Q&A – 8.9 edition




Special edition of QA from Storm and Evilly:

- Storm states that first 4 vehicles existed and fought, some of them a lot
- autoloaders won’t be animated for now, but this will be implemented eventually (SS: Storm mentions HD version, that probably means the great graphical model rework in 2014)
- tier 9 and 10 TD will have a 6 man crew, tier 8 4man, tier 7 5man, tier 6 5man too, tier 5 6man too, tier 4 4man crew
- for now, the tier 8,9 and 10 vehicles do have 360 degree turrets, but this might yet be limited during the tests
- Q: “Why such a weird transfer from Panzer IV chassis to E-100?” A: “I don’t know, I didn’t make the branch.”
- the tank characteristics in game are not finished yet

And some other info from Storm and SerB:

- for now, nothing new on the autoloading KV tank
- no decision has been made yet on the fate of Jagdtiger 88 rebalance
- WT E-100 will not have the 150mm L/68 gun
- no more info on historical battles yet
- during the graphic re-work, old graphics will still work
- rate of fire is a balance parameter (SS: not necesserily has to be historical)
- the Ersatz Panther top speed (46km/h) is historical: regular ingame Panther is based on Ausf.D, M10 Panther was based on Ausf.G, which had a rev limiter installed, reducing its speed to 46km/h (but improving engine durability)
- the German 2nd TD tier 9 gun shield works as a regular armor, not as spaced armor: if you hit it, it will reduce the tank HP

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  1. - the Ersatz Panther top speed (46km/h) is historical: regular ingame Panther is based on Ausf.D, M10 Panther was based on Ausf.G, which had a rev limiter installed, reducing its speed to 46km/h (but improving engine durability)

    Bullshit, the ingame Panther in stock configuration is the Ausf. G, not Ausf. D.

    • Where is this “increased” durability in game then? both the panthers top engine and the Pz V/M10 share the same engine health points total. if this was true they should give the M10 more health to reflect this.

      • Oh and if the regular in game panther is D it needs some changes (it used to have these specs but they changed them to G ones) 60mm LFP instead of 50mm. 40mm side armor instead of 50mm. The G had the reduced LFP and the uparmored sides.

        The D also did not have a ball machine gun mount on the front, but the letter box one like on the 30.02 (M) also a drivers vision slit was on the D’s UFP.

        • Got it wrong, the D had 50mm sides instead of 40mm (to compensate for the reduced slope, 30 vs 40) and a thinner 50mm LFP. Also note the turret, with the square “chin” at the bottom of the mantlet that removed the shot trap deflecting shells into the roof.

          • That was the G, everything you listed was for the G. they claim the panther in game is a D but it’s using a G hull and G turret. so the specs are wrong and the look if they are calling the panther a D.

  2. They asked about the tier 9 whether it was spaced armor, but no one asked for the tier 5? That’s it, I’m learning russian!

      • oh god, I am laughing so hard right now.

        Thats some classic WG trolling right there, you know nothing wrong with gun shields taking hp off, but the T5 TD buss will be hilarious to play, it will explode form everything.

        • ALL of these will, the gunshields and whatnots are of the “stops small arms and pigeon poop” class.

          Guessing people who’ve played the Brit TD line will feel right at home, though not necessarily in a good way.

          • Why? Have you played Brit TDs?
            Only the tier 2 and 3 would be similar. The rest are different: Brits have armor WTs(Waffenträger) don’t, Brits have small quick fire guns WTs have big guns, Brits have mostly awful view range WTs look like could have good view range, about speed of WTs I don’t know but Brits have it real bad with 20km/h limiter

            • Well in that case……….
              First two French TDs would be a lost a like, the same can be said about the first two German TDs, tier 3 and 4 USSR TDs are also very alike.
              Yes you are deffinetly right, the the new German TDs are definitely the same as British first two TDs and it definitely couldn’t be said about other nations…….

