- looks like the US premium TD will possibly be only low-tier. To quote The_Chieftain: “The 122-44 is at a higher tier, where there are few US options. I would not expect a high-tier US premium TD.”
- the ST-I hull rear armor has a bug, where the collision model doesn’t correspond to the visual one (there’s more slope than there should be), it will be fixed
- Storm on removing the machínegun weakspot on the Tiger II armor model: “According to the words of Hilary Doyle, German machinegun gun shields provided roughly the same level of protection as the main armor. So that’s how we’re going to slowly do it” (SS: in such a case, we can expect the removal of the other German tanks’ bow MG weakspots)
- the way the 6 perks/skills display (5x + 6th perk/skill) on WoT crews won’t be changed, because “there’s not enough room”

There might be more in the evening.

94 thoughts on “4.9.2013

  1. I still wonder, what’s the point in adding so many premium tanks….
    If you get one tier 8 premium it’s enough for credit farming.

    Training crews? Well, regular tanks are as good as premium ones, only Churchill III has crew exp multiplier.

    So why would anyone buy more than 1 good premium tank? It’s just a game, you really want to invest so much in it?

    • I have tons of premium tanks.

      1) Because I can afford them
      2) Because they offer a different experience not available in the tech tree.

      Crew training and credit grinding are a bonus for me.

      • Sure, i can afford it but i chose to invest in stuff that it’s really useful for me, not in some pixels.

        Few weeks ago i had to chose: Get the KV-5 because it’s on sale or buy an SSD. Guess what: i don’t have the KV-5 in my garage.

        It’s not about affording it or not, it’s about making the right decisions.

        Different experience? Really? Only the TOG offers something you can’t find in-game at the moment…

        • But your experience is only relevant if you can only afford the SSD and not both. The way I see it is that if you spends hundreds of hours on a game, then a few bucks is not that great a price in comparison to the value of the time you spent.

          • I payed about 170 $ for a 250GB SSD. The KV-5 was less expensive, and i could have just bought a 120GB SSD + KV-5 but nah…

            And i do spend a few $ on WoT by getting premium time, i also got one premium tank. What i cannot understand is why would you get another premium tank, or even more… You can always get something in real life that will benefit you a lot more than just some pixels.

            • You example is a bit weak.
              What you get for real life with an SSD is just a bit saving in loading times.
              With a Premium vehicle you get either alot of fun or easier credit earnings for other tanks that will give you fun.

              Now that funis also a “real life” thing.
              What is more beneficial is not the same for everyone.

              There even is a chance the SSD dies before WoT get’s old and Servers are shut down.
              Or you replace it with a newer model.
              Then is it still more of a benefit than a Tank you might play tons of hours with?

            • It’s clearly that you never had a SSD….
              The save in loading times is huge. Photoshop loads 100+MB files instantly, and i use Photoshop to work.

              You can have fun with any tank in game, as i already said, only TOG offers something different. All other premium tanks have their standard equivalent.

              Credit earning? not that important anymore….

              And yes, even if the SSD dies it’s still more useful than some pixels in a game. I’m 100% sure that i’ll stop playing WoT before the ssd dies :)

      • So you think they should all work for free then?
        How naive of you sir.

        I’ll add another few reasons why I bought premium tanks.
        Because I want to support the game I love and play often.
        Because I want new content for years to come.
        Because I know all the kids and scroungers out there will never give them a cent.

        • You can also support the game by getting premium time, which is more useful than another 10 premium tanks…Or converting free exp…garage slots and so on…

          • Garage Slots I have and premium time I get when I am grinding high tiers. But premium time is useless when I can only play a few games every other day.

            • And if you play so little credits are not a problem, and i suppose that you just do some doubles to gain a bit of exp for the next tank in line.
              A premium tank is completely useless for someone who barely plays the game…

            • I have over 10,000 games in over 2 years so I must be playing sometimes. But due to college I have to cut down on WoT during the winter and only play 1-3 games a night before bed. Up at 6.30 home at 5, homework for 4-5 hours, 15-40 minutes WoT, Bed.

              Premium account would be a waste although having premium tanks is not because I can always avail of offers like 50% off equipment, tanks, etc…. after last winter only playing a few games each week I had 15 million at the start of the summer.

        • Where did i say that? I just said WG adds more prem tanks because of money. I’m totally fine with that, as long as the tanks are not more powerfull than everything else on the field.

      • Well i buy my monthly premium days, so i’m supporting the game, but you see, getting another premium tanks seems a bad idea.

          • I’m more of a medium tank driver…but i agree that the TOG is the only premium tank in-game that offers something new

            • If nothing else it’s an excellent “conversation piece” – don’t think I’ve seen any single tank elicit as much commentary as that lolbox does.

