time to get shredded by an enemy that has kept it line tight and picked off rushers as they arrived. Scouting will be more important.

        The only way around this is bigger teams and longer games.

    • Currently, the maps we’re playing are about 1×1 km. We have 30 tanks (15 vs 15) to fill. Now, imagine we have a bigger map, for example 3×3 km. This means the map is 9 times bigger. To have the same density, we must have 270 tanks in map. That seems impossible, for both matchmaking and server load.

      Now, let talk about gameplay. The bigger map, more players mean you will hardly coordinate, support each other effectively. This also is a nightmare for slow tanks and just favor fast tanks. Your flank will quickly collapse if the enemy is outnumbered, other flank can’t reinforce in time. If your team decides to rush, you may lose just by a lone light tank suddenly cap. This risk encourages both teams stay near base, take good positions, send their lights to scout and wait for the reckless enemy. This tactic can stop any offenses but it also boring as hell if both teams adapt it. Furthermore, light tanks also need satellite phone to communicate with his fellows.

      • you are right, but think about other gamemodes and don´t forget the new ones. my idea is to remove the cap. 270 players are to many, i think on a 3x3km map 100 (50 per team) would be ok, but the mm would be terrible.
        another problem would be comunication, because many players use there own language and your tank don´t comunicate “automaticly” using radio.
        another fact is, that some rewards like “top gun” are too easy and ammo would be very very very important (thinking about hetzer with 20 shoot on 10,5mm gun, its even for 30×30 not enogh, but it would balance KV1S a bit, he even hasn´t many shoots).

        they should start with 1,5×1,5km maps maybe.

      • Imo bigger maps should be part of the new mode like assault and encounter. Why? Well if we get bigger maps they need to increase the view ranges and spotting ranges as well as accuracy of the guns. So make it as a new mode and if you get into that mode(bigger map) all tanks will had their alternate stats(view range,accuracy etc.) tweaked for bigger maps so you’ll had pretty much the same gameplay but on much bigger terrain and that should be imo more fun than on small maps we have now. Only don’t know how they would tweak slow tanks like T95 or Maus for those maps.

        • To go to larger maps they will have to adjust the soft settings on accuracy, radio range, view range and other soft stats. They will likely have to develop command tanks (for Radio ranges to cover the map and to help coordinate that many tanks in a CW or company battle). The type of tanks played will likely change. Just like in real life the faster, more accurate tanks will come to be more popular and the heavy slow tanks will be more like bunkers. The heavier armor will not make up for the slow speed or inability to stand up to the more accurate guns. Any tanks that do not carry much ammo will either sit in sniper spots or not played very often. I think it would be a good thing but to do it properly (having 30 tanks in area that is essentially a grid square on a topographical map is more like a demolition derby than a tank battle) it will take some significant changes in nearly every area not just the map size.

  5. - new aim reticle (dot) and reload timer will come out in 8.9

    So J1mbo’s mod will have one more patch? Well, there are people who are loyalists but if I can get a reload timer, I’ll go back to the standard cross-shaped crosshairs.

    – the British blue stripe camo will return to the way it was before

    Good, because I like the unhistorical one. The historical one looks like a strawberry shake left out to divide back into water and the shake after a few days.

    • I so hope the KV-1S loses the 122. I’d love to see the try hards have to actually try a different tank.

    • SerB vs. everyone is a nice paraphrase for “old-school patriot” vs. “common sense”. Hopefully, common sense wins.

    • You’re probably one of the one’s who thinks the KV-1S needs it’s armor buffed aren’t you?

  6. - There is some FPS optimization in every patch

    Yes, it decreases every patch. This time it went down from 10 (Yes 10) to 5 :(

    • I play very low FPS too (think 4-10), but I haven’t really noticed it getting worser…. lol… probably because it’s almost impossible to get even lower fps XD.

    • I have a below average computer (compared to new ones), and the game is always running around 20-25 fps, sometimes 30.
      2.4Ghz processor, 256Mb graphic card, 2GB ram, win xp

      • My PC is nowhere near as great as all those high end PCs. Right now i would put it at low end machines and even on PC like that with WoT tweaker and few tricks and with low settings(standard graphics) i get 40-50 fps in 3rd person view camera and somewhere between 60-100 fps in sniper mode. Only explanation for horrible fps like that 5-10 is that you are playing on some laptops who were never intended to be used as gaming machines and most probably have some shitty integrated graphics and mediocre CPU.

    • I’ve been getting progressively *better* framerates.

      I used to get ~15-20 on a “meh” system. Now I get about 40 with nothing happening and 20-25 when shit goes down.