            • Difference being one of the Brit ones (Valentine AT) combines a decently armoured hull with a paper superstructure like a few of the ‘Trägers seem to, which is the main reason they were the first line I thought of.

            • So now we are at this.
              You start it all by saying:
              “Guessing people who’ve played the Brit TD line will feel right at home, though not necessarily in a good way.”
              Meaning you generalize the whole new WT line with the whole Brit TD line
              And now it turns out you are comparing one single tank out of the Brit TD line with (quoting you) “a few of the ‘Trägers” .

              Now I am not going to argue that a few ( I counted 2 or 3) (especially the top of tree TD) is not similar in the principle of design to Valentine TD, but I hope you _finally_(after trying all the time to prove your own truths) see _my point_.

          • That’s hardly a prequisite for firing the gun; it is, however, necessary for wider traverse of the thing (and for servicing the weapon in such orientations) which has obvious utility when engaging aircraft.

          • It’s final form is a mobile party tent with party cracker. How many crates of beer would fit? Rentable for bachelor party’s.

  3. - no decision has been made yet on the fate of Jagdtiger 88 rebalance
    rebalance as in buff or nerf? any ideas?

  4. Are there any chances of getting a kill shot, slow motion replay upon death? I would love to see what the person who took the kill shot saw ans a slow motion replay of exactly where the bullet penetrated adn killed my tank.

  5. We have russian schoolbus, SU-14-2 and now we have german schoolbus.

    Probably USA schoolbus will follow along side with British and chinese.

  6. 4 shots+750 damage = 3k damage clip.
    That thing’s going to have a clip load slower than a batchat arty’s…

    • If WT-100 uses the same 15cm as E-100, then you need to play it HEAT 24/7 and even then you will have mediocre penetration, while NOT having armor in return

      • I’m sure they’ll buff pen values for TDs, whether by classing ammo differently or APCR/HEAT instead of AP/HEAT options.

        I still don’t have high hopes for the higher tier tanks, but the mid-range and low tier tanks could prove to be fun just for dat alpha

  7. Uhh, the regular Panther is Ausf D as well- 50mm @ 30 sides instead of the original 40mm @ 40.

  8. “during the graphic re-work, old graphics will still work”

    What does that mean? Does it mean that WG plans to increase the quality of models without increasing the system requirements?

    • Most likely that there will be an option to switch between the current models, and the high quality ones they’ll be adding.

      • That’d be my guess. Probably a checkbox, “High-quality models” or somesuch.

        Alternatively, they might outright remove the lowest graphic setting (Standard, isn’t it?) since as I recall it’s no longer supported anyway, and stick current graphics in its place with the new stuff taking up the Improved spot.

  9. - the German 2nd TD tier 9 gun shield works as a regular armor, not as spaced armor: if you hit it, it will reduce the tank HP

    Knew it. It’s also as wide as the tank itself, and thus will be an easy target from the front in which every tank it will face tier wise could pen with HE, and the 183 drivers have such a huge boner right now.

    Now, lets see how well they “balance” these tanks out. How they should be, and how they will be (cause they’re German and cause ancestors killed by Germans in the wars, teaching Germany a lesson yet again)

    - 6 man crews, should reload faster than any other Auto-loader. (Will have a similar if not worse reload than the Foch 155 as it sits now)
    - Pen in-line, if not better than the JPZ-E100 and other T10 TDs. (Will have the same pen or close to the E-100 HT’s gun)
    - Non-existant armor, especially via the gun shields should dictate it’s trade-offs are worth the best DPM. (Lol no, 268 is Russian, nothing is better than it comrade, it’ll sit around 2700DPM tops)
    - Should have gun traverse and mobility, at least agility on it’s side due to less weight found via utter lack of armor. (It’ll feel like an E-100, still, maybe worse, and gun traverse will be awful)

    These will not receive any benefit to make up for their armor lay out. History will likely repeat itself. GGWG prove me wrong.

