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- SerB would like to add destructable/deformable ground to WoT, but so far it is beyond technical possibilities
- SerB on Golden Joystick and the wave of negative feedback on it: “Personally, to be honest, I don’t care about it”
- VK3002M having too few hitpoints? “How terrible…”

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  1. VK3002M having too few hit points ? I guess there should be some kind of aptitude test before being allowed to ask questions and/or complain about balance.

      • I call it the PapaPanther or the Real Panther. Tier 6 is where a panther belongs.

        The tier 7 with that comedy gun is just a travesty.

      • monster in T8 battles ? rly ? my normal battles are against T8s… and 3002M can’t do a sh*t there…

        • Won my Ace tanker in a t8 fight.
          150mm of pen in a t8 fight is damn ok…you’re not supposed to fight t8s head-on anyway.

        • L2P, 150 pen is positively generous for a T6 med. Only the Cromwell and T-34/85 come even near the Germans in that departement.

      • No, definitely NOT a monster but a very fun tank to play :) . Hope they won’t nerf it anytime soon…
        They gave us a fine machine for free, no point of crying over vkh “nerf” – which isn’t a nerf, they killed a very fun to play tank, but made it a still good and powerful tank if one knows how to play it.

  2. Ironically he is not the only one in WG so big possibility the others will notice and at least promise fixes and/or some kind of concession although likely at the delay of 2nd German TD line. Cause you know armageddon will likely happen before that…

  3. SerB on Golden Joystick and the wave of wave of negative feedback on it: “Personally, to be honest, I don’t care about it”

    it’s not that he doesn’t care, but that he can’t do a single thing about it!

      • He truly is an idiot of he doesn’t care about the huge amounts of negative feedback lately stemming from this lame award.

        • I doubt PR is his departement, and realistically it don’t mean shit to the company either if it doesn’t show in the Almighty Bottom Line(tm).

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  5. If vk3002m has a problem, it’s not the hit point.
    Off-topic but the 950hp on 3601 is a bit much..

    • Not really, if you compare the hitpoints of tier 7s for examples, the Tiger also has more hitpoints than any other tier 7s heavies.

      • Lot of meds have to few hit points at tiers 5 and 6 vk3002 will die in 13 seconds to a kv1s in 10 seconds to an su-100 if it had 800 it would atleast be able to survive 2 hits from the big hitters.

  6. - SerB would like to add destructable/deformable ground to WoT, but so far it is beyond technical possibilities

    how terrible…….

    upgrade your shitty game engine then

    • Realistic deformable ground only exists in Spin Tires at the moment and that’s little more than a techdemo at this stage. Furthermore, even there it has its limitations, resetting after you drive some distance.

      I don’t think any current game engine has support for something like this.

          • Would it work in case of thousands of instances at the same time? it doesn’t look like much, but in case of three dimensional deformation calculated server-side, that’s damn huge amount of information to process…

      • BF 3 has defromable ground and waaaaaay bigger multiplayer maps (especially those from Armored Kill), so I don’t see any big deal here.

        • It is also not calculated server-side AFAIK, with the server only transfers information and it doesn’t make any calcualtions, which is way less power-hungry solution for servers, but much more demanding in case of actual user PCs

  7. SerB has a point the real “vote” is not for some award but rather the real award of making money for your work/effort.
    The real vote is layed when people put their money where there mouth is.
    Everything else is just hot air.

    SerB will only be displeased if the revenue goes down, there is no sign of that happening any time soon.

  8. This precise attitude of I don’t care has literally burnt me out on this game. The massive changes to the game which all seem driven to simply rip cash from our pockets and make us need to grind more. The schizophrenic development team. So much. I haven’t played in two weeks and I find it very difficult to deal with it.

    • I completely agree with this person. have also stopped playing the game about a month ago due to the reasons listed and more. But I am curious why people write insulting messages in reply to this, are you just fucking losers or is your life so meaningless you need to troll others. If you speak to someone like that in the real world you will get your head kicked in, but as always you think anonymity keeps you safe. Pathetic.