  7. - the rating “surprise” will be “some changes in rating logic” (SS: later on, Storm mentioned twinks in such a context that my guess (!!!) is that it will be something to make twinks/sealclubbers/pedobears (whichever term you prefer) not have a good rating, in later comment another developer does mention “Seaclubbers running away, yes. Just as planned”)
    - Storm confirms that the new rating will take amount of battles into account

    As long as they don’t make the basis for this rating public, there is absolutely no reason for players to use it. It has no value whatsoever.

    • I think the idea is to reduce sealclubbers padding stats. Maybe they’ll just count the last few thousand battles or something.
      Frankly there is a ton of things they could do which will only really bother stat-pervs.

      • Oh really? ok anything else that was wrong concerning depression? German tanks specifically .

      • According to the game files in test 1, only frontal (24 degree arc) depression is 6 degrees, the back is 0 but the rest is 8.

        • Might be a 48 degree arc (24 either side of front), actually. Haven’t figured out that part.

        • This is unchanged in test 2. Just point your gun off to the side a bit to get better depression. :-)

  8. - the British blue stripe camo will return to the way it was before

    Are you fucking kidding me? What the fuck? That damn ice cream crap isn’t historical.

      • No, WG keeps it after the mistake has become known, I blame THEM.
        But at least they keep the historical version, too.

        • Most likely because people like the camo even though it’s not real. They will implement the historical one anyway now.

          • It is ‘historical’ as it has been painted onto tanks and models for 40 odd years. It isn’t ‘accurate’ though which is different. Even mistakes become historical eventually.

    • The one they replaced it with wasn’t historical either. There were two valid Caunter camo patterns they could have gone with, and they took the lazy way out and went with neither. Swapping out the blue wasn’t enough, as the colors on either side of it also aren’t historical, and apparently WG can’t fix more than one color at a time.

      • Patterns of camouflage were never made historically in WoT. It should be made for each tank separately which is waste of time and money.

        New colours of Caunter in 8.8 Test 1 were proper ones and replacing them with old shit is senseless. They should add it at least as an option for those who want a little bit more historical camouflage scheme.

  9. Also bigger maps would make light tanks more important again. After the arty nerf they’ve become increasingly useless in high tier games.

      • But then we would actually need a radio (or the skills) for that :P
        And for sniping tanks of course :D

  10. >- the “discussion” about KV-1S gun is “SerB against everyone”
    AH HAHAHA look at that faggot!
    SerB you really deserve it !

  11. Somebody please explain to me, what “7/42″ means. I only remember that this relates to Tank Companies. Is this the team format or the team’s gross tier weight? I’ve forgotten.

    • A company format, 7/42

      7 = 7v7 battles, 7 tanks per team
      42 = 42 point limit. Each tier counts as a point (ex. tier 8 = 8 points)
      Tier limit = Up to tier 8 tanks

      Usually that company is consisted of 5 tier 8 tanks (5*8 points = 40) plus two tier 1 T1s as filler and spotting.

      Used unofficially in compettitions already, like the last finals at the gamescom

    • Stop trying to play World of Tanks on Windows 3.1 then.

      Playing on a Windows 7 system with a budget graphics card on an otherwise standard Hewlett Packard computer, I’ve been getting progressively better framerates.

  12. - Storm states that bigger maps are not important for players, they only seem interesting. According to tests, the gameplay on bigger maps is not as good as people imagine.

    Well, I asked my T95 and we have the same opinion …

    • That’s all great for the T95, but it sucks pretty hard for the Leopards. The smaller maps are nearly unplayable.

  13. - Object 140 turret armor will be reworked (it will resemble the T-62A turret more), but not now – somewhere around patch 0.9.0, as there will be additional testing needed after such rework

    So the tank is mostly superfluous thanks to its resemblance to the T-62A in terms of appearance and performance, therefor the solution is to make them… Even more similar? Ah, good ol’ Wargaming logic.

    Other than that not too much. Brit camo patterns, SP armor fiddling, E-75 terrain buff, new Russian city maps that irk me a little because the US needs more city maps in clan wars not Europe dammit (seriously, I’m sick of my city options on US territories being Live Oaks, Port, Port, Highway, and Port). Other than people throwing around the term “Wehraboo” and arguing in the comments there’s not much that elicits a reaction from me.

  14. - the “discussion” about KV-1S gun is “SerB against everyone”

    I didn’t know why he is so stubborn until I looked at his stats: serB’s one of the best stats are on KV1S :)

  15. “SerB against everyone”

    Good fight Serb, but you should quit before you give yourself a heart attack defending an undefendable position.