8.8 on Russian server

As predicted, 8.8 came live to Russia today.

- There was apparently a bug in the patch that prevented people from selling the Superpershing for gold, but it has been fixed since.

- As confirmed earlier, the 112 and T-34-3 premium tanks are available only via gift shop. In Russia, the T-34-3 itself (without the costof the garage slot) costs an equivalent of 10800 gold, while the 112 costs an equivalent of 12100 gold.

- as confirmed earlier by WG, a lot of mods stopped working in 8.8. There is a sort of “fix” however: earlier, some mods installed their elements into the \gui\flash folder. In 8.8, they use \gui\scaleform folder – some mods will start working if you copy the mod content from the flash to scaleform folder. Don’t ask me any details tho, I don’t use mods. Also, “Jove Pack” (whatever that is) along with some version of XVM do work in 8.8

- confirmed: owners of VK3001H will get free VK3002M with new 100 percent crew + a slot, while the old VK3001H crew gets automatically retrained to the VK3001H tier 5 heavy tank (if you want to keep it in “medium” class, you have to retrain it to another medium tank)

- how to earn some litte credit: if you have one of the vehicles that get their engines changed (Tiger, Tiger II, Panther, Panther II, Jagdpanther, Jagdpanther II, Jagdtiger, VK2801), sell immediately all the stock engines you might have in your depot. In the patch, the top engine gets demounted (and changed) and you will recieve an extra stock engine for free.

112 thoughts on “8.8 on Russian server

  1. Good thing my E-50, E-75, VK36.01H and VK30.01H are all in my garage, no stock engine in sight XD.

      • No one says you have to install all of the mods.
        For convenience I use it to quickly get some stuff: scope shadow removal, sniper sights, zoom mod, sixth sense sound mod (maybe something else too)

        • Too hard to play without all that shit? Such a statwhore that you need it to pimp numbers?

          Seriously, not meant to pick on you and I get why people like to get a new visor for example, but most of that other shit (XVM is complicated has some really good things in it) is just some form of cheating IMHO. Met someone from my clan who had a mod which, according to him, removed all trees, bushes and other objects behond which you can hide.

          How can you even play the game and have some good old-fashioned “fun” without feeling like a total fraud is bewildering to me.

            • Yeagh, sights I’m ok with, sound mods, sure. But, what gets my chops are the ones giving people advantages over other people. The lasers, camo removers, etc. That sort of stuff.

          • 1- XVM is not cheat, just show the stats that WG publish on everybody.
            2- that mod removes trees and bush for better graphic performance. you can find in many pages. besides the think you did in your pc don´t affect others people in the game. i.e the other people see the bushes u dont see for that mod.

            The fun is still there, we enjoy the game, just we are more aware of the other players skills.

            Good hunting

          • That bush removal mod only removes them from being seen. They are still there and they still provide camo. That mod doesn’t make it so you can see hidden tanks but makes it so you can play on a map such as Redshire without your FPS dropping to 4

  2. Last time i tried Jove Pack, it was full with viruses and spyware, so don’t use it. I’ll wait for moders to find a way

        • As in 200mm pen or more can pen the upper half of your upper front plate.
          At least from what I saw on the test server. But try it for yourself before selling it.

          • Nah I’m using that 7200 gold as a nice base and add 4800 to finally get a T34. I’ve been climbing the American heavy line for sometime now anyway.

            • I dunno man, the T34 is highly situational at best. After being nerfed 5 or so times, it is slow, awkward and has otherwise horrid soft stats. Canon has good pen, but takes forever to aim and reload is pretty slow (resulting in low dps).
              The only place with armor that is worth mentioning is the front turret and even if that’s the only thing showing, it has weakspots and can be outright penetrated by people using gold (and T10 TDs, and anything armed with BL-10).

  3. Does anyone knows what will happen with the engines in depot that are not used anymore?
    For example, I have Maybach HL 174 and HL 210 P30 engines in my depot. After update they will not be used anymore by any tank in tree. Will they automatically be sold or they will just be “lost” after update? Should I sold them manually before update?

      • So you think they will be sold automatically during update?

        I also noticed on test server that I did not get top engines for E-75 and Jagtiger even I had top engines researched and bought. They are researched but I had to buy them.

  4. I got one question,

    i got the top engine on E75 (bough instandly with free XP when i got the tank a few months ago, because from what i heard, mobility for both E75 and E50 will be awful with the other engines and i thought, “nice 2 great engines and 2 not so crappy stock grinds”) which is currently the same as the top engine on E50.

    I am on my way to the E50 at the moment, will the top engine be researched after 8.8?

  5. “- how to earn some litte credit: if you have one of the vehicles that get their engines changed (Tiger, Tiger II, Panther, Panther II, Jagdpanther, Jagdpanther II, Jagdtiger, VK2801), sell immediately all the stock engines you might have in your depot. In the patch, the top engine gets demounted (and changed) and you will recieve an extra stock engine for free.”

    So the “back to stock” is only true for engines and all the other modules won’t be touched, yes?

    • I have sold my old stock guns , radios, tracks…

      When WG stocks ur tank, it stocks it completely.

  6. “sell all the stock engines immediately” – why? do we only get new ones if we don’t have them already? that would be weird and unfair, i guess.