      • Ooh, an Internet Tough Guy. And really dumb one to boot. Fine, I’ll explain the blindingly obvious to you: anyone parsing the comments section will eventually read such pointless whines. If the reader in question happens to be of the snarky sort and/or just plain fed up with such emnations it’ll take them a grand total of ten seconds, give or take, to exercise their fundamental right to express their opinion.
        Short form: you have no basis to complain if others comment on whatever shit you choose to make public.

        • Not an Internet tough guy, a real life one. Spent a life surviving street violence while you we’re busy sucking on your mothers tit.
          And if you we’re too oblivious too realize what I was saying, a person is frustrated with the game but the moment they say anything they get dickheads like yourself with smart ass remarks.
          And I see you posting all the time in these chats kellomies, your one of the prime examples of a Internet troll. So do everyone a favor and shut the fuck up.

          • Sure you are.

            Here’s another sadly necessary lesson in the Blindingly Obvious to you: anyone can claim to be anything on the Internets. Don’t mean shit if they cannot offer some kind of demonstration to back it up, which is easy enough when it comes to intellectual matters but rather self-evidently quite impossible regarding the physical.
            Which, in turn, renders pugnacious boasting such as yours above not only even more eye-rollingly puerile than it is IRL but also patently stupid. It also exposes you to no end of mockery since you most assuredly aren’t enough of a wizard to physically assault someone over a Series of Tubes no matter how mean and crazy you may be in person, and such a glaring inability to grasp such truths brands you both an idiot and a detestable thug.

          • Kello is a known leftie faggot and a weeaboo, he always talks out of his ass, spewing autistic bullshit. If you’re not into laughing at retarded people, then I suggest you ignore him.

    • Bring it on bro, contrary to all you hipocritical individuals that stick around despite you hating the game I’m here because I love it.

      Nobody forces you to play, if you don’t like it there are plenty of other games out there.

      You really must enjoy being butthurt to stick around when you are so thoughroughly unhappy.

      Oh, that’s it you like getting in in the butt.
      That’s the only way your stance makes any sense.

      • It’s funny when people honestly answer to what is a obvious joke.
        If you haven’t noticed it’s good old Slendy you’ve replied to ;P

    • Like you came after stalinist decals? I stuck those on all my russian tanks and so far no one has teamkilled me for them, despite legions of internet tough guys telling they’d do it.

      • The funny part is, I’ve yet to see *any* inscription in the game, friendly or enemy. If they are there, they’re too small or too dark to show up. I’m starting to wonder if anyone besides the owner can see them.

        • I think I’ve seen a few every now and then, but they clearly aren’t very common. Country flags OTOH seem quite popular.

      • Probably because they have a no camo/decal mod, so for all your efforts of gold/silver, anyone running such a mod, won’t see it anyway.

        • If you have a mod then you wont see them. But if they have a mod you will still see them.

          Anyway, inscriptions are bloody expensive and lets face it, the Polish flag is a bargain.

      • Because Serb is also important to the world’s continuing success? No, he’s a small unimportant man who holds a small amount of power and continually misuses it.

        • He’s fairly important in the context of WoT, whereas you’re completely irrelevant in the same. U jelly? (Rhetorical question, the answer is quite obvious.)

          • But WoT itself is utterly irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, you flaming retard. Unless you’re a kissless neckbeard who only cares about vidya… oh wait, you are.

      • Kellomies always defends SerB, because he feels certain familiarity with him – they are both fat, ugly and socially inept.

  9. “SerB would like to add destructable/deformable ground to WoT, but so far it is beyond technical possibilities”
    they should just change the game engine
    personally I don’t know much about it but a few bloggers, youtubers, etc have said that the game enine is too weak for this game
    the devs just don’t want to admit they are wrong in keeping this engine and pay to have the rights for a better one, but I do believe they know that this game is good and with a better game engine it would become much much better

    they have enough income to buy a better game engine but they don’t because they are stubborn

    • The engine graphics itself is one thing, but there is also the matter of the engine handling so many players at the same time. That is not easy and that is also the reason why all MMO’s don’t look as good as singleplayer modern games. Of course, that is also changing, but there is still a long way to go.