    • I wouldn’t write this better myself. Exactly my thoughts. Everyone is drooling over them just because they were announced 2 years ago and for the fact they are german tds. Most likely they would be a massive fail branch TDs. Why? Because they’ll be made the worst possible way to fit the game as it is intended to be played. No armor, no speed, no camo and crappy gun.

  10. Hmm really curious what the WTe100 will have over the foch. Yes. 4 clips gives it a higher potential burst, but for a HUGE tradeoff of armor, probably mobility , probably camo, way less pen, and less accuracy (if gun stats are the same as e100.

    They are gonna have to do some major nerfs on the foch or the WTe100 will need some super good special stats.

  11. ” for now, nothing new on the autoloading KV tank”

    So they’re not willing to admit that the KV-1S is getting an autoloader instead of losing its gun?

    autoloading D-25T *drools*

  12. So What will the WTE-100 be like In my opinion:
    Chassis will be less armored than a normal E-100 chassis. (no sideskirts, frontal armor will have less armor too) Couple that total lack of the E-100 turret, wich weighs around 60 tonns and you get a vehicle that weighs around 65 tonns, and has 1200hp engine. Mobility will be real nice, but armor wont. But TDs are not really about armor. The deciding factor here will be camo. If it has nice camo it will be a great TD, if it dosent, it will die really quick.

    View range should be around 420, high and open-topped vehicle should have really good view range.

    The firepower is a bit messy. we get the same gun (or very similar one) as on E-100 but with autoloader. Wich is 235mm pen. That will kill the tank for me. Best case scenario we get some better shells for it to up the pen to somewhere around 270, that will make the tank good but not OP.

    The camo and the penetration are the deciding factors if this tank will be failiure or a decent, competitive tank.

    • The reloads between the casettes should be very much shorter than the Foch 155, as it has 1 more loader and it is open topped, so it is not cramped and uncomfortable to load the gun. I’m expecting like 20-30 seconds for a casette consisting of 4 (5 if we are very lucky) rounds.

    • It seems to be the GW E hull actually, minus the fixed superstructure and track-guards. Wouldn’t hold my breath on the camo though, it’s still bloody enormous.

      • I think it’d be lighter by 10 tonns approx.
        Nevermind that, there is actually no reason on why GWE-100 is that heavy, the armor is very light, given, its big, but still?

        • I looked up the model on Tank Viewer and the GW E superstructure front is like 75mm thick, and 40mm for the rest. Given the size of the box that’s no mean amount of steel plate – probably as much as many smaller tanks have in total. (I’m guessing the ammunition is also abstracted into the vehicle weights, and those 21cm’s can’t be very light.)

  13. Just realised, tier 8 is 150 mm gun in a small chassis with a fully rotating turret. That can cause some damage in a peekaboo fight. I wanna try it out on himmelsdorf

      • If it’s fast enough I’ll flank with it. I wasn’t exactly thinking of trading shots. But I guess you’re right in that if someone’s pointing at you, unless they miss you’re pretty much eating damage. And you’d best hope they don’t switch to HE while fighting you…

        • Why are you even thinking about flanking in a TD?
          Especially in THAT TD? it has less armor that a goddamn panzer 2! If anything spots you, you will be dead in seconds! Just camo it up and stay still and hope you get to hit something with your huge gun, thats how this thing should be played.

          • Full gun traverse at least means you don’t have to spoil your camo net (and binocs if you add those too) to engage targets, so there’s that.

  14. “- tier 9 and 10 TD will have a 6 man crew, tier 8 4man, tier 7 5man, tier 6 5man too, tier 5 6man too, tier 4 4man crew”

    it’s only me or that branch will be pretty much retarded? it gives players “awesome” crew on t10 in the end…

    from tier 4 it looks like: 4,6,5,5,4,6,6


      • …and now I have this mental image of the surplus guy sitting in the barracks all ronery and sad with a “See you soon!” letter in hand…
        Well, there’s a lot of unemployed radiomen to keep him company.