Sinsheim museum photos

Hello everyone,

today, we have another bunch of really nice photos thanks to Gorbi and his friends, this time from Sinsheim, Germany.

HL230 tank engine


M4 Sherman


Bren Carrier


105mm German FlaK


PaK 40






Centurion (105)


Leopard 1A3


M47 Patton


M26 Pershing


Leopard Prototype


Škoda 210mm howitzer


Leopard 1


M48 Patton


M7B2 Priest


Panzer 61 (Swiss medium tank, probably appearing as hightier vehicle in Swiss branch)


150mm SIG 33




Panzer IV


37mm PaK


Jagdpanzer 38(t) (“Hetzer”)


sFH 18 150mm heavy howitzer


StuH 42


Panzer III (late variant with 75mm L/24)


M3 Stuart


57mm ZiS-3


M24 Chaffee


G-13 (this is a post-war Jagdpanzer 38t, manufactured in Czechoslovakia for Switzerland, you can recognize it at first glance by the muzzle brake: the original PaK 40 has been replaced by StuK 40, another giveaway are the track links on the side. Pretty much all “Hetzers” in working condition and postwar G-13 models, sometimes the muzzle brake gets removed so they look like the original Jagdpanzer 38t)


Panzer 38(t) (wartime improvement of the original LT-38)




67 thoughts on “Sinsheim museum photos

  1. wow, leo proto! nice

    Why do some tanks have their turrets in transport position, facing backwards?

    • Parked tanks usually have the turret facing backwards as it takes less space, though it only “works” with tanks with the turret on the front of the tanks.

    • Most of the tanks in the outside area of the museum have their turrets in parking position.

      As there is more than enough space to turn them in the “right” postion, it is a pity that they haven’t done that.
      Some of the tanks are in a pretty bad shape (look at the fender of the Leopard 1A3), it’s a shame that they let them rot -especially when there are such rare tanks as the Leopard prototype :(

  2. Great Pictures !! But the Chaffee picture is wrong :-) :-) -> link error I think.

    Thanks for sharing.

    (Mode Troll/Flood on)
    First !!
    (Mode Troll/Flood off)

  3. Awesome pictures :) But i think that the “hetzer” pic has mixed with the Chaffee one….

  4. Huh…3 different Leopard models?…nice.

    Also, Frank, you added the JPanzer 38t photo instead of the M24 Chaffee’s photo.

  5. Aaaand This is how a Chaffee SHOULD LOOK LIKE. Not the ingame demented version with the frankenstein turret.

  6. The Panzer IV is Ausf. G or Ausf. J? To be frank I don’t really know how to tell them apart.
    Also thank you very much SS & Gorbi (& friends :) for the pictures! I’ll always wanted to go to museum to see them IRL.

      • As said, Ausf. J is the cheaparse model, so an easy way is to check if the driver and radioman have their vision slits on the hull superstructure sides. Which this tank doesn’t have.

        • the J also has straight pipe open exhaust and no exhaust for gas engine for that powered the generator for the turret traverse as power traverse was eliminated

  7. 57mm ZiS-3

    Interesting, Soviets had 76mm Zis-3 (on the picture) and 57mm Zis-2 (i doesn’t have muzle break, and has very looong barrel).

  8. eive also been there once and they got a few more tanks, especially mentioned should be that ugly AA vehicle, which is really utterly ugly but it is not to be seen anywhere else i have been so far.
    (just checked for a photo online)

    Also they got a Panther lifted up on a plateau… you can (for a small “fee” ofc ^^) turn his turret, move his tracks and whatsoever.

  9. Do you need pics from the Israeli museum @latrun?
    U can climb and on even get in some of the tanks so if u need close up photos..

    My bro got into ISU by crawling under the thing and entering thru a hatch/hole in its belly or something.

    • A friend of mine got into a T-34-85, well he actually fell in :D

      Didnt realise there is quite a drop from the turret to the floor.

  10. 57mm ZiS-3? I think that its 76mm gun(short barrel and muzzle brake) 57mm was without muzzle brake and longer barrel isnt it?

    • Well, yes. The thing is, several countries were using StuG’s after the war (Czechoslovakia temporarily, Spain, Bulgaria come to mind) and took care of them well enough. As for the Hetzers, I’d say the huge majority of them are the G-13 vehicles, which are practically identical with the original JP38t’s, apart from the gun, there’s a different engine and there are a few other technical changes. They were decomissioned in 50′s or so and lots of those found their way to private hands. Another country that was using the Hetzer is post Czechoslovakia. Almost all JP38t’s in the world atm are of postwar Czechoslovak origin, same goes for German Sdkfz halftracks: most are OT-810 conversions.

      • Yugoslavia had StuGs in use until late ’40s and Hetzers until 1953. Some Hetzers (10 IIRC) were given to Albania in 1947 also.

    • Doch, den haben sie noch. Ich hab auch einige Bilder davon gemacht. Allerdings ist das hier auch nur eine kleine Auswahl der Bilder, alles andere (200+ Bilder) würde den Rahmen dieses Blogs sprengen.

  11. As I keep saying on here,

    That’s not a Bren Carrier, its a Universal carrier! I’ve said this before, and its not stuck.

    They are different vehicles!

    Bren Carrier:

    This model shows the rear hull differences nicely:

    This is Universal carrier: