8.9 – new German TD line

Tier 4 – Marder 38T (75mm PaK 40/3)



Tier 5 – Pz.Sfl.IVc (88mm FlaK 41 L/74)



Tier 6 – Nashorn (88mm PaK 43 L/71)



Tier 7 – Sturer Emil (128mm K40)



Tier 8 – Rheinmetall-Borsig Waffenträger (150mm L/29,5)



Tier 9 – Waffenträger auf Pz. IV (150mm PaK L/38)



Tier 10 – Waffenträger E-100 (150mm L/38 with autoloader)







263 thoughts on “8.9 – new German TD line

    • I cant wait too… I would like to start train crew for Waffenträger E-100… But I am not sure if that beats will have 2 gunners or not… If you look on picture from behind, you will see two seats on right side… What do you think???

    • yeah! I cant wait to be confused .will i go for jagpz E100 or the new wafferjager E100…. 8.9v, bring it on! ;-)

    • If it gets the same penetration as E-100, it will be useless…but maybe it will use APCR as normal ammo and HEAT as Gold…we have to see…

      But i have to get the Sturer Emil <3

    • Who says it doesn’t get the 12.8cm L/61? All we see is ONE model. We could be looking at a situation similar to the IS-4 where it has one gun at stock and the other accessed by the predecessor

      • The gun of the predecessor is the same gun as shown on these pictures.

        And there is the name of the top guns above all pictures..

        • The top gun of the ST-I is also the same as the IS-4, you’ve yet to disprove my implication that the 12.8cm PaK 44/2 is the WT E-100′s stock gun from these pictures

          We’ll know for sure the closer to test 8.9

    • This is not a tank, it’s a mountain converted into a tank and a second mountain to get the gun!

  1. SS. Are the described cannons the top guns, or can we expect also different guns as top armament?

    I refer mainly to the Tier 8 – Rheinmetall-Borsig Waffenträger, which has no turret and “only” a 150mm L/29,5 gun, with probably low penetration. This is very unpleasant for a Tier 8 TD.

    The other TD’s seems to get quite good guns.

  2. Note that only top guns are posted…
    Can the WT E-100 use a 128mm gun too?,
    The heavy E-100 can use a 128mm and a 150mm gun for that matter?

    Wait a minute….when looking at that breach, does it look like it uses an autoloader??

    • the machine to the left of the breech might be an autoloader… it looks like it would take a shell from the clip and serve it to the loader, who only pushes the shell into the breech

  3. i just hope they leave the possibility to mount different guns for tiers 8,9 and 10 so we can choose between derp and snipe guns…

    BTW: how “historical” or “realistic” are the tiers 8,9 and 10. Im not an expert but i would like to know do tanks fit here or are they superbuffed like VKB or imaginary like E4?

  4. Just as a thought it couldn’t get any more ugly than the Pz.Sfl.IVc, Rheinmetall-Borsig Waffenträger and the Waffenträger auf Pz. IV.. they bring you this Waffenträger E 100 XD.

    Really laughed my ass of with these things. Marder III, Nashorn and Sturer Emil are going to be sweeet though! Too bad the rest of the TD line are just ugly as hell..

  5. Tier 10 – Waffenträger E-100
    i understand that hitting “toolbox” on turret will make ammo rack to explode ??

      • If the Star destroyer was actually the Star Dreadghnout (or Super Star Destroyer) Lusankya (the sister ship of Vader’s Executor, link here: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Lusankya), which has somehow “female-ish” name and because of being a ship, it is referred as “she”, then the WT E 100 might even be a legitimate child of her (with GW E 100 as a Daddy) :D

        • YES YES AND YES i like when i ase a SW refference, now off topic, ist here a chance that those events may appear in the new movies ?

          btw W E100 SEXY

  6. A note to my favourite TD of the new branch, the Sturer Emil. Is the 128mm K40 gun as good as the 12,8 cm PaK 44/2 L/61 form the Jagdtiger. I think that historically, the Sturer Emil used an older version of the 12,8 cm L/61 with less muzzle speed and thus less penetration.