            • Not from what I’ve seen, unless you count “camper noobs” raeg. The TOG also seems to cause a lot of bemused turret- swinging at the start of the match when teammates drive past and ogle the weird thing. :P

    • I got bored. And I had the money…So I paid money to relieve the boredom. Also it helps with platooning. Max premiums to farm credits is three. Very rarely will all three be in battle.

      • Well, i have one of the best credits maker in my garage yet in the last 2 months i made my credits using regular tanks. In the last 2 months i got 3 tier 10 tanks so i’m talking about lots of credits.

        Since the last patch even tier 10 tanks will generate enough profit…
        So why getting tons of premium tanks while you can do the same job with regular ones?

    • “only Churchill III has crew exp multiplier.”

      That’s bollocks. It has the best view range out of T5 heavies, so it spots its own targets, unlike them. That makes for the huge difference, along with its quite high DPM.

      • Churchill I and Excelsior got the same view range….
        Anyway, dunno why i remember reading that the Churchill III has 1.3 crew exp while other tanks have 1.0

      • Well, isn’t it quite sad that people waste so many money on virtual stuff while they could use the money to :
        - go to movies.
        - buy presents for your gf.
        - buy gadgets for yourself.
        - throw parties.
        - save the money and get a (new) car.
        - etc.

        There are a lot more better ways to spend money than in virtual stuff….
        And i really doubt that everyone here can afford to buy everything they want.

        • Going to movies is no less an “immaterial good” (and an as-such superfluous luxury expenditure) for personal relaxation and enjoyement as buying a virtual thingamajig – and I’d point out that unlike the former the latter is not, at least in this case, an one-time distraction.

          • But when you’re going to watch a movie you may meet someone new. :)
            Or perhaps you’ll go to that movie with your gf.

            Real life interactions are much better than virtual ones…so watching a movie > buying a low tier premium tank (pretty much the same price)

            • Don’t have (or want) a girlfriend, and I only go to movies with my friends. Who as it happens I also play WoT with. You were saying?

              …also since when was *money* a prequisite for socialising with people anyway?

            • Then get a boyfriend so meh…

              And i’m talking about buying more than 1 good tier 8 premium and i have nothing against getting premium time.

            • Don’t have or want one of those either. Anyway, people can blow retarded amounts of money into hobbies that serve no practical purpose or even inherently include meeting, nevermind now properly socializing with, people. I fail to see how a virtual one meaningfully differs.

              Life lesson: people do a lot of objectively silly things solely to amuse themselves. Which is actually suspected to be an evolutionary “intelligence driver”, as a number of notably clever if not protosapient animals such as corvids are observed engaging in similar activities.

            • I guess i have to agree with this…

              There are people who have huge collections of toy trains after all….

            • Movie night means two tickets at $16 each. Two drinks and splitting a popcorn, figure $14 (so we usually skip that). And of course, since you’re already out of the house, movie night invariably turns into dinner night, so tack on another $35-50 to the total.

              I can buy *all* of the low tier premium tanks for less than most movie nights.

              (Takeout teriyaki and a stack of Netflix discs is less stressful than dealing with movie crowd and traffic, anyway.)

        • Some of us can afford to do all that and still buy a premium tank….

          I can just about afford everything I want…the only thing I can’t buy in a reasonable amount of time is a 427 Cobra kit car that goes for about $50K USD :)

          • Well if you can afford so many things why don’t you just buy gold and convert it to credits?
            It’s faster than farming credits with a premium tank.

            • Long-term profitability, crewtraining, oh and you know – actually playing with virtual tanks?

            • He has unlimited $. There is no need to invest in a premium tank while he can just buy unlimited gold to convert it for credits.
              Crew training works just as fine with standard tanks.

            • I don’t think you quite understand what kind of crewtraining is referred to here. Plus, I don’t see what’s wrong with him preferring to earn his credits by playing instead of simply up and buying them with a few mouse clicks if he prefers to do it that way…

            • It’s an inefficient use of that money.

              Spending $50 on a premium tank is one thing if it’s the only way to get that tank. Pay or do without.

              Spending $50 on credits is pointless since we get those credits anyway by playing. Pay or don’t pay, the result is the same, so no need to throw the money away.

        • I do all those things and more and still I can afford to spend money on tanks. I don’t drink (which is unheard of in Ireland) and that saves me a lot of money. I don’t drive because I don’t need to.

          My GF has actually bought me a LOWE, T34 and an SU-122-44. Two birthdays and Xmas.

          • Not drinking is a huge advantage. I cringe when I see what friends or family members spend on drinks on nights out or at a sports game. (I cringe even more with what they spend on coffee.) I could buy every premium tank WG has and still be ahead of what they’ll spend watching the playoffs at the bar.

        • I used to complain about what other people do with their money, too. Then I bought myself some therapy and now I realize it’s actually their business and I don’t have to worry about it.

          Also the bedwetting is gone now.

