Straight outta Supertest


Upcoming German tier 9 TD

Waffenträger auf Panzer IV

6 man crew, 150mm tier 10 gun, engine tier 5




Upcoming German tier 5 TD

Panzer Sfl.IVc




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    • Tier 9 on a Pz IV suspension? Now… Now that’s something suprising.
      And that box on tracks on T5… This is going to be one strange branch I see

      • And the schmalturm was removed because the suspension would be “overloaded”
        WG puts 150mm gun on it and it’s OK
        THE HELL?!

        • Feel free to look up the numbers. The Schmalturm is 7,75 (30.02D) to 10,8 (Panther) tons -beats me why the diff- and the KwK 42 1,74 tons on top of that.
          The 15cm gun in its E-100 version is a pissant 3,65 tons. Even allowing for the pedestal and gunshield it’s not even half the burden, and tossing the 3,6 ton Ausf. H turret already covers most of it.

        • The Panzer IV was very front heavy by the time of the late models G, H, and J. Frontal uparmorings along with a brand new turret and gun which shifted the center of gravity while putting more forward weight meant the suspension couldn’t support it.

          This is where rear gun mounting comes in play, the principle already in effect for other German vehicles. This would allow the gun’s weight to be distributed over the entire suspension instead of from the center to front like a normal turreted configuration.

  1. The Panzer Sfl.IVc.

    What. The. Fuck.

    Welp. Time for the SU-100Y to hand over it’s “Box tank” title.

    • True, but…
      first thought..why the hell does it have AA gun?
      I asked google (not really digging deep though) and they were supposed to stop the vehicle, deploy the skirts aka “box” and then rotate 360° to shoot down planes.
      What the fuck was WG thinking?

      • The 88mm gun on the Tiger was originally an AA gun. then someone had the crazy idea to strap it onto a tank.

        • but it was an adjusted version… not FlugzeugabwehrKanone (FlaK) but different Kampfwagenkanone (KwK)

          • At first they just bolted the FlaK pieces on the back of their biggest half-tracks you know. Nicknamed “Bunkerflak” since they were originally intented to be used against French fortifications.

    • At least it has a tier 8 gun :D

      But….Tier IX on a Panzer 4 chassis? WUT?
      Wasnt it like WT Panther tier 8, WT tiger tier 9 and WT E-100 tier 10?

      Nevermind, will still play em :D

      • A 150mm gun on a fully traversable turret at tier 9 still holds some epic potential, even if it is a Panzer IV chassis.

        Hopefully its soft stats won’t be atrocious like they are for the T30.

        • Tier 5 engine dosent make me very optimistic…every hit at the front will kill it for sure.

        • No effing way a Pz IV chassis can handle the recoil of a 15cm gun outside of a narrow arc.

          • Plus I somehow doubt the designers intented the gun crew to clamber onto the frontal “cabin”, or made any provisions for such.

          • It was planned for at least the 15cm L29.5 and 12.8cm K81 desgisn that it was to handle at least 90 degrees each side

    • I bet the gun will be worse than the BL-10 on the 704. That would be troll wargaming right there.

      Hope at least it has an autoloader.

        • No, but looking at the whole it would need to have some sick ROF to compensate its failness.

      • you cant stop placing ur bets as this gun is basically the TD version of the E100 gun. Unless they give it a ROF of 4 this gu will be useless. … 128mm L61 is great gun but we have it already on JT so in order to give this tank the edge in firepower it would need a ROF of 6 or even 6.25 … NOT GONNA HAPPEN

        • But there is another “stock” tier 10 gun – 15 cm L/29. We know that 15 cm L/38 is E-100 gun, and has 235 mm of AP penetration. Then, what kind of penetration may have a L/29 gun (it’s essentialy more a howitzer than a gun just like 10,5 cm L/28 from Pz 4)? Less than 200? 180ish levels? But it’s still a “tier X” gun somehow…
          With premium ammo E-100 gun might be a viable choice – more gold pen than a BL-10, maybe even more accurate. And it will be funny to see a Panzer IV having such huge gun and 1400 HP.

          And tier V abomination… appears to be another box with huge penetration, balanced by hell lot of another stats. so we will get ~200 pen for top gun, absolutely unnecessary on tier 5 (AT 2 isn’t so frequent view to develop a gun specially to counter it) and still more than enough to kill tier 7s. And probably no gun arc, no depression, bad turning and being insta-killed by HE. Oh and bad RoF and long aim time.

  2. Tier V: A7V is alive… AGAIN!
    Tier IX: why unhistorically overloading a chassis that was overloaded by design when you had a million Panther designs?

    • …so trading 3,6 tons of turret and 1,7 tons of gun (plus sundry hull armour plating and whatever) for some 3,6 tons of gun (plus sundry peripherals) further overloads the chassis by exactly what math?

  3. Thats my first post ever here and..

    I call bullshit on this leak…. please? T9 Panzer IV? :S

  4. Lol OMG… nearly as ugly as the new russian medium line…
    Sorry WG – do the EU or Japan tech tree – or do some balancing – or do something for cooperative game mode so we do not have the huge gap between 3 player platoon and 10+ player company!
    But stop making ugly tanks noone asked for!