    Any info or guess?

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  8. gimme, gimme, gimme, GIMME. Please let me know how much “free” XP I will need for the tier 8, 9 & 10.

  9. I can see people trying to do the GTA tank trick with the T9 and 8,if they get a fully rotating turret…Driving around firing to the rear expecting more acceleration…

  10. WG could simply fuck off with their stupid selfmade german Tanks (Jagdpanzer E-100, E-50 second turret bullshit and now this Waffenträger E-100 shit) which looks like the drawings are from Picasso or a 3 year old child!

      • He is right tough. The tier X is completely made-up. Who would make a tank destroyer wich has the same gun as the tank it’s chassis is based on?

        • This is the Germans we are talking about the tank are designed by a committee of Civilians who are not in the military and work for manufacturers who sell the tanks to the military and for the most part the military did not always have a lot of input into what they got. Mostly because Hitler and others got in the way. The military wanted a tank that worked and was good enough and lots of them.
          Hitler wanted UBER Panzers.
          Need I say more?

    • since tier 9 and 10 are using the 15cmL38 its most likely that they will get the same penetration as E100 (235). Thats horrible for tier 10 TD … however as they are going to buff some tanks in 8.9 we might as well see a penetration buff of the E100s 15cm gun. That would be awesome but would not place any bets on this :)

      • My bet is it’ll(WTE100) get current HEAT shells(with aufs A suffix, to make it cheaper) + something 300-350ish as premium ammo.

        • Well, devs assign default (for credits) ammo on per tank basis. We got T71 shooting APCR by default for example.
          I guess it’s entirely possible that indeed these td’s would get HEAT as default ammo with premium ammo as some more advanced HEAT doing more damage (SU100Y style) or HESH (British style).

        • This is possible, that some kind of “APCR” will be regular ammo, with 280-ish penetration. But I see one, really “tiny” problem. Marder III’s top gun is PaK 40 – that’s OK. Then we get that ugly box with three FlaK guns, so unique to this vehicle. Then Nashorn, and guess what? PaK again, so probably awful stock grind unless Jagdpanther is researched ( no way long 8.8 will be stock gun, rather L/70 or even worse L/48). Then Sturer Emil and his 128 mm K40, so not the same to the Ferdi’s gun – grind comrades. Then small Waffentrager, probably with regular 128 mm L/55 (if stock it’s good, if not – grind again a T 10 gun) and awfully short 150 mm gun as top one – what kind of penetration may it get? 200?
          Then Waffentrager Pz 4, and 4 tier X guns. My guess – all have to be researched. Good if at least one 128 will be available earlier (again, not PaK’s as far as I can remember, so we don’t care you have an elited JagdTiger). If not…
          And yes, E-100 gun as top gun for top tier TD in a line that should have “powerful guns”. No matter what you designet Germans – will not be better than BL-10 on ISU.

    • I am sure not as much as it would be the coolest tank nerd thing ever. If we are very lucky we will get the sound of the empty shell case ejection.

      When this lot come out the whiners will be calling for a massive nerf of TD’s.

  11. No depression on T8, 9, 10. Why do people keep saying they will have depression? Only to the sides.

  12. I have a question where is the Autoloading system mechanic on Waff E-100 ? i can see only the breach loader system = =

    • I’d have to see the model more closely itself, but for now I’d say it resembles a classic 150mm arty piece with a load assistant. The cassette loader looked differently.

      • i c thank you for infomation :)

        for me i’m waiting for Japanese line hope for loading assitant machanic on STB-1

  13. I an waiting for the DPM and accuracy stats, That is all the matters for me… The fact all these tanks look really awesome is just a bonus.

