Confirmed: free VK3002M for VK3001H owners


Murazor is well known and popular Russian blogger with very good info access. In his latest video, he confirmed, what you might have read earlier here:

If you have VK3001H in garage the moment 8.8 goes live, you will get your VK3001H tier 5 heavy tank with your original crew and you will get for free a VK3002M tier 6 medium tank with a free garage slot and a 100 percent crew.

57 thoughts on “Confirmed: free VK3002M for VK3001H owners

  1. On test server I DID NOT get a free garage slot… Just saying. I had 2 free garage slots. After the patch on test server I had 1 free garage slot only and the new “gift” VK3002M taking the other previously free garage slot.

    • maybe a bug…

      i have 7 unused slots…

      i think i must fill the slots with something…

        • YEah, same as with Gift tanks (Tetra, T1E6, LTP). They will occupy a free slot if it’s present, so fill your empty slots with Tier 1 tanks (they’re free anyway).

    • Here’s a very simplified version of how that algorithm works:


    • Are you sure that you had 2 free slots at the time when they backed up your account for the test server?

  2. I researched Vk30001h,, but didnt buy it. If I buy it, do i get that slot, and if i dont buy it, i wont get the Slot?

      • SS Do you know what will happen in these two cases?
        - I rebuy Vk3001H Put in my Tiger crew untrained. Wil the Tiger crew be retraind to VK3001H crew after patch?
        - Rebuy VK3001H and dont put any crew in it (ok I now 50% crew is free) will I still get free Proto Panther with crew?

        • 1. Nobody is sure.
          2. Yes. The 3001h crew stays with the 3001h, the 3002 MAN crew is coming fresh from Valhalla after talking Odin into letting them get more practice in the mortal coil.

        • When the is-4 was moved to tier 10 I had specifically grinded the tank just for the free tanks and garage slot. I had put my crew from the is-3 in the is-4 before the patch went live and the tier 10 is-4 had the same is-3 crew in it. I remember this specifically because I took the is-4 in a couple CW matches and noticed it moved terribly slow. After those matches I had noticed that my crew was STILL trained for IS-3. I quickly corrected the mistake and never told anyone lol!

          If history repeats itself I would say that your tiger crew will remain trained for the tiger and be put in the new 3001 tier 5 tank. I don’t think there’s anything official that confirms this though

  3. As always thank you SS for this kind of information. It helps me make decisions in the game so that I can take advantage of this kind of opportunity.

    • Hey, thank you!

      I researched the VK as well already and will simply buy it just before the update goes live. Nice piece of information. :)

  4. Good I have this thing researched. :) Not that I need the crew, but the slot is welcome.

  5. Good thing i bought it during the Gamescom event where making money was really easy. 30-50k profit with KV-1 per battle, without premium.

  6. Darn, I was hoping the 3001H crew would get trained to 100%. I wanted to keep my H crew as medium tankers and moved them off for the time being.

    • 30.02 MAN will most likely land in your garage with 100% crew.
      At least this happened to me on test server.

  7. The one German tank I don’t have researched, the VK3001H lol. Oh well, whould be able to quickly grind it for that free garage slot :)

  8. Thanks for the confirmation. :)

    Do you happen to know if the tier 6 VK3001H stats* will follow the crew to tier5 or if they will be transferred to the VK3002M?

    (*mine are absolutely horrible, a sad relict from my suicide-noob-times… i somehow wish they wouldnt mess up the new, promising vk3002m)

    • Just logged into the test server (round 2): Stats from VK 30.01 H stayed with it, i got no matches on the VK 30.02 M.

    • VK 3001H stats get moved along with the tank to T5. VK 3002M gets new stats.
      Vehicles added: VK 30.02 (M)
      So… for NA server based accounts if you have a FULLY UPGRADED VK 3001H with CREW TRAINED for it, you will receive a FULLY UPGRADED VK 3002M with 100% CREW but NO GARAGE SLOT.
      I don’t know what happens if VK 3001H is not fully upgraded or if you don’t have any crew trained for it.

  9. so lets see, if i put a heavy crew without ‘learnin’ on 3001H (in other words they will be red %) and after 8.8 it will be 100% heavy and the vk3002m will have totally new 100% crew?

  10. Anyone watched what happens if you have 3601 with medium vent before patch?
    Will medium vent go to storage or will it be a heavy vent?


    • In 8.8 3601 will have vents class 3 (hvy), so the vents class 2 (medium) you have on it right now will be dismounted for free and sent to Depot.

    • I double checked and the vents only get dismounted and moved to depot. They DO NOT get changed from class 2 (med) to class 3 (hvy)

  11. When the 3601H is changed to a heavy I will lose my only German medium tank crew if they are changed to a heavy crew. I use the medium crew in my premium Panther/M10. It would be nice to get a free medium tank crew when the change occurs like with the 3001H but I can’t see how WG would even do that. Any ideas?

    • Only thing I can suggest is take your VK3601H crew out, retrain it to a different med and put in a new VK3601H crew, or something like that.

    • If you have a VK3001H in your garage, you will get a free VK3002M tier 6 medium tank. The VK3002M will come with a 100% crew. So you will get a 100% medium tank crew that you can use with your premium Panther.

    • Gold camo will stay on the tank, vents will be dismounted for free and move to Depot

        • woow, just realized that the camo for Tier 5 Tanks is cheaper than for Tier 6… thats kinda unfair :/

          • You’re welcome.
            Indeed the tier change of 3001H could make u say you lost 75 gold on camo, but I would say you gained 511k silver (selling price of a fully upgraded 3002M you get for free) and a 100% 5 man crew that is worth 1000 gold (when no crew discounts are active).

  12. Hab den Vk 3001 h heute gakauft (erst mein zweiter Tier 6 tank) in der hoffnung, den 30.02 mit slot und 100% crew zu bekommen!
    boa bin ich erleichtert!

  13. What happens to XP earned on VK3001H towards the panther research?
    Will it get lost, or moved to VK3002M?
    I’m not sure if it’s good idea to grind to panther, as i may not have enough time to get it before 8.8 goes live.
    And loosing all the progress, wouldn’t be fun.

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