KV-1S with an autoloader

Source: http://yuripasholok.livejournal.com/2194521.html
Author: Yuri Pasholok

In December 1942. Red Army GABTU inventions department recieved a proposal, designated “Shell loading mechanism for the F-34 gun for KV”. Another reworked variant of this idea was proposed in July 1944 – it was different only by the fact that the documentation was mor detailed. It’s worth noting that the KV-1S autoloader was not proposed by some random guy, but by an engineer-captain (by 1944 engineer-major already) called G.V.Barabash (this is somewhat funny in Russian, as the Russian term for ingame autoloaders is “baraban” – in this case, it’s nomen omen). He worked in Leningrad and proposed this in 1944 via the J.V.Stalin military academy.

The idea itself came late and the inventions department denied it, but Barabash had it pantented a year after the war.




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  1. looks like a giant machine gun :)
    any details about rate of fire and empty shell ejection mechanism?

  2. hmmm looks lit the gun has to be raised to reload each time….. which was true of the IS in WWII there are accounts that Tigers owned them due to the rapit fire of the Tigers and the poor reload time and gun raising process for reloading the IS.

    • Gun raising and lowering is a very fast procedure if executed properly. IS-2′s slow rate of fire is much more to the very large two-piece ammo in a comparatively small turret, rather than gun raising/lowering. Even Tiger needed to raise its gun to reload if it fired from maximum depression.

      • Addendum: The original D-2-5T (in WoT, KV-1S’s gun) had manually operated breech from its artillery roots, that further slowed reloading. Improved D-25T (in IS) automated the breech operation somewhat, which sped up loading.

  3. The problem is, that the cannon cannot be loaded in every position. So it is not possible to say: U have exactly a Rof of X shells/min. Maybe you would have to recalibrate your barrel position at your target after each reloading process. And this would be a huge disadvantage!

    • As I see the whole loading mechanism is inside the turret including the ammo rack – so why would this autoloader need exact position to work??

    • There’s no need to recalibrate, if gun elevation to loading position is automated and decouples gun from gunner sights – all modern tanks do this.

    • Label 5. shows some sort of shell catchment device on a swing arm pivoting at a point labelled 8. , that can carry the next shell down to align with the gun breach in whatever position it is in.

      You can see it drawn in a new position, 5 superscript 1 where it is pictured swung into a new position, about 30 degrees below horisontal.

      I presume it also holds some sort of shell rammer.

    • Ah labels 4. and 6. point to shell pushing mechanisms, so it looks like it pushes a shell onto swing arm from the rack, moves the swing arm to align with the barrel, then pushes the shell into the breach.

      The scary thing about this is, that the clip is the entire ammo storage in the back of the turret.
      With 98 shells in your ‘clip’ you can clip the entire enemy team.

  4. From the drawings there are many problems with this system and the killer one is that the gun has to from the aim point to be reloaded. There are two different magazines and for each it seems that the gun would have be at a different point in its elevation for loading. For this caliber of weapon a loader would be quicker over the short term. The only advantage is that it has massive ammo capicity which in turn makes the chance of ammo racking all the greater.

  5. If they put this thing in the game, I will delete my account and never play WoT again. The KV-1S right NOW is bad enough; an autoloading Heavy tank at tier 6 would just SCREAM Russian Bias more blatantly than ever before!

    • You didn’t actually read the article -or even look at the technical drawings- and thus find out what gun the system is for, did you?

      Typical kneejerk bullshit.

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  7. Just seeing the title cold chills rund down my spine,if someone see this in wg were screwed in tier 6 for a long time D:

    • …either you read nothing beyond the headline or have no idea who this Pasholok guy is. Or both, though for verious reasons I’m betting on the former being included.

      • I have read the article and i know who Pasholok is,that scares me is the interpretation of this in wg,if just we have developers fighting for keep122 in tier6 what whe can expect from them?you know if it’s good for soviet thats “historical”,if its the same for others its denied keeping things “balanced”.

  8. I still think it should be tier six, unless spamming gold the zis-5 76mm it a bit underpowered vs anything really tier 6 and above. More or less against tier 5 heavies and the at 2.

  9. WoT always makes me laugh. The most preposterous, impractical design proposals are accepted under the guise of “historical,” without a thought to the historical realities that prevented them from actual combat use.

    • Feel free to point out what exactly is so obviously “fundamentally impractical” about this device, and then maybe also remember nobody said it’s ever going to be in the game.
      As for “the historical realities that prevented them from actual combat use”, those should be blatantly obvious when you look at the gun and then the dates at which iterations of the concept were submitted to the higher authorities. I can pretty much guarantee that by ’44 the Red Army could hardly have been less interested in *anything* involving a 76mm gun on a KV platform…

  10. no problem, just deny the KV1s the right to encounter tier IV or V and give it a special MM with tier VI and above and everything will be solved.

    • “Kellomies on September 7, 2013 at 5:12 pm said:

      …and that’s another one who didn’t read past the damn headline.

      At least here we have an excellent demonstration of how the Yellow Press gets issues sold.”

    • …and that’s another one who didn’t read past the damn headline.

      At least here we have an excellent demonstration of how the Yellow Press gets issues sold.

  11. So many people don’t read the article lol
    If you think this is op, then the 59-16 is op too.

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