  14. Now when we finally get the stats we will get to see how this gun will play out. Will it get more pen than the avg 150 L38? And will it get the damage increase of tier 10 150mm guns like the other tier 10 TDs?

  15. 235mm pen on a tier 10 TD with no armor and slow speed….

    Even 10 shell autoloader wont save it…

    • 10 shell AL?
      Load HE.
      Spam the shit out of enemy.
      I don’t want to see its targets modules.

      I think it’d save it.

      • Then you are basically an arty without the arty view and with smaller splash and smaller gun…

        • …but without the half-minute plus reloads and literal inability to hit the broad side of a barn.

          Seems like a fair trade to me.

          • Actually the Foch 155 takes about a half-minute to reload after emptying its autoloader’s drum.

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  17. Werent waffentragers supposed to carry bigger guns than the normal tanks that were on their chassis? Whats up? The WTE-100 can carry a 170mm autoloader gun!

    • STFU idiot. U will ruin it like u idiots did with crying about JPE-100 needing a 17cm gun… Hell how i hate those idiots… we could have JPE-100 with buffed 12,8 l61 or a long 15cm but no “it needs ze 17 cm gun or its russian bias!”

      • Okay then! Have your 235mm penetration gun! I prefeer a gun with 299mm pen thank you very much!

        Oh and dont call people idiots, because that makes you a whiny idiot who is entitled to his opinion.

        • How do u know that it will have 235pen? Its a TD version of the gun-> different stats moreover the higher alpha and pen would be balanced by making the rest of the tank crap *looks at Jpe-100 with ze super awesome 170mm gun*

          “Oh and dont call people idiots, because that makes you a whiny idiot who is entitled to his opinion.”
          ” a whiny idiot”
          Find the error… i love those stupid ppl that cant keep up with their own standards…

          • Not like I called you idiot. I just stated that people who call other people idiots out of the blue are idiots themselves.

            TD gun versions dont have better alpha neither do they have better pen, so you are stuck with 235mm pen. They do have higher RoF and higher acc, but never they do have higher pen and damage. So have fun!

            • 1. Take a look at E-50m (ok its not a td) Adding a “b” to the gun makes it pen go up by 20 and its dmg go up by 70… what would stop them from adding a “b” to the WTs gun

              Obj 263 same gun as IS-7 again adding a “a” gives it 40mm more pen and 60 more dmg…

              2. I was talking about the higher dmg and pen of a 17cm autoloader making the rest of the tank becoming crappy to keep the balance…

            • As you can see they did not add neither A or B, its just the same gun as E-100, it even looks the same.

            • The only thing we know is that its a 150mm L/38 gun with autoloader nothing about the “ingame name” of it. ;)

  18. This is a fucking joke really, these tanks are ugly as fuck and I mean 128mm gun in tier 7, with paper armor, that cant really be used proper due to the small maps and limited view range?

    Im really intrested how competitable these will be compared to the alreaddy existing tier 7,8, and 9 german TDs, which by some are regarded as the golden TDs in german line. What can we expect regarding damage and penentration?

    • Well, I think they might do well, after all, despite much higher amount of derps on low tiers(note – derp on tier <=3 can be 75 mm gun) and huge nerfs to Marder2 and T82 they are still very good TD's due to gun selection.
      Actually I'm only afraid of tier 5 and 10, rest should be golden.

      • You forgot the T82 with the 105 mm Howitzer, or as some call it, the Jeep with a TOW Missile.

    • Dicker Max on Tier VI is quite capable on most of maps, despite being a glasscannon. I think the new TD’s will sorta resemble the Fatty :)

  19. That E-100 is gonna be epic 1.2k engine with less armor and a good gun (hope for long 128) :)

    • Bad top gun for a TD, mediocre mobility, bad armor, no camo factor (Huge) ….this thing will be shite.