      • why should it be “sad”? you should check your ethic compass. áre you like…20? acting all mature, while real addults spent their free money where they see fit without judging anybody…you’ll come to that point later in your life, son.
        i recently bought europa universalis 4 digital extreme edition + day one dlc and have only played like one hour so far…but for me its a form of supporting paradox interactive for producing non-trivial grand strategy games. time is the real constraint for addults.

        • Sure, and i also got Skyrim (after playing a “free” version) only because i loved the game. I supported Bethesda for their game.

          • this is so sad, you should have gone to the cinema with your gf instead, because these things are mutualy exclusive!

            • Well, i didn’t bought 2 copies of Skyrim. You see, when you get 2 premium tanks you pay twice for the same benefit.
              I payed only once. I got only one tier 8 premium tank. More than that it’s just a waste.

              You do not buy 2 versions of EU 4 right? Then why buy 2 premium tanks?

            • i bought a game i did not even play yet with some additional, purely cosmetic content just because. a premium tank is a different tank than the ones you own.
              by your logic i could stop grinding new tanks after the first, cause i already have one.
              some people are collectors, historynerds, tanknutts. its not yours to judge them and the way they spend their money. and you bought a “second” copy of skyrim, the first one, as you told us, was free. so strictly ecoonicaly speaking you wasted the money you, by your very own standards, should have spent for “reallife” stuff. also playing games is bad, because you should spend your (much more valuable than money) time doing “reallife”stuff.
              see you fallacies?

            • I’m not talking about grinding tanks. All i say is that if you buy a good tier 8 premium tank you don’t have to buy another one.

              And about skyrim, nope, it’s not wasted money because i bought only ONE copy. You see the pattern? one copy, one premium tank is enough. Why would anyone buy 2 skyrim copies?

            • A waste?

              A Waste of what? My money?

              Perhaps I think your SSD was a waste (I don’t) but I’d never presume to tell others how to spend their money. Some donkeys spend 250-500 euros on a Type59 off ebay. Ask them do they think its a waste? They will say no. Ask me if my Type59 was a waste at 30 euro. No it wasn’t.

              Get what I’m saying here? Its all relevant. Don’t be so butthurt because you can’t collect ‘em all.

    • well, because i have a few premium tanks in different tiers and class, so i can choose accordingly, either the LTP tier 3 light, Matilda IV tier 5 medium or TOG II* tier 6 heavy, all low dmg but high RoF guns and good gundepression. and it depends wether you want to put money in or not. and visiting gameshows where WG has a stand you can try for free gold or tanks.

    • Because they’re fun? I’ve got all but one Tier V Premium and play them because I like them, the offer something a little different. Its not all about the credits made, its about having fun.

      As far as training crews, the more Premiums you have the better. Training a Tier X crew on a Tier X can be expensive (train a E100 crew in an E100 for instance would be madness). Training that crew on a Tier V Premium makes a profit every time. For instance I have a 215B but I can train the crew on that, the TOGII or A33. That means they get the daily X2/3/5 on three tanks if I wanted to get them trained quickly.

      FYI the Churchill has no special XP modifier, Serb confirmed this not to long ago.

      • TOG is the best for attracting odd and funny reactions.
        and when i get my ELC out with a ferdi and jgdtiger, you can all hear them complain but when i spot them all there not saying anything and then like me.
        so it’s wether you want to or not.
        and ofcourse if the tank lies good in your “hands”.

  2. With regards the the MG ports on Germans tanks; wasn’t it only a few patches ago they make it a weakspot for the 4502b? Wonder if they’ll backtrack on that change.

    • About the VK4502B, they really improved the armor on it for patch 8.8? I remember reading that it will have 120mm sides and 200 upper plate….

      • That was a fake. The frontal armour is already insanely tough. Any further buff would make it OP.

        The only change to the tank in 8.8 is it’s loosing 10m of view range.

          • If you can’t sidescrape – yes it is the worst T9. But if you can sidescrape (map+skill+noblockingteammates required) it’s a hell of a tank.
            And funnily the LFP is stronger than the E75s, while the UFP is weaker than the E75s

    • I just don’t get it! They want us to believe that they went to that page on the book right now and…hey….we need to fix this? Their decisions and explanations are bullshit, they just should say “cause we want it so” and stop bring the “historical accuracy” bullshit!

  3. Pingback: WoTRomania

    • Considering the whole frontal plate of a Panther is just a big weak spot whats the point. :P

      • Well in tier7 games Panther UFP provides at least and decent protection when angled correctly, same goes for tier8 games in PantherII.

        But I was kinda shocked when I looked at the armor diagram of P1/2 as the 8.7 weak spot in the UFP is not a circle but a square thus making it even bigger then it should be – where as we have heared shouldnt be a weakspot at all as doyle stated!