    • In the patch that brought arty rebalance in similar situations they simply gave you a spare stock part no matter what (even if you had it already, no matter if you had it on tank or in depot etc.), I checked that quite thoroughly on test server. I would be surprised if they changed how it works now – and if they did, it would actually made more sense for them to change it to “no one gets a stock part no matter what” :P

    • I think it will be again 7200. But listen to others: its not recommended to buy like this anyway….

      • im not buying, i already have one. just wondering if the price was increased so that i can sell it in an increased price too

        • If price is increased it won’t be increased untill after the time period to sell it is over. So you can only sell your Super P at the 8.5 gold price.

  7. should we also sell the TOP engines from e75/e50?

    the top engines will get removed from the game, so why not sell it?

    • If you sell it now, you’ll get only selling price. If you let the game sell them, you’ll get the amount of credits you actually spent on them. That’s what I heard.

    • That’s tricky questions. Maybe they will sell them automatically for original price, and you can only sell for half price. Or maybe you will not get new top engines if you don’t have them mounted. That happen to me on test server. I had E-75 and Jagtiger with researched top engine but not mounted on tank (engines were in depot). On test server I had to buy new engines for both tanks from some reason.

      • What happened was the old engines were sold at full price, and stock equipment was mounted. on the live server, if you have the top engines mounted and sold the stock engines in depot, you will get free stock engines and the top engines will be sold for full price.

  8. If I have a VK 30.01 H with a crew from a Panther on it
    and the original VK 30.01 H crew is in the barracks.
    Which crew gets retrained?

  9. Is there a hint of a chinese premium flood, i.e. many people buying a 112 on the Russian server?

  10. So…amongst the mods that do not work anymore are voice mods, skins, and remodels? Or do they still work?

    • Well, skins will still work, unless the model itself got severely changed. (That would have been mentioned in the patchnotes I think.)

      Remodels are pretty safe.

      Sound mods depends. Some use special xml defines, like Gnomefathers gun sounds and those will need to be updated to 8.8.

      My Unreal Announcer sound mod for instance will just work like in 8.7.

      • Thanks.

        Also, on the subject of voice mods, did they do anything to allow you to mod national crew voices?

    • Well I double XPed my way to the VK 3001H and finally got it yesterday at a discount. Now I’ll get a free garage slot. :) Actually, I already unlocked the Panther earlier through VK 3601H when it was still connected. Sorry for you mate :(

    • It’s not use crying over spilled milk, also this info has been known from quite some time and grinding a tier VI, with additionally several modules like guns, radios and engines already unlocked if you grinded the other line, is really pretty doable in one week or less.

  11. why don’t you use mods SS?, the stock client is an utter dog, unserviceable, horrid and generally unusable.
    At the least an “obligatory” mod is j1mbos sight, clean, functional(cleaner and neater than the stock ones), with numeric reload(not stupid bars).
    Also the no scope shadow mod, that effect is retarded and robs you of valuable screen zone where you could miss someone.

    then you have all the various sound/music/garage mods that are aesthetic (which again, the stock drab terribad client is godawful with boring “bored soulless unpassionate” voices -i want my commander screaming his lungs off everytime something happens, “CRITICAL HIT YES Y ES YESSSSSS WE F*CKING HIT THAT MOTHERFUCKER LIEK A BOSSS SUPAAAAH HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT BUURRRRRRRRRRRRNNNNNN” somehting like that -not the stock boring read-in-monotone-like-an-announcing-drone, boring music as well)

    • I don’t like J1mbo’s sights. The only usable thing in it is the reload counter but the sights themselves are arcadeish and are worthless for deflection shots. Even the standard sights that come in the game are based on real tank sights and do allow for deflections. I use the Addiya’s historical sights because of that.

      • WTF “arcadish”??!?, sight only need a dot to point and a circle for the mouse cursor and nothing else(apart from reload timer and drum count)
        Idon’t want nor care nor need “real tank sights” on my GAME, i care for efficiency and no sight gimmick will help you to deflect shots(i deflect shots perfectly without any gimmick by deriving the speed and distance covered plus shell velocity by intuition, no sight will help you with that)

  12. Scaleform? This reminds me of nice looking, moving 3D menus like in Borderlands or Crysis. I wonder if they are preparing to add this to WoT.

    • For now they don’t change anything on it but they might rebalance it in future updates.

  13. Thanks for all of this timely, helpful information, FTR! All these little “tricks” to get new tanks, crews, slots, etc. are really handy, and this is the only place to get this kind of info!

  14. Do you need to have all empty slots in your garage occupied with, let’s say, tier I / II tanks in order to get an additional slot for the VK 30.02 M, or will you get it even if you have empty slots in your garage?

  15. Jove pack is a mod pack made by a russian Youtuber, Jove(phonetic transcription). It is an XVM config with lots of wersions. He he always uploads modpacks early on, before we get the EU patch.
    I am pretty sure he was the firs guy to make RNG compilations.
    He is a member or Virtus.pro E-sport team.

  16. Oh i cant wait for the free xp. Could research 704 or T62A with that. Thou i think ill prolly save it for the 704 tracks ..

  17. And I can’t find any information what will happen with panther ll top engine, anyone know?

  18. can we only sell stock engine of german tanks, or other modules like gun and tracks too?
    for extra credits with 8.8

  19. I ended up impulse buying 800k worth of HL 234 engines w/o reading the notes properly… SS, do you know if I’ll be able to recoup my losses? (><)