    • learn to read … its the E100 gun as a PAK
      so unless they buff the pen to like 250(wich is enough if the DPM is very good) then it will be utterly crap because you have to use premium ammo

  20. to je dobre zase nova vetev ale ze nejsou schopny doladit vetve co sem davali pred rokem srat na to tady mate dalsi na pul hotovou a drzte huby

  21. Those tier 9 and 10 look hideous!
    I guess Ill stop at the Nashorn and the Sturer Emil for a while.

  22. So basicly its TDs with no TD guns, and hence worse penentration than the alreaddy existing TDs? Thats a freaking joke…since they dont use the Pak kind guns.

  23. The thing with the Waffenträger E 100 is that it feels completely made up and even less realistic than for example the notorious and fake Jagdpanzer E 100 ‘Krokodil’. Why? The whole concept of creating open topped vehicles like the Marder variants, Nashorn and things like that were because of high demand of mobile AT during the war. These vehicles were easily produced and could be moved to the front without needing long design trials because the suspensions were already trialed and worthy for combat.

    During the design phase of the E-series, I highly doubt that there would be designs to use a such expensive new chassis for such a ‘crappy’ outcome. One could only see it as a desperate move to make use of the already built E-100 chassis, but that never happened anyway. All in all, this vehicle feels to be a lot like the T28 Prototype that is 90% WG invention to fill up a gap, which could have been filled up by something a lot better (the T34 should have been made a tier VIII TD, not a tier VIII heavy premium).

    The design of the ‘Krokodil’ is something people could think of being logic, and I highly doubt it would be impossible to overcome the weight problem that some mention. As said, the Krokodil, although being fake, sounds more of a realistic possible design on the E 100 chassis than this Waffenträger. The E series were series to replace existing tanks like the Panther and Tiger II to more easier producable production line tanks, with several improvements, and I highly doubt this would be it.

    • Im not sure it will stay like that…a tier 10 TD with E-100′s gun…that would be suicide by WG.

    • The E-100 had basically nothing at all to do with the later, smaller, “Standardpanzer” designs though. It was little more than a saner alternative to the Maus had Hitler actually obliged the army to start fielding superheavies. (He didn’t, and both got axed.)
      I guess the Waffenträger could be vaguely handwaved as something the manufacturer – who did keep working on the canned project to the end of the war after all – drew up in order to try and find some kind of niche for that big box of expensive steel, or just to give their design teams something to do.

      And shut up about the Kroko plox.

    • On the guns maybe, but justified since they’re essentially glass cannons that as vulnerable to enemy fire as the enemy is to them. Plus, they’re German, so WG will find some way to nerf them (most likely camo, since German TDs are known for having horrendous camo values in the later tiers compared to the contemporaries – call it SerB’s revenge for nerfing his beloved KV-1S Seal-Clubber).

    • If tanks like the Nashorn and Sturer Emil look ugly to you..then you sir cannot be helped…

  24. That tier 10 td is one of the ugliest tanks ever conceived. I hope they change it before the release, I kinda don’t want to see it in game, way to ugly.

    rest of them look fine, with except of tier 5…that one isn’t winning any beauty contests either.

  25. Well the 15cm L/29,5 is a sFH, for all intents and purposes the same gun as we have on the GW Panther.
    I never would have guessed that they’d put the howitzer gun on there, since the heavier waffenträger vehicles were also designed to mount actual anti-tank guns like the 12.8cm L/55.
    Also, to my knowledge, Rheinmetall weren’t involved in the design of the Mittlere Einheitswaffenträger (which this is) only Krupp was. Rheinmetall had some projects based on the 4 road wheel Leichte Einheitswaffenträger along with Krupp, Ardelt and Steyr. But the 6 road wheel version was entirely a Krupp project.
    I think it’s funny that we’ll have the, although heavily modified, PzKpfw 38(t) chassis at tier 8 :)

    • SS’s “Devil Wears Praga” article showed the vehicle where he labeled it as a Krupp vehicle, but the image(drawn by Doyle) is captioned as Rheinmetall-Borsig

  26. lets just hope the WT E-100 will get more penetration than E-100 gets. Otherwise get ready for something like DING, DING, DING, 40 sec. reload, DING, DING, DING

  27. Frank, can you answer my few questions and tell me bit more about that t8 and t9?
    I never found sth. about this two tanks on internet, so it would be nice if you could write 5 sentence to each (or at least to the Pz4 Waffenträger) about historical correctness etc…..

