69 thoughts on “Upcoming new map – Rivertown

    • it would look cooler if it looked more usable, cover in the middle for both teams respective bridges rather than camping the bridge it would promote some good city combats >:)

      • By the look at the minimap i’d say that the 4 chokepoints cannot be entirely covered from safe spots.

    • I hate rivers. Noobs dont know what do to when the get close to river and whole team lose.

    • Yup, this one actually looks promising. I can see there will be required at least some sort of tactics and imagination, not like “sup boss, which side will we go by? dunno, the left one, dude. hey maan, that’s a brilliant tactic, here, have a bottle of vodka, for our bros in the east!”

      Or wont it…

        • In it’s basics it’s looking much like the Kharkov Map from BF 1942 (http://battlefield.wikia.com/wiki/Kharkov).

          Just turn it by 90° to the right. One big bridge in the ‘east’, 2 bridges connecting the river island with the two riverbanks with a city (in BF1942 more like ruins) on the river island. Even the bases are roughly in the same position – only the 2 additional bridges in the very west (on BF1942-map that would be south) aren’t in the BF1942 Map, the rest looks quite familiar.

      • It will, look at the tip “cock”in the middle. There are two roads leading into the water.

        • If you look at the middle of the middle island (yo dawg) you can see one more road leading into the water on each side too. So not too bad.

      • Redshire also got a fordable river. Still there is a lot of camping on that map. I don’t think there will be less camping on this new map.

        • Yeah you can definitely see the crossings there. The roads disappear into water in the island side and reappear on edges of the map on opposite sides of river. Looks to me that it will be very much fordable.

        • My best guess is that it will be fordable at approximately D4 and G5, then at E9, E0, F9, and F0 (tip of the peninsula/under the big bridge).

    • This is basically a summer version of Erlenberg… and we all know how fun that map is to play!

  1. Bridges look quite small…great…wait until you see all the blocking/pushing over there and massive n00b retard blocker/report/stop pushing!!!1!!

  2. Too bad that the most interesting part of the map (for me) – the city block – will probably be deserted, since it is off the main routes of attack.

    • I doubt that since it will become the killing ground. Whoever controls the city block will control the bridge.

      This one needs a lot of work, including wading points to avoid natural choke points on the bridges.

  3. SS is this supposed to be Harkov? Or Kharkov dunno how it’s called in English…Cause it reminds me of Kharkov map from good old BF 1942. ALmost exactly the same i must add.

  4. I can’t wait until 8.9 hits and there were be a new favorite “worst map every” on the WoT discussion board.

  5. Hum … It tells me something … If i’m right we already saw some pictures of this map during the first screenshoots of the new russian tanks.

  6. Hopefully I get some good sniping lanes for my Panther, and soon to have, VK3002m (aka the real panther :/). I can see this map being a camp on the bridges.

  7. Oh gee, I wonder how long this lasts till it’s removed for rebalancing…one patch? Two? That looks like a **** map.

  8. SS, Kruta has come into comments to this leak. Don’t miss it. ;)

    He has said this is mock up map at very early stage of design. It might be scratched completely if early stages of tests will show it is crap.

  9. Any one notice that this looks kinda like Pittsburgh PA?

    Google search an aerial shot of Pittsburgh. Bridges are some what similar, then the city, and just like the point in Pittsburgh their are no buildings.

  10. lol @ TD whine.

    You wanted arty gone, now you got campfest. Live with your choice.

    I remember the devs already saying that TDs would be the next big whine.

  11. Oh wow. Great. That is just…mmmmm…so delicious looking. Can’t wait to play my light tanks on here. Oh, fuck wait…there is absolutely no way to scout past the chokepoints is there? Well shit.

    Looks interesting when you’re playing a TD or an SPG. Looks absolutely atrocious when driving anything else. I like the idea but oh christ this will be broken if it comes out like this. The old Serene Coast or Mountain Pass look balanced compared to this.

  12. I can already tell that those bridges are key to victory for either side on this map. Namely, Encounter.

  13. Well we can say atleast one thing about this map bridges are key to victory and probably speed. The most important part is which bridges are good for defending and which are meant for breaking trough.

  14. This map resembles something I saw in a NA “design your own map” contest. Someone made a full 3D model map but it had a few more bridges.

  15. Let’s see…

    Chokepoints at the bridges, leads to camp fest on both sides…no flanking routes forces camp fest or suicide rush to center…lack of open ground slows anyone trying to kill enemy arty…

    Well congratulations WG, you’ve just created was must be the worst map yet for this game.

  16. Better wg removes the tier X td’s!
    Armor is useless as shit since obj268
    O.o tier ix is good enought

  17. That art looks like it was lifted directly from a 8-bit nintendo game. Anyways, bridges and rivers generally make poor campy map. Erlenberg is a stupid campy map, swamp is and was stupid campy map, komarin is/was stupid campy map, redshire is stupid campy map. WG stop putting these stupid bridges and rivers into the maps, THEY DO NOT WORK FFS!