- when balancing new vehicles, their use in e-sports is not specifically taken into account
- complete re-work of the camo system (especially to include partial cover) is planned, but it will take long time
- Storm: “We continue to give out tanks with garage slots in case of tank switches” and – when asked – specifically on the VK3001H situation, he replied “as always” (SS: other sources also confirmed that yes, you will get free VK3002M, if you have the VK3001H in your garage)

- KV-1S current armor is historical, it won’t be buffed
- more data on your tank crew members (for example the amount of tanks they destroyed) is not collected and won’t be implemented, the developers decided so because it would significantly increase the WG database size
- captured/lend-lease tanks won’t come in 2013, they have very low priority
- a new category of tanks, “airborne tanks”, was mentioned by Zlobny, but even that has very low priority

Some World of Tanks: Blitz info from Overlord

- the control model is already mostly decided
- Overlord would be glad if the public counted in millions
- WoTB UI is still classified
- Windows 8 mobile support is not planned for now, iOS and Android are the top priorities
- the game should run on Nexus 10, but the focus is on Nexus 7
- early testing stage will definitely start this year, but the game won’t be released in 2013
- platoons will be limited to 2 players

90 thoughts on “29.8.2013

  1. - captured/lend-lease tanks won’t come in 2013, they have very low priority

    Yeah always prototype, paper and fantasy tanks have high priority

      • No.
        We want Japanese, Italian, Swedish, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, British and French tanks which took part in the battles.

    • tanks that where never used or seen are cooler to have in the game, this is why the Sherman firefly is not here yet, why put a tank in the game that every other tank game has

    • Well, maybe it’s because they’re more UNIQUE vehicles, not some copypastas from other nations that we can actually drive right now.

    • Wish WG could just add one Italian tank for the time being, like the Chinese Chi-Ha.

  2. ‘M48 Patton will apparently get buffed, better gun stabilization (= accuracy on the move and aim time), DPM and viewrange were mentioned. But no details yet.’

    Nice so they’re buffing a tank which really is OK as it is and yet the disastrous FV4202 is still not being replaced/buffed. Brit tanks… the only tanks WG hates more than the Germans.

    • So true… Although in a recent Q&A it was mentioned that the British MAY get the Chieftain and one other tier 10 tank, and that based on historical specs the FV4202 belongs in tier 8.

      The solution I would prefer is to have the FV4202 in tier 9 with the 20-pounder Type B as top gun but with fixed turret armour. Allow it to be upgraded with modules above historical specs as it wasn’t even a prototype of anything, just a testbed for features that were used on Chieftain. Then get to Chieftain in tier 10 from FV4202. The FV4202 itself would be reached by researching “sideways” from the Centurion Mk.7/1. The new tier 10 after the Centurion Mk.7/1 could be a Centurion Mk.13 or a Vickers MBT.

      It would also be cool if the Centurion AVRE 165 made an appearance somehow, maybe as a tier 8 premium, maybe as more module options in the Mk.7/1.

      • Why would they put a tank (Vickers MBT) which wasn’t used by British army in the British tree? That tank was manufactured SPECIFICALLY for export purposes and shouldn’t be included in British tree.

          • Not a single Indien-Panzer was bought or used by Indian army. So I think that doesn’t count while Vickers MBT is still used to this day by some countries.

            • Why? Because unlike any current British Tier 10 (or 9 or 8) I would have at least average mobility.

              I don’t see the Vickers MBT as Tier 10 material. It’s basically a lighter, cheaper and faster Centurion Mk 7/1.

      • IMHO Vickers MK.1 isn’t better than Centurion MK.7/1, and we need more med branch.

        I prefer Centurion MK.10/13, it has a little different hull from MK.7 and metalastic mantlet, perhaps add active X turret and 950hp engine as researchable module.

        • Fair enough, sounds good to me. Just to point out, there is a 950hp engine researchable on the Centurion Mk.7/1 already, the Rolls-Royce Griffon.