    • Ob’s stürmt oder schneit, ob die Sonne uns lacht
      Der Tag glühend heiß oder eiskalt die Nacht
      Bestaubt sind die Gesichter, doch froh ist unser Sinn (Ja, unser Sinn)
      Es braust unser Panzer im Sturmwind dahin

      They’re singing the Bundeswehr version, though. That’s only the first verse.

  5. What is the 88mm L/74? Is it significantly different than the L/71 that we all know and love?

  6. Is that Pz. IV Waffenträger even based on any real tank? Can’t seem to find any source of existing Pz. IV Waffenträgers (with those guns) + wouldn’t the suspension fail?

    • There were plans for it, it’s in Spielberger’s book about Panzer IV.
      Of course, only the 128 L/55 and 15cm L/30 were planned

      • But this tank would fly off a few meters bacwards leaving the suspension just standing there just when it fires its gun :D

        • At the very least one would expect the crew to get seasick from the chassis rocking so much.

    • What part of it looks like it has provisions for even 180-degree firing arc? It’d at the very least have those folding platform thingamajigs had that been part of the design.

      • The designs show the gun(15cm L/29.5 and 12.8cm L/55) in both a centered position(down the hull) and perpendicular to the hull

  7. Panzer Sfl.IVc: i bet a KV-2 with flood ligths would have better camo-rating than that thing

    • But probably not as bad as the SU-100Y :)

      IIRC that SU-100Y has literally the worst camo rating in the game behind the Maus and whatever that gigantic Soviet SPG is.

      This tier 5 German monstrosity is big, but I don’t know if its THAT big.

  8. Judging by the tier 9 the tier 10 will be on a Tiger chassis, wich means tier 5 will be able to pen your front armor…

    • they already stated that its gonna be another E100 based vehicle propably with autoloader … 150mm with 4 or 6 shots Oo

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  10. GUYS calm down i know its gonna have paper armor and stuff but LOOK at the guntraverse! … if all tanks in this branch have such good traverse i will get em for shure

  11. PzIV chassis with 15cm L/38 or 12.8cm L/61 on T9?
    Sounds like an arty more than TD for me, but it seems would been smaller and may with better camo than other T9 TD… hopefully…

    Anyway, what is the Flak44 L/76?
    And are there any new info about the WtPanther?

    • I assume Flak 41 L/74? That was the KwK 43 L/71′s big half-brother. The KwK was developed from Krupp’s failed Flak 41 competitor.

  12. Yeah cmon don’t kidding me -.- Pz.4 like Waffenträger as t9?! With t5 engine?! Beside good gun (and smaller silhouette) there’s no advantage to normal pz.4, cause it has same armor (or less) and fewer horsepower per ton -.-
    Where did al this nicelooking REAL projects like Waffenträger Tiger, this Ardelt and Krupp Waffenträger, Suter Emil etc. gone?Crapped? I think they all would fit better in a t9 role than this piece of shit.
    Or does techtree looks like this: t5:Panzer Sfl.IVc; t6: Nashorn; t7: Sturer Emil, t8s: Waffenträger Tiger (Ardelt) + Waffenträger Tiger (Krupp); t9: Waffenträger Pz.4 and t10 Waffenträger Loltraktor !!! Because german tanks need more balance in the hightier area. Just fink of that pritty small Silhouette and extrem good camofactor!!! Wouldn’t be a wonderful advantage in t10, would it?

    • Ardelt/Krupp Waffentraeger? That’s a 38t chassis, not a Tiger

      As far as I’ve been told, there were no Waffentraeger Tiger designs. The idea of Waffentraegers was big guns on cheaper chassis, so on that criteria a Waffentraeger Panzer IV makes a helluvalot more sense than a Waffentraeger E-100

      Waffentraeger Panther was a real project and came in several designs, that’s likely still the tier 8

  13. We knew that the seconds TD line would be 0 armoured glass cannons, so at least the Panzer IV chassis is relatively small. Imagine how fun it would be driving a large vehicle with no armour.
    They’ll just slap a large HP pool on it, give it a decent camo rating, due to its size and this thing will be a little terror.

    • Forgot to mention that it will probably weigh less or roughly the same as the Panzer IV, as it doesn’t have a heavy armoured turret, so a tier V engine could be adequate. WG may also give it a lower ground resistance, making it even faster.

      • On the E-100 the 15cm L/38 weighs 3,65 tons, which is actually slightly more than the 3,6 tons of the Pz IV top turret – and this has a gunshield on top of that. I’ll give you that vanilla-IV is nevertheless more heavily loaded due to additional 1,52 to 2,1 tons of gun (75L48 and 105L28 respectively) though.

  14. Tier V: Pz.IV chassis
    Tier VI: Pz.III/IV chassis
    Tier VII: VK30.01H chassis
    Tier VIII: Panzer V chassis(?)
    Tier IX: Panzer IV chassis
    Tier X: E100 chassis

    That logic

  15. Waffentraegers were developted to motorise heavy AT guns that would not be able to keep ab with the Panzerforces otherwise. For this purpose relatively weak engines were enough as such vehicles where 2nd and 3rd line tanks used to support the Panzers and maybe setting up ambushes.