    And I’ve got some links:
    At the first Moment the t8 is this one http://www.strange-mecha.com/german/army/waffentrager.JPG
    But it has an other back. I think it’s the Krupp-Steyr-Waffenträger, but I’m not exactley sure (cause all I know aboout tanks came with WoT). So was this Rheinmetall-Borsig-Waffenträger ever made? Was it an competitor with the Krupp ones? If yes, did it perform better or worse or rather which one had better stats?

    Then there’s this one, too: http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6042/6220742208_f808debb5b.jpg
    I know there was an article about this one (or about german Waffenträger in common and different techtree-variants), but that was in the time then I was on Holiday and I didn’t read it too atentive. I think it’s the Ardelt one… has it anything to do with the ones of Krupp and Rheinmetall?
    Is it the same Waffenträger like that one http://i14.tinypic.com/6jppdp2.jpg but with other “turret”?
    For me it also looks like it has other arming – a longer gun.

    Finally I ask me if you couldn’t use this candidates as t9 tanks instead of that (ugly looking) Pz4 Waffenträger?
    Or if not – how big is the chance that they will be add to the game? Because I was hoping for both of them to appear ingame but not the current t8 and t9 candidates…

    I would be very thankful if you – or anybody else if he knows more than me – would give me some infos :)

    • Ah ok swithed to your other News and found there this link:
      That’s what I’m was searching for :D Have now enough Infos about the Waffenträger I posted, but Idon’t have enough Information about the real t8 and t9 candidates… and what’s about the others I posted? Aren’t they a bit more… “real”. Why do they take this paper tanks if there were existing prototyps?!

      • All the ones you’ve posted are Leichte Einheitswaffenträger prototypes/pre-production vehicles.
        They were designed to carry the 8.8cm L/71. So they wouldn’t fit in on tier 8-9.

        As for the 6 road wheel variants, aka Mittlere Einheitswaffenträger, they could mount anything from the 15cm sFH L/30 (GW Panther’s gun) to the 12.8cm PaK 44 L/55 (Ferdinand’s gun).
        But I have seen no information to indicate that Rheinmetall was working on one. As far as I know the 6 road wheel PzKpfw 38(t/d) waffenträger vehicles were entirely a Krupp side project.

        Looking at the supposed “Rheinmetall-Borsig Waffenträger” it doesn’t even resemble their 4 road wheel prototypes. Only an open hatch for the driver with no shield. The Krupp designs (of which there are many) with middle mounted guns don’t have that strange bonnet in the back and the back half of their designs are just crew platform, leading me to believe that there’s actually nothing inside the hull there above the suspension.

    • Regular 38d-based Waffenträgers are (according to some sources) saved for another branch. Yes, there will be a 4th TD branch apparently (3rd are heavy assault guns).

  28. So where does the new german TD line start from? Tier 4 maybe? I want something like t28 and t28 prototype switch:D

    • Given that the Marder II is at Tier 3 and the new Marder 4 will be at T4… well, that’d be my bet for the divergence.

  29. Autoloader TD…yummy!!!!

    I think the Nashorn and Sturer Emil will be the sweet spots for me…

  30. Can’t help it but only thing that comes to mind from WT E-100 is turbolasers from star wars. Feels so out of place and unreal.