        Now with correct -8° gundepression and correct UFP without weakspot going hull down actually is usefull.

        • I mean just now in 8.7 we have:
          -huge burning weak spot LFP
          -big square weak spot in UFP
          -oversized cupola weakspot
          good luck trying to hide that…

          It would be realy nice to loose mg gun shield weakspot, and get a better armored cupola. So with skilled angling and trying to make use of hull down, the Panther finally has a chance NOT to show weakspots to the enemy all the time when facing it frontal. I don’t even mention what happens if you make the big mistake of showing your side or rear. You die and burn even more then when u place your tanks front to the enemy correctly…

            • Sorry I do not believe that, if you manage to hide r2d2 and do a bit of sidescraping KV-5 is the usual russion bouncing wonder. Plus I have never seen a KV-5 going aflame after frontal hit.

              Plus have you ever shot Panther into its side or rear? Everything is a weakspot there, while you can even bounce shoots on the rear of russian tanks…

              So please stop trolling with russian tanks having bad armor…

            • The Panther is a fucking medium and IRL its sides were vulnerable to damn antitank rifles from close enough, whaddya expect? And I’d point out I’ve killed KV-5′s via the commander’s cupola with nothing more formidable than the 75L70…

            • Take your chill pills Kellomies, I just told some KV-5 driver that the Panther tank is more vulnerable at its sides.

              But IRL it was very resistant from enemy tank fire upfront and had no weakspot LFP which could burn!
              Also as doyle stated the mg shield was no weakspot and as we see with the Tiger2 the cupola was also harder.
              So balancing the armor of the Panther should mean removing mg shield weakspot and giving it the harder cupola like Tiger2. So finally the Panther is less vulnerable when turning its front to the enemy, which also historicly would make sense as Panther tanks were instructed to take care of their vulnerable flanks and always face enemy upfront!
              A last wish would be that WG finally makes different modules for gearbox and engine, so it will not burn when hit in gearbox.

            • The MG thing is one of those “done when it’s done” things, on the testserver it’s already been effected on the 30.01H besides the Tigers. Though I find the approach chosen odd – I’ve nothing against treating it as equivalent thickness as the surrounding glacis (as is done in eg. 36.01H and 30.02D), but surely removing it from the collison model altogether like it didn’t even physically exist is excessive?
              And the gearbox issue is shared by all tanks that have frontal transmissions, and that includes many of the low-tier Soviet ones so whatever really.

              Anyway, the point is more that you’re comparing a medium to a heavy which is a bit silly by definition, and in this case doubly so as said heavy is the most infamously weakspot-ridden thing ever in its class and tier. Sure the main turret and hull proper are tough on the KV-5, but who even shoots at those save by accident?

  4. Good news on the MG front. The 4502A is weak enough as it is without a glaring weak spot for even Tier 6 mediums to shoot straight through.

  5. - Storm on removing the machínegun weakspot on the Tiger II armor model: “According to the words of Hilary Doyle, German machinegun gun shields provided roughly the same level of protection as the main armor. So that’s how we’re going to slowly do it” (SS: in such a case, we can expect the removal of the other German tanks’ bow MG weakspots)

    So why did these weakspots exist in the first place?

    • Because it’s kind of the default assumption and one reason most armies had ditched them by the end of the war? I’m hardly qualified to comment on the vulnerability or lack thereof of the German design, but just smooting over the collision model like the MG didn’t even exist seems a little excessive to me – whatever its thickness it’s still a physical bulge in the glacis plate after all.

      Looking at the CT models in the Tank Viewer BTW says the Hentai Tiger got the same treatment, whereas for example on the 36.01H and 30.02D the MG cover bulges out of the glacis though without differences in thickness. Oddly enough the 30.01H also got “smootherd out”. :/

      • >smooting over the collision model like the MG didn’t even exist seems a little excessive to me
        Agreed, also I’m amazed that they just use Doyle as reference on this, don’t they have battle reports or tests on captured tanks?

        • Dudes this mg shield is a massive ball of steel with an mg in it! If at all combined armor on that area is even thicker than the rest of UFP!

          • Ball my ASS. It’s a hollow hemisphere, there needs to be room for the mountings and traverse and so on on the inside. And realistically a shell hitting thereabouts would probably knock any amount of that stuff, up to and including the bow MG itself, loose and send it careening through the fighting comparement – to speak nothing of the hapless radioman/bow gunner immediately behind it.
            You may also want to look up something called “edge effect”, or, “why you don’t want structural breaks of any kind in armour plate”. That one was AFAIK only gradually realised during the war and further contributed to the demise of the in any case largely pointless bow MG.

            Anyways, I’ve no issue with having the cover treated as equal thickness to the glacis – it’s like that in several German tanks already – but entirely removing it from the collision geometry just seems wrong to me. If it’s a physical protrusion from the glacis then surely it should be modeled, right?