        • Vickers mbt wont go above tier 9 . Sure it beat out the indien panzer but even after that the Indians never deployed any to their strike formations and were reserved to holding formations /infantry divisions . Overall it’s “combat strength” was considered inferior to the t 55 by the indians .Which is telling …

    • Remember that the Patton III is even bigger than a T110E5 and has worst camo factor with the least accurate gun among the T10 mediums (Batchat got the worst gun actually but he has a autoloader and fights like a light so who cares). Patton III IS kinda over-nerfed after patch 8.0 that it really needs some buff.
      BTW FV4202 might need some armor on his turrent from what i knows.

    • M48 is the worst of t10 meds, the whine over FV4202 is nothing more than butthurt brits its an excellent pub tank. Low profile, workable armor and excellent gun, it only issue is speed and lack of cw viability thanks to bat and t62 being so good. M48 on the otherhand, no armour, no camo, no speed, below average gun handling and its as big as a house with a huge tumor ontop.

      • The only, and I mean ONLY reason the FV4202 might work in randoms is that most retards will see you and think you’re just another Centurion with shitty hull armour, then proceed to bounce off your upper glacis. Anybody who knows what they’re doing will just shoot the worthless turret.

        Consider also that instead of HEAT for hard targets the FV4202 gets worthless and broken HESH ammo.

        I rather have my Centurion Mk.7/1 in a tier 10 game. It might have less HP and is still stuck with HESH, a 40kph speed limit and a lower rate of fire, but at least it has a good turret than can bounce even tier 10 TD shot on a good day.

    • Well, FV might get fixed by reworking HESH ammo or just giving it HEAT as premium shells and HESH as HE.

  3. “as alway” HAHAHA
    tell this to my priest which has 18k useless xp because its change of position with its predecessor
    caused me to give up on american arty…

  4. - M48 Patton will apparently get buffed, better gun stabilization (= accuracy on the move and aim time), DPM and viewrange were mentioned. But no details yet.

    Oh. God. YES! Please Wargaming, give me my good old M48 back with which i can kick T62A`s ass :)

  5. ” – a new category of tanks, “airborne tanks”, was mentioned by Zlobny, but even that has very low priority”

    …more lightweight tanks like the Tetrarch and Locust? Could be neat.

        • Still, if you could bombard enemy with tanks, like the ELC launched from an orbit directly on the top of Tiger II… It’s the only way to be sure.

          • “We shall purify this blighted planet with… a rain of tanks?” (Or what happens when Inquisitors lose their marbles.)

      • This year they won’t even need to bribe us. Bots will vote it up anyway. Last year they really wanted the award and after they saw how much fanbase they have behind them they won’t give a shit this year and will still win it. :)

  6. Now that the E-50M is getting buffed to absolutely hideous levels, the M48 is apparently due for some special loving.

    • Everyone loves to yell this, but ignore the fact almost any tank you will see can pen your lower front now.

  7. Could you please give me/us the link to the source of that m48 info? Best tier10 medium will get buffs? Viewrange buffs? OMG.

    • Yes, and that’s why you see tons of M48′s in random pub matches because it’s fucking best tier 10 medium. And BatChats/T62A’s are so shitty and that’s why you don’t see them at all. /sarcasm off

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  9. - a new category of tanks, “airborne tanks”, was mentioned by Zlobny, but even that has very low priority
    Yaaay! ASU-85

  10. “A new category of tanks, “airborne tanks”, was mentioned by Zlobny, but even that has very low priority”

    I wonder what their gimmick is. Maybe players get to choose to start outside the usual spawn, but start battle a bit later to compensate for that little bit of freedom?

  11. “lend-lease tanks won’t come in 2013″
    just to point out, Churchill III, Valentine II, Matilda IV, Stuart LL

    • They mean new LL tanks, like…say…an M4 Sherman in French livery, for example.

      Now they didn’t say anything about captured tanks though (here’s still hoping for a captured KV-1 as a tier 5 heavy on the German tree as a cheaper alternative to the Lowe).

  12. I asked Storm directly about m48, he declined any planned m48 buffs and stated that your info on that is false.