    • Maybe that could be the WT-100′s nickname. I mean, the JPZ E-100 is called the “Death Star” (since it can reliably one-shot a tier IX and two-shot a tier X if you know what you’re doing), and this one looks set to be a less-powerful but MUCH faster-firing alternative (while having trademark German accuracy), so “Turbolaser” might not be a bad name for it.

  31. WT E100 looks exactly how WG intended it to be. Huge,slow,low armored and with punny gun. I might be wrong about the gun, but if it would had same caracteristics as the name of it suggests then it would be massive fail. And i like how that tank is completely fake and invented by WG. And somehow Krauts can’t get normal sized tank. They indeed needed to add that ridiculously huge house roof behind the gun to make it as huge as possible. We already know that gun shield will be paper thin so lets make it enormous so no one wouldn’t miss it.

    • Oh and one more thing. Since it’s based on E100 hull there is no way in hell it would be faster than 30 eventually 40 km/h. But we will just remove those side skirts so your actually decent side armor would become paper thin and you’ll be piece of cake to detrack with your drive wheels fully exposed which are quite protected on E100 by sideskirts. That is the perfect reciepe to make a Kraut tank. Make it huge,slow, remove as much armor as you can and make their weakspots as bigger as possible and then slap the shitty gun on it. They really make me sick. I know this is all bunch of assumption based on seen pictures, but knowing the WG i’m gonna be right on this one.

    • The gun is only 5 mm less in size than the Foch 155, and like the Foch 155 it has an autoloader, but it still has a crew of six with two loaders which will make it reload a good deal faster than the Foch 155 (unless WG decides to nerf it in the name of “balance”) , so don’t tell me the gun’s puny.

      • not to mention that reloading in an open-topped vehicle is easier than in a closed one.

        But the gun is actually puny and is made to sell gold ammo like mad. 235mm pen on normal shells is bad. Here I hope it will have some special shells that pen at least 270mm of armor for normal shells.

        • Also, it wont be slow. It will be like 40-50 tonns less heavy than the E-100 with possibly the same engine..

          • Or even more. Only the turret of the E-100 weighs around 60 tonns. And this thin has a thin layer of armor instaed of a turret.

            • E-100 with the 15cm is a hair short of 130 tons and the turret weighs 58, so that’d be 72 tons before factoring in however much the pedestal, gunhouse and autoloader now will add. Guessing it’ll be under 80 anyway, especially given that it basically has the whole former hull fighting comparement removed with due saving in side plates.
              If i keeps the HL 295 ~Magic*Engine~ it ought to be reasonably mobile.

              OTOH, if you look at it closely the hull seems to be the GW E one sans superstructure and track-guards and that one has a 900hp engine instead – but even with that the power-to-weight ratio should be better than the E-100′s.

            • I said if it’s anything like E100s gun and the name suggests that it will be then its punny/fail because 235mm pen is joke on T10.235mm pen is joke on T9 ffs. As far as the speed concerns i said since it’s based on E100 it won’t be any fast. Mobile/manouverable? Might be. Fast? Doubt it. It’s using the e100 hull hence e100 suspension and every vehicle based on its suspension and hull E100,JgpzE100, GW E are slowish and have pretty bad top speed. And top speed IS important for autoloaders. Imagine the Foch with 30 km/h. Eventough it accelerates fast it just doesn’t have enough top speed to run away from a scout/medium tank that will go hunt him once he realize that Foch is having a long reload.

  32. I would love to see WTE-100 and UE-57 picture with them parked close to one annother, titled “Father-son reunion at last”


    • I could arrange that once I can get a WT E-100 (or I can get a UE 57 and somebody else gets it)

    • @ Kazomir:
      Father and son reunion… somehow, it makes me laughing out loud, especially when they mentioned Darth Vader and Galactic Empire from Star Wars universe in conection with WT E 100 :D

  33. I hope Open-topped means really good view range… If the WTE-100 dosent have 420m view range i will flip a table.

    • Obj263 got 410m cause it’s open topped and it really isn’t that high TD. If WTE-100 don’t get at least 410 eventough it’s open topped and much higher than a 263 then fuck their balancing and their anti german bias.410m should be ok, but 420 would be deserved.