    Dont expect to find outstanding agility in this TD line. If there are a few vehicles with decent speed i would be happy but i wont place any bets on it

  16. 18+ isn’t he clever..also that first the right of the Tier 9 wat is that monster?? I sure would like to see that?

  17. Granted that there is always a map on which a given tank will shine, I mostly look forward to killing these puppies.

  18. Only one Panzer Sfl.IVc was produced and it was considered a mobile flak vehicle. It had it’s 8.8cm FlaK 37 replaced with the 8.8cm FlaK 41 in 1944 and issued to Heeres Flakartillerie-Abteilung (Sf.) 304 in Italy (attached to the 26th Pz Div.). You had to drop the side panels to set up and fire the thing. Nice job WG.

  19. id give WG $100 bucks if they make the t10 tank a td based on the loltracktor with a 15cm autloader, and the crew would be the animals running around

  20. A tier IX TD on a Panzer IV chassis… I mean, I know they’re supposed to be glass cannons, and I love me some Panzer IV, but… Say WHAAAAAAAT?!

  21. Now we all have a good reason to carry more HE shells, and on the plus side, I’ll get to use HESH more often on my high tier Brits :)

    I already use HESH to great effect on high tier arty, now I can use it on the new German TD line! (Not talking about the premium HESH though)

    Cant wait for these to be added to the game.

    • but premium hesh is awesome against scouts, bat chats and german lower front plates

      nothing beats the crying of a jagttiger driver if he gets 500+ damage in his lower front

      • Completely agree, The Cents Premium HESH is fantastic. But I was thinking more of the Conqueror’s HESH, as I play that tank much more than the Cent 7/1.

        Though I don’t tend to use HESH on scouts, too big a risk of it hitting the tracks if they are dodging all over the place. When playing the Cent I use premium on the tier 9 and 10 Leopard, Batchat, other Centurions, any weak LFP’s or the rear of US and British tanks, and anything French from any angle!

        With the Conqueror HESH, I love it for killing arty, or hitting flat rear armour.

        I really don’t know why anyone would say HESH is broken, it isn’t, it works great. Just don’t expect standard HESH to penetrate 60 or 70 mm armour sloped at around 60 degrees…

  22. Tier 5 is strange indeed. Like a… Hidden Nerf in a way. If the sides, were dropped down, the shells wouldn’t have anything to hit, forcing enemies to aim at the tracks. And in such configuration, the enormous, and weak sides and rear, make it a steel coffin… Open top of course…

  23. So if thats tier 9 where will be WT panther and tiger? They changed their mind and added even bigger fail tanks?

  24. 8.8cm L74 at tier 5, 12.8cm at tier 7(Sturer Emil) and a bunch of big, great toys at tier 9.


    I smell russian competition.

  25. About that K44. isnt the K44 and the PaK44 completely identical except for a different name and modus operandi (Kanonen were used as field guns, PaKs were primarily used as AT guns) , I guess you cannot use both Jagdtiger guns on that tier 9 Waffenträger

    A tier 5 engine isnt always bad. As long as the engine fits for the weight class, its fine. Given that the Pz4 is about 25 tons heavy, it should be no real problem

    FlaK guns are different from the other german guns and I guess they are not interchangeable with these PaKs or for that matter, if you have researched guns in the current TD line, you cannot use them in the glass cannon line

  26. 1st pic = ferd/jgpanther 2/jgtiger jg100 4th=dmax jg4

    what was the point of slightly blurring them?

  27. Glad they made the side protection shroud plates as wide as the chassis so people won’t miss this thing for sure. Like hell they’d be no-dmg-zones. PzIV chassis, on a tier 9, GGWG. Then you go from something like this, to a massive land yacht E-100 chassis for T10, which will probably just feature the 15cm and 12.8cm’s from this pile.

    Figured WG would insult their fans yet again.

    • The side protection who what where? Those are the folding platform for the crew to stand and move around on when the gun is in action, genius. Any protection they might afford in transit position is strictly limited to small arms and shell splinters and basically a nice byproduct.

      Also name me one vehicle in the game where the open “crew space” isn’t a hitbox.

        • That one doesn’t even HAVE “side protection shroud plates” so I assumed the first sentence referred to the Sfl.

          Or you need to look up what “gun shield” is.

  28. Really curious about the gun depression. In theory if you rotate the turret backwards it would have absolute uber epic gun depression with a very little silhouette :)

  29. At least it should have no ammorack, which could help a bit. And a big enough hitpoint pool should help with survivabillity. Looks interesting compared to the TD’s we have.

  30. Panzer Sfl.IVc,

    Can we shoot trough from sides it without getting any damage done?
    because it’s open top and empty on inside…

    • Turrets are also “empty” on the inside save for the crew and gun and suchlike, just like this one. As are various open superstructures already in the game.


  31. Damn, every time I get near researching all German vehicles they put in new ones. But this time I wouldn’t mind playing with these weird buggers :)