    • Who knows … 8.0 with physics and improved graphics was big .There is graphics/model rework hinted at before . 9.0 Probably has something big perhaps 10 will be bigger.

    • Stubborn? And when was the last time a game developer decided “Hey guys, we need to re-factor our high-budget game into a totally new engine, and see what happens!”

      The point is, nobody’s going to put their money on something which won’t make a profit. I personally don’t think that fixing some realism issues will be a huge success. Sure, you could enjoy deformable ground, ripping tanks into little shreds and possibly more, but you need a pretty good computer, and I don’t think World of Tanks is at a stage where it can suddenly re-factor into a brand new engine, and attract an audience as large as it is now. Keep in mind World of Tanks is pretty much the main source of income for WG. What we know for sure is that technology is improving, getting faster and cheaper, so we will hopefully see these things regularly in games 10 years or so down the line.

  10. Adding new mechanics to a game can be quite an endeavor cost and man-hour wise. Especially one that could require major re-balancing of maps to account for arty breaking arty cover on maps like El Halluf, or tanks digging themselves fox holes (maybe a stretch) wherever they like. With multiple other projects feeding off of wot’s income, I’d doubt that something that expensive and time-consuming would be desirable to implement. I’d also hate to be the guy trying to implement that when changing the reload on a tank by half a second gets so much attention…
    I’m at least happy that we get new stuff to play with every month or so and it (usually) isn’t just the same tank the already exists. To be fair, that new Russian medium line only has one vehicle that is incredibly similar to another tank. It just happens to be the last one…

  11. - SerB would like to add destructable/deformable ground to WoT, but so far it is beyond technical possibilities

    Typical shoot-the-ground-all-the-time nooblet would dig themselves to China if this was implemented

  12. No deformable ground on WoT ?? well they should seriously check “Spin Tires” If they managed to do it. in a very realistic way, then why the F can’t devs do it. .

  13. Someone explain how the VK30.02M has too FEW hit points?

    It has 760 hit points in STOCK form.

    It has 840 hit points fully upgraded.

    VK30.01D has 770 hit points FULLY UPGRADED.
    Jumbo Sherman has 760 hit points FULLY UPGRADED.

    How does it have too few hit points when only 1 fully upgraded Tier 6 medium has more hit points than its stock turret and only 1 other fully upgraded Tier 6 medium has equal hit points as its stock turret.

    And no Tier 6 medium has hit points within 50 of its top turret.

    740 seems to be about average for Tier 6 mediums so please please explain how 840 is too few?

  14. - SerB would like to add destructable/deformable ground to WoT, but so far it is beyond technical possibilities

    This is possible even on Playstation 1 (1995)

    • Whippersnapper. I played a sort of very early precursor of Worms (with sort-of little tanks) in the early Nineties where a perfectly feasible tactic was nuking the ground from under the enemy or burying him alive.

      Would be a mite challenging to do real-time in an MMO I’d imagine…

    • I’m more concerned about other upgrades to the system. Currently, their servers are inferior to the old servers WoW used about 10 years ago.

  15. Beyond their technical possibilities because they are using a 1990′s game engine! Also because they lack TALENT to get the job done.. A bunch of hacks.

    Thats why this game looks, and plays like shit, 20 year old game engine with ‘tacked on’ garbage.

    Failgaming at it’s best.


        It’s hilarious how you think you’re better than everyone else, while continuously proving that you’re about as smart as 14yo /b/tards.

        • Says a lameass failtroll who can’t even make up a proper nick for himself. Seriously plagiarising mine is totally pointless if even a blind man who doesn’t know English can tell the difference at first glance from the content…

  16. If Serb wants to introduce the Swedish ‘S tank’ as a tier 10 for the European Tree, World of Tanks will need to ‘add destructable/deformable ground’ to the game. To do otherwise, would be make the ‘S tank’ unhistorical.

    “SerB would like to add destructable/deformable ground to WoT, but so far it is beyond technical possibilities”

  17. It was nice how Warthunder stand was full and so few around Warshitgaming. I don’t care if they steal the idea, as long as it has a better execution. +1 Gaijin. Bye Warshitgaming.