  34. I never found single drawing or any evidence what would confirm even idea about Waffenträger E-100.. I thing that this thing came straight out of WG’s arse…

  35. 235 pen on the 15 cm guys. Gun is a non-option and just to piss off German drivers and make Stalinboos laugh.

  36. Anyway, I see that people reaction toward new stalin medium tonks are just plain. But everyone going nuts after seeing 8.9 german td. I’m happy with this.

  37. this TD line is total bullshit! i like nashorn and emil. but that jp IV thing is the worst i have ever seen. just like the waffenträger e100. such a stupid crap. why dont they just implement the “krokodil” or “stug e100″ ??? wargaming sucks again!

  38. Marder III: Not the Ausf.M, but okay.

    Pz.Sfl.IVc: Could’ve easily used the low-profile, similarly armed
    Krupp-Steyr Waffentrager (88mm L/71). Instead we get a box on wheels, to be honest, the Sfl.IVb variant (tier IV German arty) looks more like a TD than this does, whereas this looks more like an arty, with the exception of the gun. {Seriously though, Krupp Steyr would’ve fit right in :,}

    Nashorn: As expected, move along.

    Sturer Emil: The unicorn has arrived (only 2 were built).

    Rheinmetall-Borsig Waffentrager: Honestly don’t know what to say, there were better looking versions of this tank, but they fortunately didn’t choose the ugliest one.

    Waffentrager Auf Pz.IV: Okay, so instead of at least attempting to use a frame which wasn’t already known for its weight carrying issues, they decided to go with a Pz.IV based Waffentrager, over a Panther or Tiger II based one (since the tier 10 is made up they could’ve just made an E-50 Waffentrager). Seems extraordinarily off, not to mention, unless this has some form of magic cloaking device its just going to get auto-penned by everything it fights from all directions and angles.

    Waffentrager E-100: Didn’t expect them to make it even taller than the base vehicle, considering camouflage is something you’d want when the top half of your tank is made of paper mache, I’m glad they bothered to remove the skirts (meaning they dropped the overall weight by a solid margin, thus improving mobility compared to the E-100), but the set up for the gun leaves much to be desired, at this point it’ll be an odd combination of the Fv 183, and the Foch 155, with neither of those tanks selling points. Fv has a good hull, but the turret is made of cheese, Foch has good armor and burst damage, but has some aim-time issues. Of course the 128 short or long might be available, if short than it had better have apcr as standard ammo. The 150 should have equal damage to the Foch (one would hope), or slightly less with better accuracy/aim-time?

    In any case, I’ll keep my reservations for when patch 8.9 gets released.

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  41. I hope one of these tanks actually gets the 128mm L61 from the JT, All these big caliber, low pen 150mm guns are going to be a waste of time for anyone not willing to use only gold shells in them.

  42. Whats up..?? Thats not true..
    All ok up to Sturer Emil but then?? Borsig Waffenträger, PzIV Waffenträger have nearly no or to low Armor Protection. These Tanks are sitting Ducks and easy to hit and penetrate Targets for nearly all Tanks. Not better than Artillery.

    Then the Waffenträger E100 have Armor on the lower Hull but what is with the Turret.. The whole Vehicle is a giant Target. an not better than a Arty.. The only difference is to shot directly.. In this case a Autoloader changes this Issue not really. In 1 vs 1 Combat against an armored Opponent.. these Vehicles are loosing because the lack of armor protection ion any kind. These Vehicles are not maked for this game because the Battle and Shot Ranges are mostly to short and hiding is more impossible than in real battlefields, and real ambush or hit and hide situations not possible.

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  45. entire tree is bullshit only nashorn and emil. 200ish pen with t10 td? bullshit…. dammed wg hates germans